Software Packages in "buster", Subsection java

activemq (5.15.16-0+deb10u1) [security]
Java message broker - server
adql-java (1.4-1)
Parse, manipulate and translate ADQL queries with Java
alter-sequence-alignment (1.3.4-2)
genomic sequences ALignment Transformation EnviRonment
ant (1.10.5-2)
Java based build tool like make
ant-contrib (1.0~b3+svn177-10)
collection of tasks, types and other tools for Apache Ant
ant-contrib-cpptasks (1.0~b5-2)
C/C++ compilation tasks for Ant.
ant-optional (1.10.5-2)
Java based build tool like make - optional libraries
antlr3-gunit-maven-plugin (3.5.2-9)
Maven plugin for gUnit, a unit test framework for ANTLR grammars
antlr3-maven-plugin (3.5.2-9)
Maven plugin for ANTLR 3
antlr3.2 (3.2-16)
Мовний інструмент для створення сканерів, компіляторів тощо
antlr3.2-gunit-maven-plugin (3.2-16)
Maven plugin for gUnit, a unit test framework for ANTLR grammars
antlr3.2-maven-plugin (3.2-16)
Maven plugin for ANTLR 3.2
antlr4 (4.7.2-1)
ANTLR Parser Generator
antlr4-maven-plugin (4.7.2-1)
Maven plugin for ANTLR 4
apacheds (2.0.0~M24-3)
Apache Directory Server
apksigner (0.8-2)
command line tool to sign and verify Android APKs
aspectj (1.9.2-1)
aspect-oriented extension for Java - tools
bnd (3.5.0-4)
tool to create and diagnose OSGi bundles
bsh-src (2.0b4-19)
Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2 (source code)
ca-certificates-java (20190405)
Загальні CA-сертифікати (сховище JKS)
checkstyle (8.15-1+deb10u1)
checks Java source against a coding standard
clirr (0.6-7)
Checks Java libraries for compatibility with older releases
closure-compiler (20130227+dfsg1-10)
JavaScript optimizing compiler
cmdreader (1.5-2)
Library that parses command line arguments
cobertura (2.1.1-2)
java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests
coco-java (20110419-3.2)
Coco/R Compiler Generator (Java Version)
cronometer (0.9.9+dfsg-3)
CRON-o-Meter — облік вправ та прийому поживних речовин
css2xslfo (1.6.2-2)
XML+CSS2 to XSL-FO converter
cup (0.11b-20160615-2)
LALR parser generator for Java(tm)
default-jdk (2:1.11-71)
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit
default-jdk-headless (2:1.11-71)
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit (headless)
default-jre (2:1.11-71)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime
default-jre-headless (2:1.11-71)
Standard Java or Java compatible Runtime (headless)
derby-tools (
Apache Derby Tools
dita-ot (1.5.3+dfsg-1)
transforms DITA content (maps and topics) into deliverable formats
doclava-aosp (6.0.1+r55-1)
Custom Javadoc doclet by Google
dokujclient (3.9.0-1)
Command line tool to interact with an instance of Dokuwiki
eag-healpix-java (2017.09.06-1)
Handling of HEALPix sky pixellization
ecj (3.16.0-1)
standalone version of the Eclipse Java compiler
eclipse-debian-helper (1.5)
Helper tools for building Eclipse related packages
eclipse-titan (6.5.0-1+b1)
TITAN TTCN-3 toolset from the Eclipse project
f2j (0.8.1+dfsg-4)
Fortran to Java compiler
fastjar (2:0.98-6+b1)
Інструмент створення jar-файлів
felix-main (5.0.0-5)
Execution environment for OSGi Felix Framework
findbugs (3.1.0~preview2-3)
Static java code analyzer to find bugs
freetts (1.2.2-6)
Система синтезу усного мовлення
gradle (4.4.1-6)
Powerful build system for the JVM
gradle-apt-plugin (0.10-1)
Gradle plugin to use Java annotation processors
gradle-completion (1.3.1-1)
Bash and Zsh completion support for Gradle
gradle-debian-helper (2.0.2)
Helper tools for building Debian packages with Gradle
gradle-ice-builder-plugin (1.4.5-1)
Gradle plug-in for developing Ice applications in Java
gradle-plugin-protobuf (0.9.2-1)
Protobuf Plugin for Gradle
gradle-propdeps-plugin (0.0.7-3)
Gradle plugin enhancing the Maven integration
groovy (2.4.16-2)
Динамічна мова Agile для віртуальної машини Java
herold (8.0.1-1)
HTML to DocBook XML conversion
icedtea-netx (1.7.2-2)
Implementation of the Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP)
ivy (2.4.0-5)
agile dependency manager
ivy-debian-helper (1.0)
Helper tools for building Debian packages with Ivy
ivyplusplus (1.28-3)
Adds features to ivy for creating projects
jarwrapper (0.72.9)
Запуск виконуваних Java-файлів *.jar
java-common (0.71)
Base package for Java runtimes
java-policy (0.56)
Debian Java Policy
java-propose-classpath (0.72.9)
Helper script to suggest a classpath for jar files
java-wrappers (0.3)
Обгортки для виконавчих файлів java
java2html (0.9.2-6)
Highlight Java and C++ sources for WWW presentation
javacc (5.0-8)
Parser generator for use with Java
javacc4 (4.0-2)
Parser generator for use with Java
javahelp2 (2.0.05.ds1-9)
Java based help system
javahelper (0.72.9)
Helper scripts for packaging Java programs
jaxb (
JAXB Reference Implementation (Command Line Tools)
jaxws (
JAX-WS Reference Implementation (Command Line Tools)
jclassinfo (0.19.1-7+b1)
extracts information from Java class files
jel-java (2.1.1-1)
Library for evaluating algebraic expressions in Java
jetty9 (9.4.50-4+deb10u2) [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver
jflex (1.7.0-1)
lexical analyzer generator for Java
jlex (1.2.6-10)
Lex-style lexical analyser generator for Java
jmol-applet (14.6.4+2016.11.05+dfsg1-4)
Jmol Java applet
jruby-maven-plugins (1.1.5+ds1-2)
Maven plugins to handle Ruby gems in a Maven compatible way
jtreg (5.1-b01-2~deb10u1)
Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform
jtreg6 (6.1+2-1~deb10u2) [security]
Regression Test Harness for the OpenJDK platform
junit (3.8.2-9)
Automated testing framework for Java
junit4 (4.12-8)
JUnit regression test framework for Java
jython-stilts (3.1.5-1)
Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set (Jython package)
king (2.23.161103+dfsg1-3)
interactive system for three-dimensional vector graphics
leiningen (2.9.0-1)
Automation tool and dependency manager for Clojure projects
libaccess-modifier-checker-java (1.16-1)
Maven plugin for custom access modifier checking
libaccessodf-java (0.1.1~b-1)
library for checking accessibility in ODF/ODT documents using Libreoffice
libactivation-java (1.2.0-2)
JavaBeans Activation Framework
libactivemq-activeio-java (3.1.4-3)
ActiveMQ ActiveIO protocol implementation framework
libactivemq-java (5.15.16-0+deb10u1) [security]
Java message broker core libraries
libactivemq-protobuf-java (1.1-6)
ActiveMQ Protocol Buffers Maven plugin
libaether-ant-tasks-java (1.0.1-4)
Aether Ant Tasks
libafterburner.fx-java (1.7.0-2)
minimalistic JavaFX MVP framework
libairline-java (0.7-2)
Java annotation-based framework for parsing command line parameters
libajaxtags-java (1.5.1-3)
Java based library supporting AJAX in Java Server Pages
libakuma-java (1.10-2)
Embeddable daemonization library for Java
libandroid-23-java (6.0.1+r72-5)
Android framework for API Level 23 (6.0 Marshmallow)
libandroid-json-java (8.1.0+r23-2)
Android rewrite of the evil licensed
libandroid-json-org-java (20121204-20090211-5)
androids rewrite of the evil licensed
libandroid-uiautomator-23-java (6.0.1+r72-5)
UI Automator framework for API Level 23 (6.0 Marshmallow)
libanimal-sniffer-java (1.16-1)
JDK/API verification tools
libannotation-indexer-java (1.12-1)
Indexing and validation of Java annotations
libantelope-java (3.5.1-4)
graphical user interface for Ant
libantlr-java (2.7.7+dfsg-9.2)
Мовний інструмент для створення сканерів, компіляторів тощо (Java-бібліотека)
libantlr-maven-plugin-java (2.2-4)
Maven ANTLR Plugin
libantlr3-gunit-java (3.5.2-9)
Unit Test framework for ANTLR grammars
libantlr3-runtime-java (3.5.2-9)
Runtime library for ANTLR 3
libantlr3.2-gunit-java (3.2-16)
Unit Test framework for ANTLR grammars
libantlr4-runtime-java (4.7.2-1)
Runtime library for ANTLR 4
libaopalliance-java (20070526-6)
library for interoperability for Java AOP implementations
libapache-directory-api-java (1.0.0-1)
Apache Directory LDAP API
libapache-directory-jdbm-java (2.0.0~M2-2)
ApacheDS JDBM Implementation
libapache-mime4j-java (0.8.2-1)
MIME and RFC822 parser for Java
libapache-poi-java (4.0.1-1)
Apache POI - Java API for Microsoft Documents
libapache-pom-java (18-1)
Maven metadata for all Apache Software projects
libapacheds-i18n-java (2.0.0~M24-3)
Apache Directory Server (i18n)
libapacheds-java (2.0.0~M24-3)
Apache Directory Server (Libraries)
libapacheds-kerberos-codec-java (2.0.0~M24-3)
Apache Directory Server (Kerberos Codec)
libapksig-java (0.8-2)
library to sign and verify Android APKs
libargparse4j-java (0.4.4-1)
command-line argument parser for Java based on Python's argparse module
libargs4j-java (2.33-1)
Java command line arguments parser
libasm-java (7.0-1)
Java bytecode manipulation framework
libasm4-java (5.0.4-2)
Java bytecode manipulation framework
libasmtools-java (7.0-b09-2~deb10u1) [security]
OpenJDK AsmTools
libaspectj-java (1.9.2-1)
aspect-oriented extension for Java - library
libaspectj-maven-plugin-java (1.11-1)
AspectJ compiler Maven Plugin
libassertj-core-java (2.3.0-4)
Fluent assertions for Java
libasync-http-client-java (2.6.0-1)
Java Asynchronous HTTP Client
libat-at-clojure (1.2.0-1)
simple ahead-of-time function scheduler for Clojure
libatinject-jsr330-api-java (1.0+ds1-5)
Java API for JSR-330 Dependency Injection
libatinject-jsr330-tck-java (1.0+ds1-5)
Java API for JSR-330 Dependency Injection (TCK)
libatk-wrapper-java (0.33.3-22+deb10u1)
ATK implementation for Java using JNI
libatk-wrapper-java-jni (0.33.3-22+deb10u1)
ATK implementation for Java using JNI (JNI bindings)
libautocomplete-java (2.5.3-1)
Java library for auto-completion in text component
libautomaton-java (1.11-8+dfsg1-1)
Finite-State Automaton for Regular Expressions
libavalon-framework-java (4.2.0-10)
Common framework for Java server applications
libavro-compiler-java (1.7.7-3)
Apache Avro compiler for Java
libavro-java (1.7.7-3)
Apache Avro data serialization system
libavro-maven-plugin-java (1.7.7-3)
Apache Avro Maven plugin
libaxiom-java (1.2.8-2)
Apache AXIOM - StAX-based XML Infoset compliant object model
libaxis-java (1.4-28+deb10u1) [security]
SOAP implementation in Java
libaxmlrpc-java (1.9.0-2)
XML-RPC Java library
libbarclay-java (2.1.0-3)
Java library to parse command line
libbase-java (1.1.6-2)
A general purpose base service library (OOo 3.1 branch)
libbasicplayer-java (3.0-6)
threaded simple player class based on JavaSound API
libbatik-java (1.10-2+deb10u3) [security] SVG Library
libbcel-java (6.2-1+deb10u1) [security]
Аналіз, створення та робота з (двійковими) файлами класів Java
libbcmail-java (1.60-1+deb10u1) [security]
Bouncy Castle generators/processors for S/MIME and CMS
libbcpg-java (1.60-1+deb10u1) [security]
Bouncy Castle generators/processors for OpenPGP
libbcpkix-java (1.60-1+deb10u1) [security]
Bouncy Castle Java API for PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF
libbcprov-java (1.60-1+deb10u1) [security]
Bouncy Castle Java Cryptographic Service Provider
libbeansbinding-java (1.2.1-4)
Beans Binding API (library)
libbeckon-clojure (0.1.1-1)
handle POSIX signals in Clojure
libbetter-appframework-java (1.9.2-1)
Java Better Swing Application Framework (library)
libbidi-clojure (2.1.2-2)
bidirectional URI routing for Clojure
libbindex-java (2.2+svn101-4)
OSGi BIndex reader
libbintray-client-java (0.8.1-4)
Bintray REST Client Java API Bindings
libbiojava-java (1:1.7.1-8)
Java API to biological data and applications (default version)
libbiojava-java-demos (1:1.7.1-8)
Example programs for BioJava
libbiojava1.7-java (1:1.7.1-8)
Java API to biological data and applications (version 1.7)
libbiojava4-java (4.2.12+dfsg-2)
Java API to biological data and applications (default version)
virtual package provided by libbiojava4-java
libbiojava4.0-java (4.2.12+dfsg-2)
Java API to biological data and applications (version 4)
libboilerpipe-java (1.2.0-1)
Boilerplate removal and fulltext extraction from HTML pages
libbrailleutils-java (1.2.3-4)
cross platform library for embossing/converting PEF-files
libbridge-method-injector-java (1.18-2)
Evolve Java classes without breaking compatibility
libbrlapi-java (5.6-10+deb10u1)
Java bindings for BrlAPI
libbrlapi-jni (5.6-10+deb10u1)
Java bindings for BrlAPI (native library)
libbsf-java (1:2.4.0-8)
Bean Scripting Framework to support scripting languages in Java
libbsh-java (2.0b4-19)
Java scripting environment (BeanShell) Version 2 (library)
libbtm-java (2.1.4-4)
Bitronix JTA Transaction Manager
libbuild-helper-maven-plugin-java (3.0.0-1)
Build Helper Maven Plugin
libbultitude-clojure (0.3.0-2)
Clojure library for finding namespaces on the classpath
libbyte-buddy-java (1.7.11-1)
Runtime code generation for the Java virtual machine
libbytecode-java (0.92.svn.20090106-2)
Java bytecode manipulation library
libbytelist-java (1.0.15-1)
helper library for packaging JRuby
libc3p0-java (
library for JDBC connection pooling
libcaffeine-java (2.6.2-1)
High performance caching library
libcanl-java (2.6.0-1)
EMI Common Authentication library - bindings for Java
libcarrotsearch-hppc-java (0.7.2-2)
High Performance Primitive Collections for Java
libcarrotsearch-randomizedtesting-java (2.1.17-2)
Randomized testing infrastructure for JUnit, Ant and Maven
libcastor-anttasks-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - Ant Tasks
libcastor-codegen-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - Codegen
libcastor-core-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - Core
libcastor-ddlgen-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - DDL generator
libcastor-jdo-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - JDO
libcastor-xml-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - XML module
libcastor-xml-schema-java (1.3.2-7)
Data binding framework for Java (XML, Objects, DB) - XML Schema
libcava-java (0.6.0-1)
Libraries and tools for blockchain and decentralized software
libcdi-api-java (1.2-2)
Contexts and Dependency Injection for Java EE
libcdk-java (1:1.2.10-7)
Chemistry Development Kit (CDK) Java libraries
libcds-moc-java (5.0-2)
Multi-Order Coverage maps Virtual Observatory library
libcds-savot-java (4.0.0-2)
Simple Access to VOTable (SAVOT) library for Virtual Observatory
libcephfs-java (12.2.11+dfsg1-2.1+deb10u1) [security]
Java library for the Ceph File System
libcgi-java (0.8.1-1)
CGI library for Java
libcglib-java (3.2.10-1)
Code generation library for Java
libcglib-nodep-java (3.2.10-1)
Code generation library for Java (without dependencies)
libcheshire-clojure (5.7.1-1)
fast JSON encoding for Clojure
libclasslojure-clojure (0.7.1-4)
Advanced classloading for Clojure
libclassycle-java (1.4.2-1)
Analysing tool for Java dependencies
libclj-digest-clojure (1.4.5-2)
message digest library for Clojure
libclj-http-clojure (2.3.0-1)
Clojure HTTP client library
libclj-stacktrace-clojure (0.2.6-3)
more readable stacktraces in Clojure programs
libclj-time-clojure (0.14.0-2)
date and time library for Clojure
libclj-tuple-clojure (0.2.2-2)
efficient implementations for small maps and vectors in Clojure
libclj-yaml-clojure (0.4.0-1)
YAML encoding and decoding for Clojure
libclojure-java (1.10.0-1)
Lisp dialect for the JVM (library)
libclojure-maven-plugin-java (1.7.1-2)
Clojure plugin for Maven
libclosure-compiler-java (20130227+dfsg1-10)
JavaScript optimizing compiler - library package
libclout-clojure (2.1.2-1)
library for matching Ring HTTP requests
libcobertura-java (2.1.1-2)
java library that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests
libcobra-java (0.98.4-5)
Java HTML Renderer & Parser
libcoda-java (2.20-3)
Java interface for Common Data Access Framework
libcoda-jni (2.20-3)
Java Native interface for Common Data Access Framework
libcodemodel-java (2.6+jaxb2.3.0.1-8)
Java library for code generators
libcodenarc-groovy-java (0.23-5)
Groovy library that provides static analysis features for Groovy code
libcodesize-java (1.2-1)
calculates the size of code for Robocode
libcofoja-java (1.3-4)
Java API for annotating code with contracts
libcolorpicker-java (1.0.0-3)
Java control to allow color selection
libcolt-free-java (1.2.0+dfsg-7)
scalable scientific and technical computing in Java
libcom-hypirion-io-clojure (0.3.1-3)
I/O redirection, signal handling, and console utilities
libcomidi-clojure (0.3.1-2)
HTTP route definitions for Clojure
libcomment-preprocessor-java (6.0.1-1)
Java Comment Preprocessor
libcommons-beanutils-java (1.9.3-1)
Apache Commons BeanUtils - Utility for manipulating Java beans
libcommons-cli-java (1.4-1)
Command line arguments and options parsing library
libcommons-codec-java (1.11-1)
encoder and decoders such as Base64 and hexadecimal codec
libcommons-collections3-java (3.2.2-2)
Apache Commons Collections - Extended Collections API for Java
libcommons-collections4-java (4.2-1)
Apache Commons Collections - Extended Collections API for Java
libcommons-compress-java (1.18-2+deb10u1)
Java API for working with compression and archive formats
libcommons-configuration-java (1.10-5)
Java based library providing a generic configuration interface
libcommons-configuration2-java (2.2-1+deb10u1)
Java based library providing a generic configuration interface
libcommons-csv-java (1.5-1)
Library for reading and writing CSV files
libcommons-daemon-java (1.0.15-8+deb10u1)
Library to launch Java applications as daemons
libcommons-dbcp-java (1.4-6)
Database Connection Pooling Services
libcommons-dbcp2-java (2.5.0-1)
Database Connection Pooling Services 2
libcommons-digester-java (1.8.1-5)
Rule based XML Java object mapping tool
libcommons-discovery-java (0.5-3)
locates classes that implement a given Java interface
libcommons-el-java (1.0-9)
Implementation of the JSP 2.0 Expression Language interpreter
libcommons-email-java (1.5-3)
Apache Commons Java API for sending email
libcommons-exec-java (1.3-1)
Java library to reliably execute external processes from within the JVM
libcommons-fileupload-java (1.3.3-1)
File upload capability to your servlets and web applications
libcommons-httpclient-java (3.1-15)
Commons HTTPClient - Java library for creating HTTP clients
libcommons-io-java (2.6-2+deb10u1)
Common useful IO related classes
libcommons-jci-eclipse-java (1.1-5)
common Java interface for various compilers - Eclipse JDT
libcommons-jci-groovy-java (1.1-5)
common Java interface for various compilers - Groovy
libcommons-jci-janino-java (1.1-5)
common Java interface for various compilers - Janino
libcommons-jci-java (1.1-5)
common Java interface for various compilers - Core and FAM
libcommons-jci-rhino-java (1.1-5)
common Java interface for various compilers - Javascript
libcommons-jexl-java (1.1-3)
expression language engine
libcommons-jexl2-java (2.1.1-4)
Apache Commons JEXL - Java Expression Language
libcommons-jexl3-java (3.1-1)
Apache Commons JEXL - Java Expression Language
libcommons-jxpath-java (1.3-9)
Apache Commons JXPath - XPath expressions applied to Java objects
libcommons-lang-java (2.6-8)
Commons Lang - an extension of the java.lang package
libcommons-lang3-java (3.8-2)
Apache Commons Lang utility classes
libcommons-launcher-java (1.1-8)
Apache Commons Launcher - Cross platform Java application launcher
libcommons-logging-java (1.2-2)
common wrapper interface for several logging APIs
libcommons-math-java (2.2-7)
Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components
libcommons-math3-java (3.6.1-3)
Java lightweight mathematics and statistics components
libcommons-modeler-java (2.0.1-8)
convenience library to use Java Management Extensions (JMX)
libcommons-net-java (3.6-1+deb10u1) [security]
Apache Commons Net - Java client API for basic Internet protocols
libcommons-parent-java (43-1)
Maven metadata for Apache Commons project
libcommons-pool-java (1.6-3)
pooling implementation for Java objects
libcommons-pool2-java (2.6.0-1)
Apache Commons Pool 2 - Pooling implementation for Java objects
libcommons-validator-java (1:1.6-2)
ease and speed development and maintenance of validation rules
libcommons-vfs-java (2.1-2)
Java API for accessing various filesystems
libcomplete-clojure (0.2.5-1)
completion of Clojure symbols
libcompojure-clojure (1.6.0-1)
consice routing library for Ring
libcompress-lzf-java (1.0.4-1)
Java library for encoding and decoding data in LZF format
libconcurrent-java (1.3.4-4)
utility classes for concurrent java programming
libcontrolsfx-java (9.0.0+hg20181001-1)
high quality UI controls and other tools to complement JavaFX
libconversant-disruptor-java (1.2.11-1)
Very low latency Java BlockingQueue
libcore-async-clojure (0.3.443-1)
asynchronous programming using channels for Clojure
libcore-cache-clojure (0.6.5-2)
cache abstraction library for Clojure
libcore-match-clojure (0.2.2-1)
optimized pattern match and predicate dispatch library for Clojure
libcore-memoize-clojure (0.5.9-1)
Clojure memoization library
libcore-renderer-java (0.0~R8+dfsg2-1)
Java library that provides an XML/XHTML/CSS 2.1 Renderer
libcore-specs-alpha-clojure (0.2.44-3)
specs to describe Clojure core macros and functions
libcortado-java (0.6.0-4)
streaming applet for Ogg formats -- shared components
libcpath-clojure (0.1.2-1)
transparently collect files on the classpath
libcrypto-equality-clojure (1.0.0-1)
Clojure library protecting against timing attacks
libcrypto-random-clojure (1.2.0-1)
secure random generator for Clojure
libcsnd6-java (1:6.12.2~dfsg-3.1)
Java bindings for the Csound API
libcssparser-java (0.9.5-2)
Java CSS2 Parser
libcsv-java (2.1-1)
CSV IO library for Java
libcsvjdbc-java (1.0.34-2)
read-only JDBC driver that uses CSV or DBF files as database tables
libcurator-client-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Client
libcurator-discovery-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Service Discovery
libcurator-framework-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Framework
libcurator-parent-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Parent
libcurator-recipes-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Recipes
libcurator-test-java (2.7.1-2)
Apache Curator Testing Utilities
libcurvesapi-java (1.05-1)
Java implementation of mathematical curves defined over a set of control points
libdata-priority-map-clojure (0.0.7-1)
priority maps for Clojure
libdata-xml-clojure (0.0.8-4)
library for reading and writing XML data
libdb-java (5.3.1+nmu1)
Berkeley Database Libraries for Java
libdb-je-java (3.3.98-2)
Oracle Berkeley Database Java Edition
libdb5.3-java (5.3.28+dfsg1-0.5)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries for Java
libdb5.3-java-jni (5.3.28+dfsg1-0.5)
Berkeley v5.3 Database Libraries for Java
libdbus-java (2.8-9)
simple interprocess messaging system (Java implementation)
libdd-plist-java (1.20-1)
Java library for working with property lists
libdecentxml-java (1.4-2)
XML parser optimized for round-tripping and code reuse
libderby-java (
Apache Derby Database Engine and Embedded JDBC Driver
libderbyclient-java (
Apache Derby Client JDBC Driver
libdictzip-java (0.8.2-2)
DictZip library for Java
libdirgra-java (0.3-1)
Java library providing a simple directed graph implementation
libdisruptor-java (3.4.2-2)
Disruptor - High Performance Inter-Thread Messaging Library for Java
libdnsjava-java (2.1.8-2)
Implementation of DNS in Java
libdnssecjava-java (1.1.3-3)
DNSSEC validating stub resolver for Java
libdokujclient-java (3.9.0-1)
Client library for Dokuwiki's xmlrpc interface
libdom4j-java (2.1.1-2)
Flexible XML framework for Java
libdoxia-core-java (1.7-2)
Doxia content generation framework (core)
libdoxia-java (1.7-2)
Doxia content generation framework (modules)
libdoxia-sitetools-java (1.7.5-1)
Extension package of the content generation framework Doxia
libdrmaa1.0-java (8.1.9+dfsg-9)
Distributed resource management Application API library - Java bindings
libdropwizard-metrics-java (3.2.5-1)
capture JVM- and application-level metrics for Java applications
libdtd-parser-java (1.2~svn20110404-1)
Java library for parsing XML DTDs
libdtdinst-java (20151127+dfsg-3)
XML DTD to XML instance format converter - Java library
libdujour-version-check-clojure (0.2.2-1)
up-to-date version checking for Clojure
libdumbster-java (1.6+debian-4)
very simple fake SMTP Server for testing purposes
libdynalang-java (0.4-3)
JVM Dynamic Languages Metaobject Protocol
libdynapath-clojure (1.0.0-3)
Clojure protocol and util functions for class loaders
libeasyconf-java (0.9.5-6)
library to access configuration of software components
libeasymock-java (4.0.2-1)
Java library to generate Mock Objects for given interfaces
libecj-java (3.16.0-1)
Eclipse Java compiler (library)
libeclipse-compare-core-java (3.6.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core Compare Support
libeclipse-compare-java (3.7.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Compare Support
libeclipse-core-commands-java (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Commands
libeclipse-core-contenttype-java (3.7.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Content Mechanism
libeclipse-core-databinding-beans-java (1.4.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Data Binding for JavaBeans
libeclipse-core-databinding-java (1.7.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Data Binding
libeclipse-core-databinding-observable-java (1.6.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Data Binding Observables
libeclipse-core-databinding-property-java (1.6.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Data Binding Properties
libeclipse-core-expressions-java (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Expression Language
libeclipse-core-externaltools-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse External Tools Headless Support
libeclipse-core-filebuffers-java (3.6.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse File Buffers
libeclipse-core-filesystem-java (1.7.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core File Systems
libeclipse-core-jobs-java (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core Jobs
libeclipse-core-net-java (1.3.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Internet Connection Management
libeclipse-core-resources-java (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core Resource Management
libeclipse-core-runtime-java (3.15.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core Runtime
libeclipse-core-variables-java (3.4.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Core Variables
libeclipse-debug-core-java (3.13.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Debug Core
libeclipse-debug-ui-java (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Debug UI
libeclipse-e4-core-commands-java (0.12.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 core commands
libeclipse-e4-core-contexts-java (1.7.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Contexts
libeclipse-e4-core-di-annotations-java (1.6.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Dependency Injection Annotations
libeclipse-e4-core-di-extensions-java (0.15.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Dependency Injection Extensions
libeclipse-e4-core-di-extensions-supplier-java (0.15.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Dependency Injection Extensions Supplier
libeclipse-e4-core-di-java (1.7.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Dependency Injection
libeclipse-e4-core-services-java (2.1.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Application Services
libeclipse-e4-emf-xpath-java (0.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse EMF XPath
libeclipse-e4-ui-bindings-java (0.12.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Bindings Support
libeclipse-e4-ui-css-core-java (0.12.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse CSS Core Support
libeclipse-e4-ui-css-swt-java (0.13.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse CSS SWT Support
libeclipse-e4-ui-css-swt-theme-java (0.12.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse CSS SWT Theme Support
libeclipse-e4-ui-di-java (1.2.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI Dependency Injection
libeclipse-e4-ui-dialogs-java (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 dialogs
libeclipse-e4-ui-model-workbench-java (2.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Workbench Model
libeclipse-e4-ui-progress-java (0.2.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 Progress View
libeclipse-e4-ui-services-java (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI Application Services
libeclipse-e4-ui-swt-gtk-java (1.0.500+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI GTK Enhancements
libeclipse-e4-ui-widgets-java (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI Custom widgets
libeclipse-e4-ui-workbench-addons-swt-java (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 Workbench Add-ons
libeclipse-e4-ui-workbench-java (1.8.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 Workbench
libeclipse-e4-ui-workbench-renderers-swt-java (0.14.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 Workbench SWT Renderer
libeclipse-e4-ui-workbench-swt-java (0.14.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse e4 Workbench SWT
libeclipse-e4-ui-workbench3-java (0.14.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Bundle for Workbench APIs available in e4
libeclipse-emf-common-java (2.15.0+eclipse2.16.0-1)
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Common
libeclipse-emf-ecore-java (2.16.0+eclipse2.16.0-1)
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Ecore
libeclipse-emf-ecore-xmi-java (2.15.0+eclipse2.16.0-1)
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) XML/XMI Persistence
libeclipse-help-java (3.8.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Help System Core
libeclipse-jdt-annotation-java (2.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JDT Annotations for Enhanced Null Analysis
libeclipse-jdt-apt-core-java (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Annotation Processing Core
libeclipse-jdt-apt-pluggable-core-java (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Compiler Apt IDE
libeclipse-jdt-astview-java (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse AST View Plug-in
libeclipse-jdt-compiler-apt-java (1.3.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Compiler Apt
libeclipse-jdt-compiler-tool-java (1.2.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Compiler Tool Support
libeclipse-jdt-core-java (3.16.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Development Tools Core
libeclipse-jdt-core-manipulation-java (1.11.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Code Manipulation Functionality
libeclipse-jdt-debug-java (3.12.100+eclipse4.10-2)
Eclipse JDI Debug Model
libeclipse-jdt-debug-ui-java (3.10.100+eclipse4.10-2)
Eclipse JDI Debug UI
libeclipse-jdt-junit-core-java (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Development Tools JUnit core support
libeclipse-jdt-junit-runtime-java (3.4.900+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Development Tools JUnit Runtime Support
libeclipse-jdt-junit4-runtime-java (1.1.900+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Development Tools JUnit4 Runtime Support
libeclipse-jdt-launching-java (3.12.0+eclipse4.10-2)
Eclipse Java Development Tools Launching Support
libeclipse-jdt-ui-java (3.16.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Java Development Tools UI
libeclipse-jface-databinding-java (1.8.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Data Binding for SWT and JFace
libeclipse-jface-java (3.15.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace
libeclipse-jface-text-java (3.15.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JFace Text
libeclipse-jsch-core-java (1.3.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse JSch Core
libeclipse-ltk-core-refactoring-java (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Refactoring Core
libeclipse-ltk-ui-refactoring-java (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Refactoring UI
libeclipse-osgi-compatibility-state-java (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox State and Resolver Compatibility Fragment
libeclipse-osgi-java (3.13.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse OSGi System Bundle
libeclipse-osgi-services-java (3.7.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse OSGi Service Interfaces and Classes
libeclipse-osgi-util-java (3.5.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse OSGi Utility Classes
libeclipse-search-java (3.11.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Search Support
libeclipse-team-core-java (3.8.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Team Support Core
libeclipse-team-genericeditor-diff-extension-java (1.0.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Diff Extension for Generic Editor
libeclipse-team-ui-java (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Team Support UI
libeclipse-text-java (3.8.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Text
libeclipse-ui-browser-java (3.6.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Browser Support
libeclipse-ui-console-java (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Console
libeclipse-ui-editors-java (3.11.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Default Text Editor
libeclipse-ui-externaltools-java (3.4.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse External Tools
libeclipse-ui-forms-java (3.7.400+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI forms
libeclipse-ui-genericeditor-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
EEclipse Generic and Extensible Text Editor
libeclipse-ui-ide-application-java (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse IDE UI Application
libeclipse-ui-ide-java (3.14.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse IDE UI
libeclipse-ui-java (3.111.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI
libeclipse-ui-monitoring-java (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse UI Responsiveness Monitoring
libeclipse-ui-navigator-java (3.7.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Common Navigator View
libeclipse-ui-views-java (3.9.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Views
libeclipse-ui-views-properties-tabbed-java (3.8.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Tabbed Properties View
libeclipse-ui-workbench-java (3.112.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Workbench
libeclipse-ui-workbench-texteditor-java (3.11.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Text Editor Framework
libeclipse-urischeme-java (1.0.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse URI Scheme Handling
libeclipselink-java (2.6.6-1)
Eclipse Persistence Services Project
libehcache-java (2.6.11-3)
distributed cache library
libeigenbase-farrago-java (0.9.0-2)
Java framework for constructing RDBMS services
libeigenbase-resgen-java (
Java i18n code generator from XML files
libejml-java (0.28-2)
Efficient Java Matrix Library
libel-api-java (3.0.0-2+deb10u1)
Expression Language API
libequinox-app-java (1.4.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Application Container
libequinox-bidi-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Bidirectional Text Support
libequinox-cm-java (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Configuration Admin
libequinox-common-java (3.10.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Common Utility Bundle
libequinox-concurrent-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Concurrent API
libequinox-console-java (1.3.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Console plug-in
libequinox-coordinator-java (1.3.600+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Coordinator
libequinox-device-java (1.0.800+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Device Access Service
libequinox-ds-java (1.5.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Declarative Services
libequinox-event-java (1.5.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Event Admin
libequinox-frameworkadmin-equinox-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Framework Admin for Equinox
libequinox-frameworkadmin-java (2.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Framework Admin
libequinox-http-jetty-java (3.6.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Jetty HTTP Service
libequinox-http-jetty-starter-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Jetty HTTP Service Starter
libequinox-http-registry-java (1.1.600+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox HTTP Registry
libequinox-http-servlet-java (1.5.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox HTTP Services Servlet
libequinox-http-servletbridge-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Servletbridge HTTP Service
libequinox-io-java (1.1.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox IO Connector Service
libequinox-ip-java (1.1.600+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Initial Provisioning
libequinox-jsp-jasper-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Jasper Jsp Support Bundle
libequinox-jsp-jasper-registry-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Jasper Jsp Registry Support Plug-in
libequinox-launcher-java (1.5.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Launcher
libequinox-metatype-java (1.4.600+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Meta Type
libequinox-osgi-java (3.9.1-4)
Equinox OSGi framework (Transitional)
libequinox-p2-artifact-optimizers-java (1.1.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox p2 Artifact Optimizers
libequinox-p2-artifact-processors-java (1.1.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox p2 Artifact Processing Support
libequinox-p2-artifact-repository-java (1.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Artifact Repository Support
libequinox-p2-console-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Console
libequinox-p2-core-java (2.5.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox p2 Core
libequinox-p2-director-app-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Director Application
libequinox-p2-director-java (2.4.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Director
libequinox-p2-directorywatcher-java (1.2.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Directory Watcher
libequinox-p2-discovery-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Discovery
libequinox-p2-engine-java (2.6.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Engine
libequinox-p2-extensionlocation-java (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Extension Location Repository Support
libequinox-p2-garbagecollector-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Garbage Collector
libequinox-p2-jarprocessor-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning JAR Processor
libequinox-p2-metadata-java (2.4.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Metadata
libequinox-p2-metadata-repository-java (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Metadata Repository
libequinox-p2-operations-java (2.5.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Operations API
libequinox-p2-publisher-eclipse-java (1.3.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Publisher for Eclipse
libequinox-p2-publisher-java (1.5.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Publisher Infrastructure
libequinox-p2-reconciler-dropins-java (1.3.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Drop-in
libequinox-p2-repository-java (2.4.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Repository
libequinox-p2-repository-tools-java (2.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Repository Tools
libequinox-p2-sar-java (0.2.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Sar Plug-in
libequinox-p2-touchpoint-eclipse-java (2.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Eclipse Touchpoint
libequinox-p2-touchpoint-natives-java (1.3.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Native Touchpoint
libequinox-p2-updatechecker-java (1.2.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Update Checker
libequinox-p2-updatesite-java (1.1.100+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Provisioning Legacy Update Site Support
libequinox-preferences-java (3.7.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Preferences Mechanism
libequinox-region-java (1.4.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Region
libequinox-registry-java (3.8.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Extension Registry Support
libequinox-security-java (1.3.0+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
libequinox-servletbridge-java (1.4.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Servletbridge
libequinox-simpleconfigurator-java (1.3.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Simple Configurator
libequinox-simpleconfigurator-manipulator-java (2.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Equinox Simple Configurator Manipulator
libequinox-transforms-hook-java (1.2.300+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Transformer Hook Framework Extension
libequinox-transforms-xslt-java (1.0.500+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Transforms XSLT
libequinox-useradmin-java (1.1.700+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox User Admin Service
libequinox-util-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Util
libequinox-weaving-caching-java (1.1.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Weaving Caching
libequinox-weaving-hook-java (1.2.200+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Weaving Hook
libequinox-wireadmin-java (1.0.800+eclipse4.10-1)
Eclipse Equinox Wire Admin Service
libesd-java (0.0.7-4)
Implementation of EsounD in pure Java
libexcalibur-logger-java (2.1-7)
Excalibur project's log management system
libexcalibur-logkit-java (2.0-12)
Lightweight and fast designed logging toolkit for Java
libexec-maven-plugin-java (1.6.0-4)
Exec Maven Plugin
libexternalsortinginjava-java (0.2.5-1)
External-Memory Sorting in Java
libezmorph-java (1.0.6-3)
Java library for transforming an Object to another Object
libf2j-java (0.8.1+dfsg-4)
Java library port of Fortran numerical libraries
libfannj-java (0.3-2)
FannJ a Java binding to the Fast Artificial Neural Network (FANN) C library
libfast-zip-clojure (0.5.0-1)
modification of that uses protocols and records
libfast-zip-visit-clojure (1.0.2-2)
Clojure zipper-based visitor library (fast-zip version)
libfastinfoset-java (1.2.12-3)
Java library implementing the Fast Infoset standard
libfastutil-java (8.2.2-1)
Java API providing type-specific maps, sets, lists and queues
libfelix-bundlerepository-java (2.0.10-4)
Felix OSGi bundle repository service
libfelix-framework-java (4.6.1-2)
Felix Framework subproject
libfelix-gogo-command-java (0.14.0-2)
Apache Felix Gogo Command bundle
libfelix-gogo-runtime-java (0.16.2-1)
Apache Felix Gogo Runtime bundle
libfelix-gogo-shell-java (0.12.0-1)
Apache Felix Gogo Shell bundle
libfelix-main-java (5.0.0-5)
Libraries to instantiate and execute the Felix Framework
libfelix-osgi-obr-java (1.0.2-5)
OSGi OBR Service API
libfelix-resolver-java (1.14.0-1)
OSGi Resolver implementation by Apache Felix
libfelix-shell-java (1.4.3-2)
Felix OSGi shell to issue commands to the framework
libfelix-shell-tui-java (1.4.1-4)
Apache Felix Shell TUI
libfelix-utils-java (1.8.6-1)
collection of utility classes for Apache Felix
libfest-assert-java (2.0~M10-1)
Java library that provides a fluent interface for writing assertions
libfest-reflect-java (1.4.1-3)
Java library for fluent reflection
libfest-test-java (2.1.0-1)
common testing code for FEST (Fixtures for Easy Software Testing) packages
libfest-util-java (1.2.5-1)
common utilities for FEST (Fixtures for Easy Software Testing) packages
libfindbugs-annotations-java (3.1.0~preview2-3)
Static java code analyzer to find bugs (Annotations)
libfindbugs-ant-java (3.1.0~preview2-3)
Static java code analyzer to find bugs (Ant tasks)
libfindbugs-java (3.1.0~preview2-3)
Static java code analyzer to find bugs (Library)
libfits-java (1.15.2-1)
Java library for the I/O handling of FITS files
libflamingo-java (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Provides a swing ribbon container for Java applications
libflexdock-java (1.2.4-1)
Swing Java docking framework
libflexdock-java-demo (1.2.4-1)
Swing Java docking framework - demos and examples
libflute-java (1:1.1.6-4)
Java CSS parser using SAC (JFree version)
libfontawesomefx-java (9.1.2-1)
Font Awesome perfectly integrated into JavaFX
libfontbox-java (1:1.8.16-2)
Java font library
libfontbox2-java (2.0.13-2)
Java font library
libfontchooser-java (1.0.0-3)
Java control to allow font selection
libfonts-java (1.1.6.dfsg-3)
Java fonts layouting library
libfop-java (1:2.3-2)
XML formatter driven by XSL Formatting Objects (XSL-FO.) - libs
libformula-java (1.1.7.dfsg-2)
Excel(tm) style formula expressions library
libfreehep-chartableconverter-plugin-java (2.0-10)
FreeHEP Character Table Converter
libfreehep-export-java (2.1.1-4)
FreeHEP Export and Save As Library
libfreehep-graphics2d-java (2.1.1-6)
FreeHEP 2D Graphics Library
libfreehep-graphicsio-emf-java (2.1.1-emfplus+dfsg1-4)
FreeHEP Enhanced Metafile Format Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-java (2.1.1-5)
FreeHEP GraphicsIO Base Library
libfreehep-graphicsio-java-java (2.1.1-3)
FreeHEP Java Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-pdf-java (2.1.1+dfsg-3)
FreeHEP Portable Document Format Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-ps-java (2.1.1-3)
FreeHEP (Encapsulated) PostScript Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-svg-java (2.1.1-5)
FreeHEP Scalable Vector Graphics Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-swf-java (2.1.1+dfsg-3)
FreeHEP SWF (Flash) Driver
libfreehep-graphicsio-tests-java (2.1.1+dfsg1-5)
FreeHEP GraphicsIO Test Library
libfreehep-io-java (2.0.2-6)
FreeHEP I/O library
libfreehep-swing-java (2.0.3-5)
FreeHEP swing extensions
libfreehep-util-java (2.0.2-7)
FreeHEP utility library
libfreehep-xml-java (2.1.2+dfsg1-5)
FreeHEP XML Library
libfreemarker-java (2.3.23-9)
template engine written in Java
libganymed-ssh2-java (250-3)
pure Java implementation of the SSH-2 protocol
libgatk-native-bindings-java (1.0.0-2)
library for gatk and picard-tools
libgdal-java (2.4.0+dfsg-1+deb10u1) [security]
Java bindings to the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library
libgdcm-java (2.8.8-9)
Grassroots DICOM Java bindings
libgentlyweb-utils-java (1.5-2)
java utility library used by josql
libgeronimo-annotation-1.3-spec-java (1.0-1)
Apache Geronimo Common Annotations 1.3 API
libgeronimo-commonj-spec-java (1.1.1-3)
Java API for concurrent programming of EJBs and Servlets
libgeronimo-concurrent-1.0-spec-java (1.0~alpha-1-1)
Apache Geronimo Concurrency Utilities for Java EE API
libgeronimo-ejb-3.0-spec-java (1.0.1-1)
Geronimo API implementation of the EJB 3.0 spec
libgeronimo-ejb-3.2-spec-java (1.0~alpha-1-2)
Apache Geronimo EJB 3.2 API
libgeronimo-interceptor-3.0-spec-java (1.0.1-4)
Geronimo API implementation of the Interceptor 3.0 spec
libgeronimo-j2ee-connector-1.5-spec-java (2.0.0-1.1)
Geronimo API implementation of the J2EE connector 1.5 spec
libgeronimo-j2ee-management-1.1-spec-java (1.0.1-1)
Apache Geronimo J2EE Management 1.1 API
libgeronimo-jacc-1.1-spec-java (1.0.1-2)
Geronimo API implementation of the JACC 1.1 spec
libgeronimo-jcache-1.0-spec-java (1.0~alpha-1-1)
Apache Geronimo JCache 1.0 API
libgeronimo-jms-1.1-spec-java (1.1-1.2)
Geronimo API implementation of the JMS 1.1 spec
libgeronimo-jpa-2.0-spec-java (1.1-3)
Geronimo JSR-317 Java Persistence (JPA) 2.0 Spec API
libgeronimo-jta-1.1-spec-java (1.1.1-4)
Geronimo API implementation of the JTA 1.1 spec
libgeronimo-jta-1.2-spec-java (1.0~alpha-1-2)
Apache Geronimo JTA 1.2 API
libgeronimo-osgi-support-java (1.1-1)
Java libraries providing OSGi lookup support for Geronimo projects
libgeronimo-validation-1.0-spec-java (1.1-3)
Geronimo JSR-303 Bean Validation Spec API
libgeronimo-validation-1.1-spec-java (1.0-2)
Geronimo JSR-349 Bean Validation Spec API
libgetopt-java (1.0.14+dfsg-4)
GNU getopt - Java port
libgettext-ant-tasks-java (0.9.7+svn206-1)
Java classes for internationalization (i18n) - Ant tasks
libgettext-commons-java (0.9.6-6)
Java classes for internationalization (i18n)
libgettext-maven-plugin-java (1.2.9-2)
plugin to integrate gettext tools into a Maven build
libgkl-java (0.8.5+dfsg-2)
Java library to manipulate SAM and BAM files
libglazedlists-java (1.9.1-2)
java list transformation library
libglpk-java (1.12.0-1)
Java binding to the GNU Linear Programming Kit
libgluegen2-build-java (2.3.2-7)
Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code
libgluegen2-jni (2.3.2-7)
Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code
libgluegen2-rt-java (2.3.2-7)
Tool to automatically generate the Java and JNI code
libgmavenplus-java (1.5-3)
GMavenPlus Plugin
libgmbal-commons-java (3.2.1-b003-1)
GlassFish MBean Annotation Library (Common APIs)
libgmbal-java (4.0.0-b002-1)
GlassFish MBean Annotation Library
libgmbal-pfl-java (4.0.1-b003-2)
GlassFish MBean Annotation Library (Primitive Function Library)
libgmetric4j-java (1.0.6-2)
gmetric4j Ganglia metric transmission API
libgmetrics-groovy-java (0.7-4)
Groovy library that provides reports and metrics for Groovy code
libgoogle-gson-java (2.8.5-3+deb10u1) [security]
Converts Java objects into their JSON representation
libgossip-java (1.8-2)
Small and fast logging provider for SLF4J
libgpars-groovy-java (1.2.1-10)
open-source concurrency library for Groovy
libgradle-core-java (4.4.1-6)
Powerful build system for the JVM - Core libraries
libgradle-jflex-plugin-java (0.0.2-4)
Gradle plugin for JFlex, a scanner generator
libgradle-plugins-java (4.4.1-6)
Powerful build system for the JVM - All plugins
libgraxxia-java (1.0~20150714-2)
Wrappers for doing Mathematics in Groovy
libgroovycsv-java (1.0-2)
CSV parsing library for Groovy
libgs-collections-java (5.1.0-3)
Goldman Sachs Collections
libguava-java (19.0-1)
Suite of Google common libraries for Java
libguestfs-java (1:1.40.2-2)
guest disk image management system - Java bindings
libguice-java (4.2.1-1)
lightweight dependency injection framework for Java 5 and above
libh2-java (1.4.197-4+deb10u1)
H2 Database Engine
libhac-java (0.20110510-3)
hierarchical agglomerative clustering
libhamcrest-java (1.3-9)
library of matchers for building test expressions
libhawtbuf-java (1.11-1)
HawtBuf rich byte buffer library
libhawtdispatch-java (1.22-2)
libdispatch style API for Java and Scala
libhawtjni-generator-java (1.16-1)
HawtJNI Generator
libhawtjni-maven-plugin-java (1.16-1)
HawtJNI Maven Plugin
libhawtjni-runtime-java (1.16-1)
Java library that provide JNI code generation
libhbci4j-core-java (3.1.29+dfsg-1+deb10u1)
Java online banking client using the HBCI standard
libhdf5-java (1.10.4+repack-10+deb10u1) [security]
Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) - Java Wrapper Library
libhdrhistogram-java (2.1.11-1)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Histogram
libheadius-options-java (1.4-2)
Java library for JVM property-driven configuration
libhealpix-java (3.40-1)
HEALPix representation of spherical data - Java library
libhessian-java (4.0.38-2)
Java implementation of a binary protocol for web services
libhibernate-commons-annotations-java (3.2.0.Final-4)
Hibernate Commons Annotations
libhibernate-validator-java (4.3.4-1)
Hibernate Validator
libhibernate3-java (3.6.10.Final-9+deb10u1)
Relational Persistence for Idiomatic Java
libhiccup-clojure (1.0.5-1)
fast library for rendering HTML in Clojure
libhikaricp-java (2.7.1-2)
high-performance JDBC connection pool library
libhmsbeagle-java (3.1.2+dfsg-6)
High-performance lib for Bayesian and Maximum Likelihood phylogenetics (java)
libhoneysql-clojure (0.8.2-2)
library for mapping Clojure data structures to SQL
libhsqldb-java (2.4.1-2+deb10u2) [security]
Java SQL database engine
libhtml5parser-java (1.4+r1.3.1-2) HTML parser implementation in Java
libhtmlcleaner-java (2.21-5+deb10u1) [security]
Java HTML Parser library
libhtmlparser-java (1.6.20060610.dfsg0-9)
java library to parse html
libhtrace-core-java (3.1.0-2)
Tracing framework for distributed systems written in Java
libhtsjdk-java (2.18.2+dfsg-2)
Java API for high-throughput sequencing data (HTS) formats
libhttpasyncclient-java (4.1.4-1)
HTTP/1.1 compliant asynchronous HTTP agent implementation
libhttpclient-java (4.5.7-1+deb10u1)
HTTP/1.1 compliant HTTP agent implementation
libhttpcore-java (4.4.11-1)
set of low level HTTP transport components for Java
libhttpmime-java (4.5.7-1+deb10u1)
HTTP/1.1 compliant HTTP agent implementation - MIME extension
libhttpunit-java (1.7+dfsg-14)
automated web site testing toolkit
libhyperic-sigar-java (1.6.4+dfsg-4)
System Information Gatherer And Reporter - Java bindings
libibatis-java (
iBATIS Data Mapper framework
libicu4j-4.4-java (
Library for Unicode support and internationalization
libicu4j-java (62.1-2)
Library for Unicode support and internationalization
libidm-console-framework-java (1.2.0-1)
IDM Console Framework for the 389 Directory Server Console
libidn11-java (1.33-2.2)
Java port of the GNU Libidn library, an IDN implementation
libidw-java (1.6.1-1)
InfoNode Docking Windows (similar to JInternalFrames)
libij-java (1.52j-1)
Java library for ImageJ
libimglib2-java (4.5.0-1)
multidimensional image processing library in Java
libimgscalr-java (4.2-1)
Java Image Scaling Library
libindigo-java (1.2.3-1)
Organic Chemistry Toolkit (Java package)
libini4j-java (0.5.4-1~deb10u1) [security]
Java API for handling Windows ini file format (library)
libinstaparse-clojure (1.4.7-1)
simple way to build parsers in Clojure
libintellij-annotations-java (17.0.0-1)
transitional package for libjetbrains-annotations-java
libinvokebinder-java (1.7-2)
Java DSL for binding method handles
libirclib-java (1.10-3)
Java implementation of the IRC protocol
libiscwt-java (5.3.20100629-4)
abstractions and Java implementations for rendering PDF
libisfreetype-java (5.3.20100629-3)
Java wrapper for FreeType font handling library
libisnativec-java (5.3.20100629+fix-2)
helper routines to access native code from Java
libisoparser-java (1.1.22-1)
Generic parser and writer for ISO 14496 based files
libisorelax-java (20041111-12)
Interface for applications to support RELAX Core
libisrt-java (4.8.20100629-3)
common runtime library by intarsys
libistack-commons-java (3.0.6-3)
Common code for some Glassfish projects
libitext-java (2.1.7-12)
Java Library to create and manipulate PDF on the fly
libitext-rtf-java (2.1.7-12)
Java Library to create and manipulate RTF files on the fly
libitext-rups-java (2.1.7-12)
graphical tool for Reading and Updating PDF Syntax (RUPS)
libitext1-java (1.4-7)
Java Library to generate PDF on the Fly
libitext5-java (5.5.13-1+deb10u1) [security]
Java Library to create and manipulate PDF on the fly
libj2ssh-java (0.2.9-5)
Java library for the SSH protocol
libjabsorb-java (1.3-4) [non-free]
Java to Javascript object request broker
libjackrabbit-java (2.18.0+r2.14.6-1)
content repository implementation (JCR API)
libjackson-json-java (1.9.13-2~deb10u1)
streaming fast powerful standard conformant json processor in java
libjackson2-annotations-java (2.9.8-1)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- annotations
libjackson2-core-java (2.9.8-3)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- core library
libjackson2-databind-java (2.9.8-3+deb10u5) [security]
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- data binding
libjackson2-dataformat-cbor (2.7.8-3)
Jackson data format module for RfC7049 Concise Binary Object Representation
libjackson2-dataformat-smile (2.7.8-3)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- Smile dataformat
libjackson2-dataformat-xml-java (2.9.8-1)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- XML dataformat
libjackson2-dataformat-yaml (2.8.11-1)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- YAML dataformat
libjackson2-datatype-joda-java (2.9.8-1)
fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- Joda datatypes
libjackson2-jaxrs-providers-java (2.9.8-1)
Jackson JAX-RS providers
libjackson2-jr-java (2.9.7-1)
JSON library for Java -- standalone data-binding module
libjackson2-module-jaxb-annotations-java (2.8.10-4)
Fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- JAXB annotations
libjacoco-java (0.8.3-1)
free code coverage library for Java
libjam-java (0.1.git20180106.740247a+dfsg-1)
Java applications look and behave like native applications
libjama-java (1.0.3-1)
Basic linear algebra library for Java
libjameica-datasource-java (2.8.1+dfsg-3)
OR mapper for Jameica - Java library
libjameica-util-java (2.8-2)
utility classes for Jameica - Java library
libjamon-java (2.7-7)
Java API for easy monitoring production applications
libjanino-java (2.7.0-2)
runtime compiler for Java expressions - library
libjansi-java (1.17.1-1)
Java library for generating and interpreting ANSI escape sequences
libjansi-native-java (1.8-1)
Java library for ANSI escape sequences - native component
libjargs-java (1.0.0-4)
Command-line argument parsing for Java
libjarjar-java (1.4+svn142-10)
repackage third-party jars
libjarjar-maven-plugin-java (1.9-8)
Maven plugin to repackage third-party jars
libjas-java (2.5.4408-1)
Java object-oriented type-safe Algebra System
libjas-plotter-java (2.2.6+dfsg1-4)
JAS(2) Plotter graphic library
libjasypt-java (1.9.2-1)
java library for simple high-level encryption
libjatl-java (0.2.3-1)
JATL - Java Anti-Template Language
libjaudiotagger-java (2.0.3-3)
library for editing tags like ID3 in audio files such as MP3s
libjava-allocation-instrumenter-java (3.1.0-2)
JVM agent tracking memory allocations
libjava-classpath-clojure (0.2.3-1)
examine the Java classpath from Clojure programs
libjava-gnome-java (4.1.3-8)
Java-gnome language bindings project
libjava-gnome-jni (4.1.3-8)
Java-gnome language bindings project JNI layer
libjava-jdbc-clojure (0.7.0-2)
Clojure interface to sql databases via jdbc
libjava-jmx-clojure (0.3.4-1)
produce and consume JMX beans from Clojure
libjava-string-similarity-java (0.24-2)
library of different string similarity and distance measures
libjava-xmlbuilder-java (0.4-2)
XML Builder Java library for creating XML documents
libjava3d-java (1.5.2+dfsg-16)
Java 3D API (java library)
libjava3d-jni (1.5.2+dfsg-16)
Java3D API (java jni library)
libjavacc-maven-plugin-java (2.6-4)
maven plugin which uses JavaCC to process JavaCC grammar files
libjavaewah-java (0.7.9-1)
Compressed variant of the Java bitset class
libjavafxsvg-java (1.2.1-2)
CenterDevice JavaFxSVG library
libjavaparser-java (1.0.11-1)
Java library for parsing Java 7
libjavapoet-java (1.11.1-1)
Java API for generating .java source files
libjavassist-java (1:3.23.1-1)
library for editing bytecodes in Java
libjavatuples-java (1.2-1)
libjavawriter-java (2.5.1-1)
Java API for generating .java source files
libjawn-java (0.11.1+really0.6.0-1)
Scala json parser
libjaxb-api-java (2.3.1-1)
Java Architecture for XML Binding API
libjaxb-java (
JAXB Reference Implementation
libjaxe-java (3.5-11)
JAva Xml Editor - library
libjaxen-java (1.1.6-4)
Java XPath engine
libjaxp1.3-java (1.3.05-5)
Аналізатор Java XML та API трансформаторів (DOM, SAX, JAXP, TrAX)
libjaxrpc-api-java (1.1.2-2)
Java API for XML based RPC (JAX-RPC)
libjaxrs-api-java (2.1.2-2)
Java API for RESTful Services (JAX-RS)
libjaxws-api-java (2.3.0-1)
Java API for XML-Based Web Services
libjaxws-java (
JAX-WS Reference Implementation (Library)
libjazzy-java (0.5.2-1)
spell checker java library
libjbcrypt-java (0.4-2)
Java implementation of OpenBSD's Blowfish hashing
libjbigi-jni (0.9.38-3.1)
Invisible Internet Project (I2P) - libjbigi library
libjboss-bridger-java (1.5-1)
Java Bridge Method Maker
libjboss-classfilewriter-java (1.2.4-1)
bytecode writer that creates .class files at runtime
libjboss-jdeparser2-java (2.0.2-2)
Java source code generating library
libjboss-logging-java (3.3.2-1)
JBoss Logging Framework
libjboss-logging-tools-java (2.1.0-2)
create internationalized logger messages and exceptions
libjboss-logmanager-java (2.1.7-1)
implementation of java.util.logging.LogManager
libjboss-modules-java (1.9.0-1)
Modular Classloading System
libjboss-threads-java (2.3.3-1)
JBoss Threads
libjboss-xnio-java (3.7.0-1)
simplified low-level I/O layer for NIO
libjbzip2-java (0.9.1-5)
bzip2 compression/decompression library
libjcalendar-java (1.3.3-3)
Java date chooser bean for graphically picking a date
libjcdf-java (1.2.3+dfsg-1)
Java library to read files in the NASA Common Data Format
libjchart2d-java (3.2.2+dfsg2-2)
Java library for precise 2D charting visualizations
libjcharts-java (0.7.5-5)
java based charts library
libjcifs-java (1.3.19-2)
Java library for the CIFS/SMB networking protocol
libjcip-annotations-java (20060626-5)
Java Concurrency In Practice annotations library
libjcm-java (1.0-1)
Java Components for Mathematics
libjcodings-java (1.0.42-1)
Java-based codings helper classes for Joni and JRuby
libjcommander-java (1.71-3)
Java framework for parsing command line parameters
libjcommon-java (1.0.23-1)
General Purpose library for Java
libjcsp-java (1.1-rc4-2)
Java library providing Communicating Sequential Processes (CSP) features
libjctools-java (2.0.2-1)
Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM
libjdeb-java (1.6-3)
utility to construct Debian packages from Ant or Maven
libjdepend-java (2.9.1-1)
tool to measure design quality of java class and source
libjdependency-java (1.4-1)
Java library analyzing class level dependencies
libjdo-api-java (3.1-3)
Implementation of JSR 243: Java Data Objects 3.1
libjdom1-java (1.1.3-2)
lightweight and fast library using XML
libjdom2-intellij-java (2.0.6+git20180529-2)
lightweight and fast XML DOM library (IntelliJ version)
libjdom2-java (2.0.6-1)
lightweight and fast library using XML
libjebl2-java (0.1+git20180418.653eb83-1)
Java Evolutionary Biology Library
libjemmy2-java (
Java library for automated Java GUI testing
libjempbox-java (1:1.8.16-2)
XMP Compatible Java Library
libjenkins-htmlunit-core-js-java (2.6-hudson-1-1)
Jenkins branch of the HtmlUnit Core JS Interpreter
libjenkins-json-java (2.4-jenkins-3-5)
Library for transforming Java objects between XML and JSON
libjenkins-trilead-ssh2-java (217-jenkins-8-1)
Trilead SSH2 implementation for Java (Jenkins variant)
libjericho-html-java (3.2-2)
Java based library for HTML Parsing
libjeromq-java (0.3.6-1)
Java implementation of the ZeroMQ messaging library
libjersey1-atom-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (atom module)
libjersey1-client-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (client module)
libjersey1-core-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (core library)
libjersey1-fastinfoset-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (fastinfoset module)
libjersey1-guice-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (guice module)
libjersey1-json-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (json module)
libjersey1-server-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (server module)
libjersey1-servlet-java (1.19.3-6+deb10u1) [security]
RESTful Web Services in Java (servlet module)
libjetbrains-annotations-java (17.0.0-1)
annotations used for code inspection support and code documentation
libjets3t-java (0.8.1+dfsg-4)
Java interface to Amazon S3 and CloudFront services
libjettison-java (1.5.3-1~deb10u1) [security]
collection of StAX parsers and writers for JSON
libjetty9-extra-java (9.4.50-4+deb10u2) [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver -- extra libraries
libjetty9-java (9.4.50-4+deb10u2) [security]
Java servlet engine and webserver -- core libraries
libjeuclid-core-java (3.1.9-5)
Complete MathML rendering solution (java classes)
libjeuclid-fop-java (3.1.9-5)
Complete MathML rendering solution (fop plugin)
libjexcelapi-java (2.6.12-3)
Java API to read, write and modify Excel spreadsheets
libjffi-java (1.2.7-11)
Java Foreign Function Interface
libjffi-jni (1.2.7-11)
Java Foreign Function Interface (JNI library)
libjformatstring-java (0.10~20131207-2)
Java format string compile-time checker
libjfreechart-java (1.0.19-2)
Бібліотека діаграм для Java
libjfreechart-swt-java (1.0.19-2)
Chart library for Java (SWT support)
libjfugue-java (4.0.3-4)
Java API for music programming
libjgit-ant-java (3.7.1-6)
Java implementation of GIT version control (Ant interface)
libjgit-java (3.7.1-6)
Java implementation of GIT version control
libjglobus-axisg-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java - Apache AXIS support
libjglobus-gram-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java - Grid Resource Allocation and Management (GRAM)
libjglobus-gridftp-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java — GridFTP
libjglobus-gss-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java - GSS-API implementation for SSL with proxies
libjglobus-io-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java — ввід/вивід
libjglobus-jsse-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java — підтримка SSL
libjglobus-myproxy-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java — MyProxy
libjglobus-parent-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java - parent pom file
libjglobus-ssl-proxies-java (2.1.0-8)
Globus Java - SSL and proxy certificate support
libjgoodies-animation-java (1.4.3-2)
Time-based real-time animations in Java
libjgoodies-binding-java (2.13.0-2)
Swing Data Binding Framework
libjgoodies-common-java (1.8.1-2)
JGoodies Common
libjgoodies-forms-java (1.9.0-3)
Framework to lay out and implement elegant Swing panels
libjgoodies-looks-java (2.7.0-3)
library with Swing look&feel implementations
libjgraph-java (
JFC/Swing graph component for Java
libjgrapht0.6-java (0.6.0-11)
mathematical graph theory library for Java
libjgrapht0.8-java (0.8.3-5)
mathematical graph theory library for Java
libjgraphx-java (
Java Swing Diagramming Library
libjgromacs-java (1.0-1)
library for molecular dynamics trajectory analysis
libjgroups-java (2.12.2.Final-5)
Toolkit for Reliable Multicast Communication
libjheatchart-java (0.6-1)
Heat map charting library for Java
libjhighlight-java (1.0-3)
Small embeddable Java library for syntax highlighting
libjhlabs-filters-java (2.0.235-3)
Java Image Processing Filters
libjibx-java (1.2.6-2)
Framework for binding XML data to Java objects (symlink)
libjibx1.2-java (1.2.6-2)
Framework for binding XML data to Java objects
libjiconfont-font-awesome-java (
jIconFont - Font Awesome
libjiconfont-java (1.0.0-1)
API to provide icons generated by any icon font
libjiconfont-swing-java (1.0.1-1)
jIconFont - Swing support
libjide-oss-java (3.7.4+dfsg-1)
extensible Swing component library for Java
libjimfs-java (1.1-5)
In-memory file system implementing the java.nio.file APIs
libjing-java (20151127+dfsg-3)
RELAX NG validator - library
libjinput-java (20100502+dfsg-10)
Java Game Controller API
libjinput-jni (20100502+dfsg-10)
Java Game Controller API (jni)
libjitescript-java (0.4.1-3)
Java API for generating JVM bytecode
libjiu-java (0.14.3-4)
library to load, analyze, process and save pixel images
libjlapack-java (0.8~dfsg-5)
LAPACK numerical subroutines translated from their Fortran 77 source
libjlatexmath-fop-java (1.0.7-3)
Implementation of LaTeX math mode wrote in Java (fop plugin)
libjlatexmath-java (1.0.7-3)
Implementation of LaTeX math mode wrote in Java
libjlayer-java (1.0.1-2)
library to decode, convert and play MP3 files
libjlha-java (0.0.20050504-10)
LHA compress/decompress library for Java
libjlibeps-java (0.1.ds3-3)
Java library to create EPS images
libjline-java (1.0-2)
Java library for handling console input
libjline2-java (2.14.6-3)
console input handling in Java
libjloda-java (0.0+git20180523.cbaf6d1-1)
Java library of data structures and algorithms for bioinformatics
libjmac-java (1.74-6)
Open Source Java Monkey's Audio Decoder/Encoder/JavaSound SPI
libjmagick6-java (6.6.9~20130201-svn99-4)
Java interface to ImageMagick
libjmagick6-jni (6.6.9~20130201-svn99-4+b1)
Java interface to ImageMagick (native library)
libjmdns-java (3.5.5-1)
Java implementation of multi-cast DNS (Apple Rendezvous)
libjmock-java (1.2.0-5)
Java library for testing code with mock objects
libjmock2-java (2.8.4-1)
Java library for testing code with mock objects
libjmol-java (14.6.4+2016.11.05+dfsg1-4)
Java library for molecular structures
libjmxetric-java (1.0.6-1)
JMXetric Ganglia metric transmission API
libjna-java (4.5.2-1)
Динамічний доступ рідних бібліотек Java без JNI
libjna-jni (4.5.2-1)
Dynamic access of native libraries from Java without JNI (native libs)
libjna-platform-java (4.5.2-1)
Dynamic access of native libraries from Java without JNI (platform extension)
libjnlp-servlet-java (20120126-4)
simple and convenient packaging format for JNLP applications
libjnr-constants-java (0.9.9-2)
platform constants for Java
libjnr-enxio-java (0.16-2)
Java extended native cross-platform I/O library
libjnr-ffi-java (2.1.7-1)
Java library for loading native libraries without writing JNI code
libjnr-netdb-java (1.1.6-1)
Lookup TCP and UDP services from java
libjnr-posix-java (3.0.45-2)
basic POSIX-like functions for Java
libjnr-unixsocket-java (0.18-3)
Java access to native libraries for unix sockets
libjnr-x86asm-java (1.0.2-5)
Pure java x86 and x86_64 assembler
libjoda-convert-java (1.9.2-1)
Joda Convert - Java API to convert Objects to and from Strings
libjoda-time-java (2.10.1-1)
Java date and time API
libjodconverter-java (2.2.2-10)
Office formats converter - Library
libjodd-java (3.8.6-1)
Java utility library and set of frameworks
libjogl2-java (2.3.2+dfsg-9)
Java bindings for OpenGL API
libjogl2-jni (2.3.2+dfsg-9)
Java bindings for OpenGL API (JNI lib)
libjopendocument-java (1.3repack-1)
pure Java library for OASIS Open Document files manipulation
libjoptsimple-java (5.0.4-3)
Command line parsing java library
libjorbis-java (0.0.17-2)
Pure Java Ogg Vorbis Decoder
libjosql-java (2.2+dfsg-1)
library to apply SQL-like syntax to Java objects
libjpa-2.1-spec-java (2.1.0.v201304241213-1)
JPA Spec 2.1 OSGi Bundle
libjpathwatch-java (0.95-4)
Java library that monitors directories for changes
libjpathwatch-java-jni (0.95-4)
Java library that monitors directories for changes (JNI)
libjpedal-jbig2-java (20100117-1.1)
library for accession of large images
libjpf-java (1.5.1+dfsg-4)
Java Plugin Framework: plug-in infrastructure library for Java projects
libjpfcodegen-java (0.4+dfsg1-1)
tool for generating classes from JPF plug-ins
libjrosetta-java (1.0.4-4)
JRosetta - Advanced graphical console engine
libjruby-joni-java (2.1.26-1)
Java port of Oniguruma regexp library
libjsamp-java (1.3.5-1)
Java Simple Application Messaging Protocol library
libjsap-java (2.1-3)
Java Simple Argument Parser
libjsch-agent-proxy-java (0.0.8-2)
Proxy to ssh-agent and Pageant in Java
libjsch-java (0.1.55-1)
Java implementation of the SSH2 protocol
libjsf-api-java (2.2.8-6)
JavaServer Faces 2.2 Java EE web framework - API
libjsilver-aosp-java (6.0.1+r55-1)
Pure-Java implementation of Clearsilver
libjsmpp-java (2.1.2-4)
SMPP API for sending SMS from Java
libjson-java (2.4-3)
library for transforming Java objects and XML to JSON and back again
libjson-simple-java (2.3.0-1)
Simple, lightweight and efficient JSON toolkit for Java
libjson-smart-java (2.2-2+deb10u1) [security]
JSON Small and Fast Parser
libjson4s-java (3.5.1+really3.2.10-1)
Single AST to be used by other scala json libraries
libjsonb-api-java (1.0-1)
Java API for JSON Binding (JSON-B)
libjsonp-java (1.0.4-1)
Java API for JSON Processing
libjsonpath-java (2.0.0-5)
Jayway JsonPath - XPath like expressions for JSON
libjsoup-java (1.10.2-2)
Java HTML parser that makes sense of real-world HTML soup
libjsp-api-java (2.3.4-2+deb10u1)
JavaServer Pages API
libjspeex-java (0.9.7-4)
Java Implementation of Speex
libjsr166y-java (1.7.0-2)
Parallel computation framework for Java
libjsr305-java (0.1~+svn49-11)
Java library that provides annotations for software defect detection
libjsr311-api-java (1.1.1-1)
JSR 311, JAX-RS, Java API for RESTful Web Services
libjss-java (4.5.1-1)
Network Security Services for Java
libjssc-java (2.8.0-1)
library for working with serial ports from Java
libjstun-java (0.7.3+dfsg-2)
Java-based STUN implementation
libjswingreader-java (0.3-2)
RSS NewsFeed reader for Java
libjsyntaxpane-java (0.9.6~r156-7)
Java EditorPane with support for Syntax Highlighting
libjt400-java (9.4-1)
Java database (JDBC) driver for IBM DB2
libjtds-java (1.2.5+dfsg-4)
JDBC 3.0 driver for Microsoft SQL Server(tm) and Sybase(tm)
libjtharness-java (6.0-b15-1~deb10u1)
General purpose test harness for Java
libjtidy-java (7+svn20110807-5)
JTidy HTML syntax checker and pretty printer
libjts-java (1.16.0+ds-1)
JTS Topology Suite
libjtype-java (0.1.3-4)
Helper library for the Java 5 Type
libjug-java (3.1.5-1)
Pure java UUID generator
libjung-free-java (2.0.1+dfsg-1)
Java Universal Network/Graph Framework
libjuniversalchardet-java (1.0.3-1)
Encoding detector library (Java port of the Mozilla library)
libjunixsocket-java (2.0.4-1)
Unix Domain Sockets in Java
libjunixsocket-jni (2.0.4-1)
Unix Domain Sockets in Java (JNI library)
libjutils-java (20100502+dfsg-4)
Common utilities for Java Game Technology Group projects
libjvyamlb-java (0.2.5-2)
pure Java YAML loader and dumper
libjws-api-java (1.1-1)
Java EE Web Services Metadata API (JSR 181)
libjxgrabkey-java (0.3.2-10)
X11 hotkey API for java
libjxgrabkey-jni (0.3.2-10)
X11 hotkey API for java (jni backend)
libjxp-java (1.6.1-6)
Java template engine/script processor
libjzlib-java (1.1.3-2)
Java Zlib implementation
libkdgcommons-java (1.0.15-1)
utility library for web programming
libkitchensink-clojure (2.3.0-2)
utility library for Puppet Labs clojure projects
libkml-java (1.3.0-7)
Library to manipulate KML 2.2 OGC standard files - Java package
libkmlframework-java (0.0.git20150825.a2e0518-1)
library/framework for generating Google Earth KML
libknopflerfish-osgi-framework-java (6.1.1-3)
Java framework implementing the OSGi R6 version
libkryo-java (2.20-6)
object graph serialization framework for Java
libkxml2-java (2.3.0+ds1-2)
small XML parser, designed for small environments
liblaf-plugin-java (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Support for third-party components in Java look-and-feel libraries
liblaf-widget-java (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Java widget toolbox for other look-and-feel libraries
liblastfm-java (1:0.1.0-2) API bindings for Java
liblayout-java (0.2.10-3)
Java layouting framework
liblazymap-clojure (3.1.1-1)
transparent wrapper around Clojure's map types
libldap-java (4.20.0+dfsg1-3)
Netscape Directory SDK for Java
libleveldb-api-java (0.7-2)
High level Java API for LevelDB
libleveldb-java (0.7-2)
Port of LevelDB to Java
liblgooddatepicker-java (8.3.0+ds-1)
Java Swing Date Picker library.
liblightcouch-java (0.0.6-1)
LightCouch - CouchDB Java API
liblightvalue-generator-java (0.8.1-1)
Generator of lightweight Java value/model classes
liblightvalue-gradle-plugin-java (0.8.1-1)
Gradle plugin for LightValue generator
liblink-grammar-java (5.5.1-6)
Carnegie Mellon University's link grammar parser (JNI library)
liblivetribe-jsr223-java (2.0.6-2)
Implementation of JSR 223: Scripting for Java
libloader-java (1.1.6.dfsg-4)
Java general purpose resource loading framework
liblocalizer-java (1.13-3)
type-safe access to message resources
liblog4j-extras1.2-java (1.2.17-2)
Extras for Apache log4j
liblog4j1.2-java (1.2.17-8+deb10u2)
Logging library for java
liblog4j2-java (2.17.1-1~deb10u1)
Apache Log4j - Logging Framework for Java
liblogback-java (1:1.2.3-5)
flexible logging library for Java
liblombok-ast-java (0.2+ds-4)
Robust parser + AST for the Java language
liblombok-java (1.16.22-7)
Reduce boilerplate code in Java projects
liblombok-patcher-java (0.30-1)
live-rewrite classes as a JVM runs
liblouisutdml-java (2.7.0-5)
Braille UTDML translation library - java bindings
liblttng-ust-agent-java (2.10.3-1)
LTTng 2.0 Userspace Tracer (Java agent library)
liblttng-ust-agent-java-jni (2.10.3-1)
LTTng 2.0 Userspace Tracer (Java agent JNI interface)
liblttng-ust-java (2.10.3-1)
LTTng 2.0 Userspace Tracer (Java support library)
liblttng-ust-java-jni (2.10.3-1)
LTTng 2.0 Userspace Tracer (JNI interface)
liblucene3-contrib-java (3.6.2+dfsg-20+deb10u2)
Full-text search engine library for Java - additional libraries
liblucene3-java (3.6.2+dfsg-20+deb10u2)
Full-text search engine library for Java - core library
liblucene4.10-java (4.10.4+dfsg-5)
Бібліотека повнотекстової пошукової системи для Java™
liblwjgl-java (2.9.3+dfsg-5)
Lightweight Java Game Library
liblwjgl-java-jni (2.9.3+dfsg-5)
Lightweight Java Game Library (jni)
libmac-widgets-java (0.10.0+svn416-dfsg1-3)
collection of Mac style widgets written in Java
libmail-java (1.6.2-1)
JavaMail API Reference Implementation
libmalai-java (2.0+ds1-2)
Malai software architecture pattern in Java
libmapscript-java (7.2.2-1)
Java library for MapServer
libmapsforge-java (0.10.0+dfsg.1-1)
vector map library and writer
libmariadb-java (2.3.0-1)
Java database driver for MariaDB and MySQL
libmath-combinatorics-clojure (0.1.4-1)
generate lazy sequences for common combinatorial functions in Clojure
libmath-numeric-tower-clojure (0.0.4-1)
math functions for Clojure
libmatthew-debug-java (0.8.1-1)
Debugging library for Java
libmatthew-io-java (0.8.1-1)
Extra IO library for Java
libmaven-antrun-extended-plugin-java (1.43-1)
Extended integration between Maven and Ant
libmaven-antrun-plugin-java (1.8-3)
Maven AntRun Plugin
libmaven-archiver-java (3.2.0-2)
Archiver component for Maven
libmaven-artifact-transfer-java (0.9.1-4)
Apache Maven Artifact Transfer
libmaven-assembly-plugin-java (3.1.0-1)
Maven Assembly Plugin
libmaven-bundle-plugin-java (3.5.1-2)
Maven plugin to handle artifact OSGi metadata
libmaven-clean-plugin-java (3.1.0-1)
Maven clean plugin
libmaven-common-artifact-filters-java (3.0.1-3)
Maven Common Artifact Filters
libmaven-compiler-plugin-java (3.8.0-2)
Maven Compiler plugin
libmaven-dependency-analyzer-java (1.10-1)
Maven Dependency Analyzer
libmaven-dependency-plugin-java (3.1.1-1)
Maven Dependency Plugin
libmaven-dependency-tree-java (3.0.1-1)
Maven Dependency Tree
libmaven-deploy-plugin-java (2.8.2-3)
Maven Deploy plugin
libmaven-doxia-tools-java (1.4-4)
utilities for integrating Doxia in Maven
libmaven-ejb-plugin-java (2.5.1-1)
Maven EJB Plugin
libmaven-enforcer-plugin-java (3.0.0~M2-1)
Maven build rule execution framework
libmaven-exec-plugin-java (1.6.0-4)
Exec Maven Plugin (transitional package)
virtual package provided by libexec-maven-plugin-java
libmaven-file-management-java (3.0.0-1)
Maven File Management API
libmaven-filtering-java (3.1.1-1)
Maven Filtering
libmaven-install-plugin-java (2.5.2-4)
Maven install plugin
libmaven-invoker-java (3.0.0-1)
Maven Invoker
libmaven-invoker-plugin-java (3.0.1-2)
Maven Invoker Plugin
libmaven-jar-plugin-java (3.1.1-1)
Maven Jar Plugin
libmaven-javadoc-plugin-java (3.0.1-3)
Maven Javadoc Plugin
libmaven-jaxb2-plugin-java (0.14.0-1)
Maven JAXB 2.x Plugin Project
libmaven-mapping-java (3.0.0-1)
Apache Maven Mapping
libmaven-parent-java (31-2)
Maven metadata for Apache Maven itself
libmaven-plugin-testing-java (3.3.0-1)
Maven Plugin Testing
libmaven-plugin-tools-java (3.6.0-1)
Maven Plugin Tools
libmaven-processor-plugin-java (3.3.3-1)
Maven plugin to process annotations for Java 6 at compile time
libmaven-reporting-api-java (3.0-1)
Maven Reporting API
libmaven-reporting-exec-java (1.4-2)
Apache Maven Reporting Executor
libmaven-reporting-impl-java (3.0.0-2)
Maven Reporting API Implementation
libmaven-repository-builder-java (1.0-3)
Maven Repository Builder
libmaven-resolver-java (1.3.1-1)
Library to handle Java artifact repositories
libmaven-resolver-transport-http-java (1.3.1-1)
Library to handle Java artifact repositories (HTTP transport)
libmaven-resources-plugin-java (3.1.0-1)
Maven resources plugin
libmaven-scm-java (1.11.1-1)
Maven SCM - Common API for SCM operations (Core API)
libmaven-scm-providers-java (1.11.1-1)
Maven SCM - Common API for SCM operations (Providers)
libmaven-script-interpreter-java (1.2-1)
Maven Script Interpreter
libmaven-shade-plugin-java (3.1.1-1)
Maven shade plugin
libmaven-shared-incremental-java (1.1-3)
Maven incremental build utilities
libmaven-shared-io-java (3.0.0-3)
Maven API for I/O support
libmaven-shared-jar-java (1.2-3)
Maven JAR Utilities
libmaven-shared-utils-java (3.3.0-1+deb10u1) [security]
Replacement for plexus-utils in Maven
libmaven-site-plugin-java (3.6-3)
Maven Site Plugin for generating a site
libmaven-source-plugin-java (3.0.1-2)
Maven Source Plugin
libmaven-verifier-java (1.6-1)
Maven Verifier Component
libmaven-war-plugin-java (3.2.0-1)
Maven WAR Plugin
libmaven3-core-java (3.6.0-1)
Core libraries for Maven 3
libmavibot-java (1.0.0~M8-1)
Apache Mavibot - MVCC BTree Java Implementation
libmbassador-java (1.3.1-1)
feature-rich Java event bus optimized for high-throughput
libmckoisqldb-java (1.0.6-2)
Mckoi SQL Database (MckoiSQLDB)
libmecab-java (0.99.6-3)
mecab binding for Java - java classes
libmecab-jni (0.99.6-3)
mecab binding for Java - native interface
libmedley-clojure (1.0.0-1)
Clojure/ClojureScript utility library
libmetadata-extractor-java (2.11.0-1)
JPEG metadata extraction framework
libmetainf-services-java (1.8-1)
META-INF/services generator
libmetrics-clojure (2.9.0-2)
Clojure wrapper for Coda Hale's metrics library
libmetro-policy-java (2.7.2-3)
WS-Policy implementation in Java
libmicroba-java (1:
set of JFC (Swing) components
libmiglayout-java (5.1-2)
Java Layout Manager
libmilib-java (1.10-2)
library for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data processing
libmime-util-java (2.1.3-3)
MIME types detector library
libmimepull-java (1.9.7-1)
Pull API for parsing MIME messages
libmina-java (1.1.7.dfsg-13)
Java network application framework
libmina2-java (2.0.19-2)
Java network application framework
libminlog-java (1.3.0-1)
minimal Java logging library
libmnemonicsetter-java (0.5-1)
Java library for automatically setting Swing mnemonics
libmockito-java (1.10.19-4)
mocking framework for Java
libmockobjects-java (0.09-6)
Framework for developing and using mock objects
libmodello-java (1.9.1-4)
Data Model toolkit in use by the Maven 2 Project
libmodello-maven-plugin-java (1.9.1-2)
Modello Maven Plugin enables the use of Modello in Maven builds
libmodulator-java (1.0-3)
Java small shim library that wraps Java 9 APIs and exposes them to recent JDKs
libmojo-executor-java (2.3.0-1)
Maven Mojo Executor
libmondrian-java (1:
OLAP server written in Java
libmongodb-java (3.6.3-2)
MongoDB Java Driver
libmorfologik-stemming-java (1.9.0+dfsg-1)
Finite state automaton and stemming engine library
libmp3spi-java (1.9.5-1)
interface to support MP3 (MPEG 1/2/2.5 Layer 1/2/3) audio format
libmpj-java (0.44+dfsg-4)
Java library for parallel applications for multicore processors and clusters
libmqtt-client-java (1.14-1+deb10u1)
Java MQTT Client API
libmsv-java (2009.1+dfsg1-6)
Sun multi-schema XML validator
libmtj-java (0.9.14+dfsg-5)
Java library for developing numerical applications
libmultiverse-core-java (0.7.0-4)
Java library implementing Software Transactional Memory (STM)
libmunge-maven-plugin-java (1.0-2)
Maven plugin to pre-process Java code
libmustache-java (0.8.18-1)
Mustache implementation in Java.
libmvel-java (2.4.0-1)
expression language for Java-based applications - Library
libnaga-java (3.0+svn80-2)
Simplified Java NIO asynchronous sockets
libnanoxml2-java (2.2.3.dfsg-7)
small XML parser for Java
libnative-platform-java (0.14-5)
Java bindings for various native APIs
libnative-platform-jni (0.14-5)
Java bindings for various native APIs - JNI library
libnb-javaparser-java (9+2018-1)
Parser for the Java language which is good for use in tools
libnb-org-openide-modules-java (10.0-2)
Utility classes for modules from the NetBeans Platform
libnb-org-openide-util-java (10.0-2)
Utility classes from the NetBeans Platform
libnb-org-openide-util-lookup-java (10.0-2)
Utility lookup classes from the NetBeans Platform
libnb-platform-devel-java (10.0-2)
Build harness for NetBeans Platform
libnb-platform18-java (10.0-2)
NetBeans Platform for building rich desktop applications in Java
libnekohtml-java (1.9.22-1)
NekoHTML - HTML parser for Java
libnet-luminis-build-plugin-java (0.2.0-3)
Wrapper around Bnd to allow easy bundle creation from ant builds.
libnetbeans-cvsclient-java (6.5-2)
NetBeans CVS Client library
libnetlib-java (0.9.3-6)
collection of mission-critical software components for linear algebra systems
libnetty-java (1:4.1.33-1+deb10u5) [security]
Java NIO client/server socket framework
libnetty-reactive-streams-java (2.0.1-1)
Netty Reactive Streams
libnetty-tcnative-java (2.0.20-1)
Tomcat native fork for Netty
libnetty-tcnative-jni (2.0.20-1)
Tomcat native fork for Netty (JNI library)
libnetx-java (0.5-4)
An open-source JNLP client
libngs-java (2.9.3-1)
Next Generation Sequencing language Bindings (Java bindings)
libnoggit-java (0.7-1)
Fast streaming JSON parser for Java
libnrepl-clojure (0.6.0-2)
Clojure network REPL
liboauth-signpost-java (
simple OAuth message signing for Java
libobantoo-java (2.1.12+ds1-2)
OBanToo is a Java library with banking tools
libobjenesis-java (3.0.1-2)
Java library to instantiate a new object of a particular class
libognl-java (2.7.3-7)
Java expression language
libokhttp-java (3.13.1-1)
HTTP+HTTP/2 client for Android and Java applications
libokio-java (1.16.0-1)
Modern I/O API for Java
libolap4j-java (1.2.0-2)
unified Java API to access an OLAP server
libonemind-commons-invoke-java (1.1.0+cvs20090227-4)
Java invocation framework library
libonemind-commons-java-java (1.5.5-6)
common java library used to support other developments
libopencsv-java (2.3-1)
opencsv - Library for reading and writing CSV in Java
libopencv3.2-java (3.2.0+dfsg-6)
Java bindings for the computer vision library
libopenhft-affinity-java (2.2-2)
OpenHFT Java Thread Affinity library
libopenhft-chronicle-core-java (2.17.5-v1.1.8-2)
OpenHFT core library
libopenhft-chronicle-threads-java (1.1.6-2)
OpenHFT thread pool library
libopenhft-compiler-java (2.2.4-2)
Java Runtime Compiler library
libopenhft-lang-java (6.7.6-2)
High Performance Java library for High Frequency Trading
libopenid4java-java (1.0.0-1)
This library allows you to OpenID-enable your Java webapp
libopenjfx-java (11.0.2+1-1)
JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java (Java libraries)
libopenjfx-jni (11.0.2+1-1)
JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java (native libraries)
libopenjpa-java (2.4.2-6)
Java Persistence 2.0 API (JPA) implementation library
libopenni-java (
Java framework for sensor-based 'Natural Interaction'
libopsin-java (2.3.1-1)
Chemical name to structure converter
liboptions-java (0.0.20120113-3)
command line option parsing library for Java
liboro-java (2.0.8a-13)
Regular expression library for Java
liboscache-java (2.4.1+ds1-7)
caching solution for java server pages (JSP)
libosgi-annotation-java (6.0.0-2)
Java OSGi API - annotation module
libosgi-compendium-java (6.0.0-1)
Java OSGi API - Compendium module
libosgi-core-java (6.0.0-1)
Java OSGi API - Core module
libosgi-foundation-ee-java (4.2.0-4)
Java OSGi API - Foundation Execution Environment
libosmpbf-java (1.3.3-11+deb10u1)
Java access library for OpenStreetMap PBF file format
libowasp-antisamy-java (1.5.3+dfsg-1)
OWASP AntiSamy
libowasp-esapi-java (2.1.0-3)
Enterprise Security API (ESAPI)
libowasp-java-html-sanitizer-java (0.1+r88-2)
OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer
libpal-java (1.5.1+dfsg-5)
Phylogenetic Analysis Library
libpantomime-clojure (2.1.0+dfsg-1)
Clojure library dealing with MIME types
libpaperclips-java (1.0.4-2)
Simplified Java Printing Support for SWT
libparanamer-java (2.8-4)
Java library to access method parameter names at runtime
libparanamer-maven-plugin-java (2.8-4)
Paranamer Maven Plugin
libparboiled-java (1.1.7-2)
Parser library based on Parsing Expression Grammars (PEGs)
libparsington-java (1.0.1-1)
mathematical expression parser for Java
libparsley-clojure (0.9.3-2)
DSL for creating total and truly incremental parsers in Clojure
libpdfbox-java (1:1.8.16-2)
PDF library for Java
libpdfbox2-java (2.0.13-2)
PDF library for Java
libpdfrenderer-java (0.9.0-1)
Java PDF renderer and viewer
libpegdown-java (1.6.0-1)
Lightweight Markdown processing library
libpentaho-reporting-flow-engine-java (0.9.4-5)
report library for java
libphonenumber7-java (7.1.0-5)
parsing/formatting/validating phone numbers - java
libpicard-java (2.18.25+dfsg-2)
Java library to manipulate SAM and BAM files
libpiccolo-java (1.2-1.1)
toolkit for development of 2D structured graphics
libpicocli-java (3.9.2-1)
Tiny command line interpreter library for Java applications
libpicocontainer-java (2.15+repack-1)
Java library implementing the Dependency Injection pattern
libpixelmed-codec-java (20170512-2)
some imaging codecs for pixelmed DICOM image and ECG viewer
libpixelmed-java (20150917+git20151209.36f3174+dfsg-1)
DICOM implementation containing Image Viewer and a ECG Viewer
libpixels-java (2.1.3+svn.42-2)
manipulation and filtering of images in Java
libpixie-java (1:1.1.6-3)
Java Vector Format Viewer Library
libplexus-ant-factory-java (1.0~alpha2.1-4)
Plexus Ant Factory
libplexus-archiver-java (3.6.0-2)
Archiver plugin for the Plexus compiler system
libplexus-bsh-factory-java (1.0~alpha7-4)
Plexus Beanshell Factory
libplexus-build-api-java (0.0.7-3)
Incremental build API for Plexus components
libplexus-cipher-java (1.7-3)
Plexus Cipher Component used by Maven
libplexus-classworlds-java (2.6.0-1)
Class loading utilities for the Plexus framework
libplexus-classworlds2-java (2.6.0-1)
Class loading utilities for the Plexus framework (transitional package)
libplexus-cli-java (1.2-7)
Easily create CLIs with Plexus components
libplexus-compiler-java (2.8.5-1)
Plexus compiler system
libplexus-component-annotations-java (1.7.1-7)
Plexus Component Annotations
libplexus-component-metadata-java (1.7.1-7)
Component Metadata Maven plugin for Plexus
libplexus-container-default-java (1.7.1-7)
Plexus Inversion-of-control Container
libplexus-container-default1.5-java (1.7.1-7)
Plexus Inversion-of-control Container (transitional package)
libplexus-digest-java (1.1-6)
Digest utilities for the Plexus system
libplexus-i18n-java (1.0-beta-10-5)
a component to support internationalization of applications using Plexus
libplexus-interactivity-api-java (1.0-alpha-6-8)
interactivity API for the Plexus framework
libplexus-interpolation-java (1.25-1)
Plexus Interpolation API
libplexus-io-java (3.1.1-1)
Plexus IO Components
libplexus-languages-java (0.9.10-1)
Plexus shared language features
libplexus-resources-java (1.1.0-2)
Plexus Resource Component
libplexus-sec-dispatcher-java (1.4-4)
Plexus Security Dispatcher Component used by Maven
libplexus-utils2-java (3.1.1-1)
utilities for the Plexus framework
libplexus-velocity-java (1.2-3)
Plexus component interface to velocity
libplplot-java (5.14.0+dfsg-3)
Scientific plotting library (Java bindings)
libpng-sixlegs-java (2.0-3)
Sixlegs Java PNG Decoder
libpolyglot-maven-java (0.8~tobrien+git20120905-9)
modules to enable Maven usage in others JVM languages
libpomegranate-clojure (1.1.0+really-2)
dependency resolution and repository handling library for Clojure
libportlet-api-2.0-spec-java (1.0-2.1)
Java Portlet Specification V2.0
libpostgis-java (1:2.3.0-1)
Geographic objects support for PostgreSQL -- JDBC support
libpostgresql-jdbc-java (42.2.5-2+deb10u4) [security]
Java database (JDBC) driver for PostgreSQL
libpotemkin-clojure (0.4.3-2)
collection of facades and workarounds for Clojure
libpracticalxml-java (1.1.19-1)
practical XML handling routines
libprismatic-plumbing-clojure (0.5.4-1)
Clojure utility belt library
libprismatic-schema-clojure (1.1.6-1)
Clojure(Script) library for declarative data description and validation
libprocessing-core-java (1.2.1-2)
Java animation and interaction library
libprocyon-java (0.5.32-5)
Procyon Framework
libproguard-java (6.0.3-1)
Java class file shrinker, optimizer, and obfuscator (Library)
libproj-java (5.2.0-1)
Cartographic projection library (JNI bindings)
libproperties-maven-plugin-java (1.0.0-2)
Maven Plugin to read and write property files from
libprotobuf-java ( [security]
Java bindings for protocol buffers
libprotobuf-java-format-java (1.3-1)
Library to serialize protobuf messages to XML, JSON and HTML
libproxool-java (0.9.1-10)
Java JDBC connection pool
libpsych-java (3.1.0-1)
ruby-psych Java extension
libpulse-java (2.4.7-2)
PulseAudio sound driver for Java
libpulse-jni (2.4.7-2)
PulseAudio sound driver for Java (JNI libraries)
libpuppetlabs-http-client-clojure (0.9.0-1)
Clojure wrapper around libhttpasyncclient-java
libpuppetlabs-i18n-clojure (0.8.0-1)
Clojure i18n library
libpuppetlabs-ring-middleware-clojure (1.0.0-2)
common Ring middleware for Puppet projects
libqdbm-java (1.8.78-9+b1)
QDBM Database Libraries for Java
libqdox-java (1.12.1-3)
Quickly parses declarations and Javadoc from Java source
libqdox2-java (2.0~M10-1)
quickly parses declarations and Javadoc from Java source
libqdwizard-java (5.0.1-1)
simple Java Wizard API
libquartz-java (1:1.8.6-6)
open source job scheduling system
libquartz2-java (2.3.0-2)
open source job scheduling system
libquoin-clojure (0.1.2-3)
Clojure utilities for writing template engines
librabbitmq-client-java (5.0.0-1)
RabbitMQ Java client
libraynes-fs-clojure (1.4.6-1)
filesystem utility library for Clojure
librdp-taxonomy-tree-java (1.2.0-3)
taxonomy tree library from Ribosomal Database Project (RDP)
libreactive-streams-java (1.0.2-1)
Standard for asynchronous stream processing with non-blocking backpressure
libreadline-java (
GNU readline and BSD editline wrappers for Java
libredberry-pipe-java (1.0.0~alpha0-2)
implementation of concurrent pipelines
libreflectasm-java (1.05-4)
library that provides reflection by using code generation
libregex-clojure (1.1.0-3)
Composable regexes for Clojure
libregexp-java (1.5-4)
Regular expression library for Java
librelaxng-datatype-java (1.0+ds1-3)
Java datatype interface for RELAX NG
librelaxngcc-java (1.12-1)
RELAX NG Compiler Compiler
libreoffice-officebean (1:6.1.5-3+deb10u12) [security]
Набір офісних програм — Java bean
libreoffice-script-provider-bsh (1:6.1.5-3+deb10u12) [security]
BeanShell script support provider for LibreOffice scripting framework
libreplacer-java (1.5.3-2)
Maven plugin to replace tokens in a given file with a value
librepository-java (1.1.6-3)
abstraction library for accessing hierachic bulk content
libresteasy3.0-java (3.0.26-1)
RESTEasy 3.0 -- Framework for RESTful Web services and Java applications
librhino-java (
Бібліотеки для рушія Java Script „Rhino“
libriddley-clojure (0.1.14-1)
code walking library for Clojure
libring-anti-forgery-clojure (1.1.0-1)
Ring middleware to prevent CSRF attacks
libring-codec-clojure (1.0.1-1)
Clojure library for encoding and decoding data
libring-core-clojure (1.6.2-2)
Clojure web applications library
libring-defaults-clojure (0.3.1-1)
Ring middleware that provides sensible defaults
libring-headers-clojure (0.3.0-1)
Ring middleware for common response headers
libring-jetty-adapter-clojure (1.6.2-2)
Clojure web applications library - Jetty adapter
libring-mock-clojure (0.3.1-1)
library for creating mock Ring request maps
libring-servlet-clojure (1.6.2-2)
Clojure web applications library - servlet utilities
libring-ssl-clojure (0.3.0-1)
Ring middleware for managing HTTPS requests
librngom-java (
Java library for parsing RELAX NG grammars
librobert-hooke-clojure (1.3.0-4)
Function wrapper library for Clojure
librobust-http-client-java (1.2-4)
robust HTTP client library for Java
librome-java (1.12.0-1)
Java library to handle Atom and RSS feeds
librsyntaxtextarea-java (2.5.8-1)
Java library for syntax highlighting text component
librxtx-java (2.2pre2+dfsg1-2)
Full Java CommAPI implementation
libsaaj-java (1.4.0-3)
SOAP with Attachment API for Java
libsaaj-ri-java (1.4.1-1)
SOAP with Attachments API for Java - Reference Implementation
libsac-java (1.3+dfsg-5)
Simple API for CSS Java library
libsambox-java (1.1.46-1)
SAMBox PDF processor
libsaxon-java (1:6.5.5-12)
Saxon XSLT Processor
libsaxonb-java (
Saxon-B XSLT Processor
libsaxonhe-java (
Saxon-HE is the XSLT and XQuery Processor
libsbml5-java (5.17.2+dfsg-3)
System Biology Markup Language library - Java bindings
libsbt-launcher-interface-java (1.0.1-1)
Sbt launcher module
libsbt-serialization-java (0.1.2+repack-1)
Serialization facility for sbt
libsbt-template-resolver-java (0.1+repack-1)
Sbt template resolver
libsbt-test-interface-java (1.0+repack-1)
Sbt test interface
libscala-pickling-java (0.10.1+repack-2)
Fast, customizable, boilerplate-free pickling support for Scala
libscala-tools-sbinary-java (0.4.2-1)
Scala library for describing binary protocols
libscannotation-java (1.0.2+svn20110812-3)
Java annotation scanner
libscopt-java (3.5.0+repack-1)
Simple scala command line options parsing
libscout-clojure (0.1.1-5)
Clojure library to parse strings
libscram-java (1.0.0~beta.2-3)
Salted Challenge Response Authentication Mechanism
libsdes4j-java (1.1.4-1)
SDES (RFC4568) implementation for Java
libsdo-api-java (1.1.1-1)
Service Data Objects 2.1 Java API spec
libsdp-api-java (1.0-1)
SDP API for Java
libsejda-eventstudio-java (1.0.6-2)
pure Java event bus implementation
libsejda-injector-java (1.0.2-1)
lightweight dependency injection engine
libsejda-io-java (1.1.4-1)
layer of Input/Output classes built on top of Java IO and NIO
libsejda-java (3.2.66-1)
extendible PDF manipulation layer library written in Java
libsemver-java (0.9.0-3)
Java implementation of the SemVer Specification
libsequence-library-java (1.0.3-1)
Textual Diff and Merge Library
libserializer-java (1.1.6-5)
general serializaton framework
libserp-java (1.15.1-1)
Java Virtual Machine bytecode manipulation framework
libservice-wrapper-java (3.5.30-1)
Jar daemon wrapper java libraries
libservice-wrapper-jni (3.5.30-1)
Jar daemon wrapper JNI libraries
libservlet-api-java (4.0.1-2)
Java Servlet API
libservlet3.1-java (1:4.0.1-2)
Java Servlet API 3.1 (transitional package)
virtual package provided by libservlet3.1-java
libsezpoz-java (1.12-1)
Lightweight library for modular service lookups
libshimdandy-java (1.2.0-3)
Shim wrapping multiple Clojure runtimes into the same JVM
libshiro-java (1.3.2-4+deb10u1)
Apache Shiro - Java Security Framework
libsimple-http-java (4.1.21-1)
high-performance, embeddable Java HTTP engine
libsimple-validation-java (0.9-2)
library for quickly adding validation code to Swing user-interfaces
libsip-api-java (1.2-1)
SIP API for Java
libsis-base-java (18.09~pre1+git20180827.fe4953e+dfsg-1)
Base libraries used by software from the SIS division at ETH Zurich
libsis-base-jni (18.09~pre1+git20180827.fe4953e+dfsg-1)
Base libraries used by ETH-SIS (JNI components)
libsisu-guice-java (4.2.0-1)
Patched build of Google Guice for Sisu-IoC
libsisu-inject-java (0.3.3-1)
Dependency Injection container for Java
libsisu-ioc-java (2.3.0-11)
JSR 330 container and OSGi/Plexus adapter
libsisu-maven-plugin-java (1.4-1)
Manage Sisu components and applications
libsisu-plexus-java (0.3.3-3)
Plexus adapter for the Sisu dependency injection container
libsitemesh-java (2.4.1+dfsg-7)
web-page layout and decoration framework
libsjacket-clojure (0.1.1-2)
Clojure code transformation library
libskinlf-java (6.7-10)
Skin Look and Feel - Skinning Engine for the Swing toolkit
libslf4j-java (1.7.25-3)
Simple Logging Facade for Java
libslice-java (0.10-2)
Java library for efficiently working with heap and off-heap memory
libslingshot-clojure (0.12.2-2)
Enhanced throw and catch library for Clojure
libsmali-java (2.2.6-1)
assembler/disassembler for Android's dex format
libsnappy-java (
Snappy for Java, a fast compressor/decompresser
libsnappy-jni (
Snappy for Java, a fast compressor/decompresser (JNI library)
libsolr-java (3.6.2+dfsg-20+deb10u2)
Enterprise search server based on Lucene - Java libraries
libsonic-java (0.2.0-7)
Simple library to speed up or slow down speech - Java bindings
libspatial4j-0.4-java (0.4.1-5)
spatial/geospatial Java library
libspatial4j-java (0.5-2)
spatial/geospatial Java library
libspec-alpha-clojure (0.2.176-3)
library to describe the structure of data and functions
libspecter-clojure (1.0.2-2)
data structure transformation library for Clojure
libspi-java (0.2.4-2)
Simplifies usage of Java Service Provider Interface
libspin-java (1.5+dfsg-8)
transparent threading solution for non-freezing Swing applications
libspock-java (0.7-groovy-2.0-4)
testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy application
libspring-aop-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - AOP
libspring-beans-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Beans
libspring-context-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Context
libspring-context-support-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Context Support
libspring-core-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Core
libspring-expression-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Expression language
libspring-instrument-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Instrumentation
libspring-jdbc-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - JDBC tools
libspring-jms-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - JMS tools
libspring-messaging-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Messaging tools
libspring-orm-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - ORM tools
libspring-oxm-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Object/XML Mapping
libspring-test-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Test helpers
libspring-transaction-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - transaction
libspring-web-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Web
libspring-web-portlet-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Portlet MVC
libspring-web-servlet-java (4.3.22-4)
modular Java/J2EE application framework - Web Portlet
libspullara-cli-parser-java (1.1.3~git20170531-1)
command line parsing for Java
libsqljet-java (1.1.10-1)
Pure Java implementation of SQLite database management system
libssl-utils-clojure (0.8.3-2)
library for SSL certificate management on the JVM
libssw-java (1.1-2)
Java bindings for libssw
libstax-ex-java (1.7.8-3)
Extended StAX API
libstax-java (1.2.0-4)
StAX Reference Implementation (RI)
libstax2-api-java (4.1-1)
Extension to StAX API for parsing XML documents
libstencil-clojure (0.5.0-2)
Fast, compliant implementation of Mustache in Clojure
libstockpile-clojure (0.0.4-1)
Simple, durable Java queuing library
libstreambuffer-java (1.5.4-1)
XML Stream Buffer
libstring-template-maven-plugin-java (1.1-1)
StringTemplate Maven Plugin
libstringtemplate-java (3.2.1-2)
StringTemplate templating engine for Java
libstringtemplate4-java (4.0.8-2)
StringTemplate templating engine for Java
libstylebook-java (1.0~b3~svn20061109-7)
XML application for authoring web site content
libsunflow-java (0.07.2.svn396+dfsg-17)
Система візуалізації для синтезу фото-реалістичних зображень
libsuper-csv-java (2.4.0-2)
Super CSV library for Java
libsurefire-java (2.22.1-1)
Surefire test framework for Java
libsvgsalamander-java (1.1.1+dfsg-3)
Рушій SVG для Java
libsvm-java (3.21+ds-1.2)
Java API to support vector machine library (libsvm.jar)
libsvm3-java (3.21+ds-1.2)
Java API to support vector machine library (libsvm3.jar)
libsvn-java (1.10.4-1+deb10u3)
Java bindings for Apache Subversion
libsvnclientadapter-java (1.10.12-1)
High-level Java API for Subversion (library)
libsvnkit-java (1.8.14-3)
pure Java Subversion client library
libswarmcache-java (1.0RC2+cvs20071027-7)
SwarmCache - Distributed caching mechanism for Java
libswing-layout-java (1.0.4-4)
Extensions to Swing layout
libswingx-java (1:1.6.2-4)
extensions to the Swing GUI toolkit
libswt-gtk-4-java (4.10.0-3)
Standard Widget Toolkit for GTK+ Java library
libswtcalendar-java (0.5-2)
GUI date picker for Java using SWT
libswtchart-java (0.10.0-3)
Chart drawing SWT component
libtablelayout-java (20090826-4)
Java layout manager for creating user interfaces fast and easy
libtaglibs-standard-impl-java (1.2.5-2)
Apache JSP Standard Taglib Implementation
libtaglibs-standard-jstlel-java (1.2.5-2)
Apache JSP Standard Taglib 1.0 EL Support
libtaglibs-standard-spec-java (1.2.5-2)
Apache JSP Standard Taglib Specification API
libtagsoup-java (1.2.1+-1)
SAX-compliant parser for real-life HTML
libtestng7-java (7.5-2~deb10u1) [security]
testing framework for Java
libtexhyphj-java (1.2+dfsg-1)
Support for TeX hyphenation patterns in Java
libtigris-clojure (0.1.1-2)
stream-based JSON escaping for Clojure
libtika-java (1.20-1)
Apache Tika - content analysis toolkit
libtiles-autotag-java (1.2-2)
Automatic tag generation for Apache Tiles
libtiles-java (3.0.7-4)
Java templating framework for web application user interfaces
libtiles-request-java (1.0.7-1)
Tiles Request Framework
libtimingframework-java (1.0-2)
A Java framework for timing and animations
libtomcat9-embed-java (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- embed libraries
libtomcat9-java (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- core libraries
libtomcatjss-java (7.3.6-2)
JSSE implementation using JSS for Tomcat
libtools-analyzer-clojure (0.6.9-1)
analyzer for host agnostic Clojure code
libtools-analyzer-jvm-clojure (0.7.1-3)
analyzer for Clojure code providing additional jvm-specific passes
libtools-cli-clojure (0.3.5-2)
command line argument parser for Clojure
libtools-logging-clojure (0.2.3-6)
Logging macros for Clojure
libtools-macro-clojure (0.1.5-2)
Clojure tools for writing macros
libtools-namespace-clojure (0.2.11-1)
tools for managing namespaces in Clojure
libtools-nrepl-clojure (0.2.13-2)
Clojure network REPL
libtools-reader-clojure (1.0.0-1)
complete Clojure and EDN-only reader
libtools-trace-clojure (0.7.9-1)
Clojure tracing facility in Clojure
libtrang-java (20151127+dfsg-3)
XML schema converter - Java library
libtrapperkeeper-clojure (1.5.2-2)
framework for configuring, composing and running Clojure services
libtrapperkeeper-metrics-clojure (0.4.2-1)
Trapperkeeper Metrics Service
libtrapperkeeper-scheduler-clojure (0.1.0-1)
Trapperkeeper service for scheduling background tasks
libtrapperkeeper-status-clojure (0.7.1-2)
status monitoring for trapperkeeper services
libtrapperkeeper-webserver-jetty9-clojure (1.7.0-2+deb10u2) [security]
trapperkeeper webserver service
libtreelayout-java (1.0.3-1)
Efficient and customizable TreeLayout Algorithm in Java
libtrident-java (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Animation library for Java applications
libtrilead-putty-extension-java (1.2-1)
PuTTY key support for Trilead SSH2 library
libtrilead-ssh2-java (6401+svn158-1)
Java SSH library
libtritonus-java (20070428-14)
implementation of the Java Sound API
libtritonus-jni (20070428-14)
implementation of the Java Sound API (jni shared libraries)
libtrove-java (2.1.0-3)
high performance collections for java
libtrove3-java (3.0.3-5)
high performance collections for java
libtruffle-dsl-processor-java (0.6-2)
Java library that helps writing Truffle nodes in a efficient way
libtruffle-java (0.6-2)
multi-language framework for executing dynamic languages
libtruth-java (0.39-1)
assertion/proposition framework for Java unit tests
libtwelvemonkeys-java (3.4.1-1)
collection of plugins and extensions for Java's ImageIO
libtxw2-java (
Typed XML Writer for Java
libtycho-java (1.0.0-2)
build Eclipse plugins with Maven
libtypesafe-config-clojure (0.1.5-1)
Java wrapper around libtypesafe-config-java
libtypesafe-config-java (1.3.1-2)
configuration library for JVM languages
libuima-adapter-soap-java (2.10.2-3)
Library to provide SOAP web services within UIMA
libuima-adapter-vinci-java (2.10.2-3)
Library to provide Vinci web services within UIMA
libuima-addons-java (2.3.1-8)
Apache UIMA Addons
libuima-as-java (2.3.1-9)
Apache UIMA Asynch Scaleout framework
libuima-core-java (2.10.2-3)
Core library for the UIMA framework
libuima-cpe-java (2.10.2-3)
Library for the UIMA Collection Processing Engine
libuima-document-annotation-java (2.10.2-3)
Library for the UIMA document annotation
libuima-tools-java (2.10.2-3)
UIMA library for the UIMA tools
libuima-vinci-java (2.10.2-3)
Library to handle Vinci web service protocol
libunbescape-java (1.1.5-1)
advanced yet easy-to-use escape/unescape library for Java
libuncommons-maths-java (1.2.3-2)
Maths library for Java
libuncommons-watchmaker-framework-java (0.7.1-1)
Framework for Evolutionary Computation
libuncommons-watchmaker-swing-java (0.7.1-1)
Framework for Evolutionary Computation - Swing library
libunirest-java-java (1.4.8-2)
Simplified, lightweight HTTP client library
libunixsocket-java (0.8.1-1)
Unix socket API and bindings for Java
libunsafe-fences-java (1.0-1)
wrapper library around the Java 8 fences API
libunsafe-mock-java (8.0-3)
Java library providing backported sun.misc.Unsafe class from JDK 8
libupnp-java (1.0.4+triplea-1)
Java library for Universal Plug aNd Play (upnp)
libuser-agent-utils-java (1.21-1)
Utilities for processing user-agent strings
libvamsas-client-java (0.2~git2011.10.17+1b42648-1)
library for phylogenetic tasks
libvecmath-java (1.5.2-7)
javax.vecmath vector math package
libvelocity-tools-java (2.0-7)
collection of useful tools for Velocity template engine
libversioneer-clojure (0.1.1-3)
version introspection for Leiningen-generated projects
libvisualvm-jni (1.4.2-2)
All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool (JNI libraries)
libvldocking-java (3.0.5-2)
Java components for building applications with Docking capabilities
libvoms-api-java-java (3.3.0-2)
Virtual Organization Membership Service Java API
libvorbis-java (0.8-3)
Ogg and Vorbis toolkit for Java
libvorbisspi-java (1.0.3-3)
Java Service Provider Interface for the OGG Vorbis audio format
libvt-ldap-java (3.3.8-1)
Virginia Tech LDAP Libraries
libvtk6-java (6.3.0+dfsg2-2+b5)
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - java
libvtk6-jni (6.3.0+dfsg2-2+b5)
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - java
libvtk7-java (7.1.1+dfsg1-12+b1)
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - java
libvtk7-jni (7.1.1+dfsg1-12+b1)
Visualization Toolkit - A high level 3D visualization library - java
libvtkgdcm-java (2.8.8-9)
Grassroots DICOM VTK Java bindings
libwagon-file-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (file provider)
libwagon-ftp-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (FTP provider)
libwagon-http-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (HTTP providers)
libwagon-http-shaded-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (HTTP providers with dependencies)
libwagon-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (transitional package)
libwagon-provider-api-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (Provider API)
libwagon-ssh-java (3.3.1-2)
Artifact transport abstraction used in Maven (SSH providers)
libwala-java (1.5.1-1)
Static analysis on Java bytecode and related languages
libwebjars-locator-core-java (0.30-1)
WebJars Locator Core
libwebjars-locator-java (0.32-1)
WebJars Locator
libwebsocket-api-java (1.1-1+deb10u1)
Java WebSocket API
libwerken.xpath-java (0.9.4-15)
JDOM XPath Engine
libweupnp-java (0.1.4-1)
Tiny UPnP library written in Java
libwildfly-client-config-java (1.0.1-1)
Wildfly Client Configuration Library
libwildfly-common-java (1.4.0-2)
Wildfly common utilities project
libwiredtiger-java (3.1.0+ds-1)
Java language support for WiredTiger
libwoodstox-java (1:5.1.0-2)
High-performance XML processor
libwriter2latex-java (1.4-8) Writer/Calc to LaTeX/XHTML converter -- library
libws-commons-util-java (1.0.1-10)
Common utilities from the Apache Web Services Project
libwsdl4j-java (1.6.3-4)
Webservice description language for Java
libwss4j-java (1.6.19-2)
Apache WSS4J WS-Security implementation
libxalan2-java (2.7.2-2)
Процесор XSL-перетворень (XSLT) написаний на Java
libxapian-java (1.4.11-2)
Xapian search engine interface for Java
libxapian-jni (1.4.11-2)
Xapian search engine interface for Java (JNI library)
libxbean-java (4.5-8)
plugin based Java application server
libxbean-reflect-java (4.5-8)
plugin based Java application server (xbean-reflect)
libxerces2-java (2.12.0-1)
Аналізатор — валідатор XML для Java з підтримкою DOM level 3
libxml-commons-external-java (1.4.01-3)
XML Commons external code - DOM, SAX, and JAXP, etc
libxml-commons-resolver1.1-java (1.2-9)
XML entity and URI resolver library
libxml-java (1.1.6.dfsg-3)
namespace aware SAX-Parser utility library
libxml-maven-plugin-java (1.0.1-4)
Maven XML Plugin
libxml-security-java (2.0.10-2+deb10u1)
Apache Santuario -- XML Security for Java
libxmlbeans-java (3.0.2-1)
Java library for accessing XML by binding it to Java types
libxmlbeans-maven-plugin-java (2.3.3-4)
Maven XMLBeans Plugin
libxmlenc-java (0.52+dfsg-5)
Fast stream-based XML output library for java
libxmlgraphics-commons-java (2.3-1+deb10u1)
Reusable components used by Batik and FOP
libxmlrpc3-client-java (3.1.3-9+deb10u1)
XML-RPC implementation in Java (client side)
libxmlrpc3-common-java (3.1.3-9+deb10u1)
XML-RPC implementation in Java
libxmlrpc3-server-java (3.1.3-9+deb10u1)
XML-RPC implementation in Java (server side)
libxmlunit-java (1.6-1)
Unit testing for XML documents
libxmpcore-java (5.1.3-1)
Adobe XMP Toolkit for Java
libxom-java (1.2.10-1)
New XML object model for Java
libxpp2-java (2.1.10-8)
XML pull parser library for java V2
libxpp3-java (1.1.4c-3)
XML pull parser library for java
libxsltc-java (2.7.2-2)
XSL Transformations (XSLT) compiler from Xalan-Java
libxslthl-java (2.1.3-5)
XSLT syntax highlighting
libxsom-java (
XML Schema Object Model Java library
libxstream-java ( [security]
Java library to serialize objects to XML and back again
libxz-java (1.8-2)
Java library with a complete implementation of XZ data compression
libyaml-snake-java (1.23-1+deb10u1) [security]
YAML parser and emitter for the Java programming language
libyanfs-java (0.0+cvs20070825-4)
Yet Another NFS - a Java NFS library
libyecht-java (1.1-3)
Syck port, a YAML 1.0 processor for Ruby
libz3-java (4.4.1-1~deb10u1)
theorem prover from Microsoft Research - java bindings
libz3-jni (4.4.1-1~deb10u1)
theorem prover from Microsoft Research - JNI library
libzemberek-java (2.1.1-8.2)
Spell checker library for Turkic languages
libzemberek-tk-java (2.1.1-8.2)
Turkmen spellchecker
libzemberek-tr-java (2.1.1-8.2)
Turkish spellchecker
libzeroc-ice3.7-java (3.7.2-4)
Ice for Java run-time libraries.
libzeus-jscl-java (1.72-2)
Zeus Java Swing Components Library
libzmq-java (3.1.0-14)
ZeroMQ Java bindings (jzmq)
libzmq-jni (3.1.0-14)
ZeroMQ Java bindings (jzmq)
libzookeeper-java (3.4.13-2+deb10u1) [security]
Core Java libraries for zookeeper
maven (3.6.0-1)
Інструментарій управління та охоплення програмних проектів Java
maven-ant-helper (8.5)
helper scripts for building Maven components with ant
maven-cache-cleanup (1.0.4-1)
Utility to purge timestamped snapshots from Maven repositories
maven-debian-helper (2.3.2)
Helper tools for building Debian packages with Maven
maven-repo-helper (1.9.3)
Helper tools for including Maven metadata in Debian packages
nailgun (0.9.3-3)
Клієнт, протокол й сервер для запуску Java-програм з командного рядка
nvidia-openjdk-8-jre (9.+8u77~9.2.148-7+deb10u1) [non-free]
NVIDIA provided OpenJDK Java runtime, using Hotspot JIT
openjdk-11-demo (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
Виконавче середовище Java на основі OpenJDK (демонстрації та приклади)
openjdk-11-jdk (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
Набір розробки OpenJDK (JDK)
openjdk-11-jdk-headless (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
Набір для розробки OpenJDK (JDK) (без графічного інтерфейсу)
openjdk-11-jre (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
Середовище виконання Java OpenJDK, що використовує Hotspot Zero
openjdk-11-jre-dcevm (11.0.12+7-1~deb10u1)
Alternative VM for OpenJDK 11 with enhanced class redefinition
openjdk-11-jre-headless (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
Середовище виконання Java OpenJDK, що використовує Hotspot Zero (без графічного інтерфейсу)
openjdk-11-jre-zero (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1 [amd64, arm64, i386], 11.0.4+11-1~deb10u1 [armhf]) [security]
Alternative JVM for OpenJDK, using Zero
openjdk-11-source (11.0.23+9-1~deb10u1) [security]
OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK) source files
openjfx (11.0.2+1-1)
JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java
openjfx-source (11.0.2+1-1)
JavaFX/OpenJFX - Rich client application platform for Java (sources)
plm (2.6+repack-3)
Programming exerciser in Java, Python, Scala and others
procyon-decompiler (0.5.32-5)
Procyon Java Decompiler
rdp-alignment (1.2.0-5)
Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) alignment tools package
rdp-readseq (2.0.2-6)
Ribosomal Database Project (RDP) sequence reading and writing
remotetea (1.0.7-3)
Sun ONC/RPC support for Java
sablecc (3.7-1)
Object-oriented fully featured parser generator
sbt-ivy (2.4.0~rc1+dfsg-2)
agile dependency manager
scala-asm (5.2.0-scala-2-1)
Fork of ASM for the Scala Compiler
service-wrapper (3.5.30-1)
Jar daemon wrapper
skyview (3.4.2+repack-2)
Image generation from a range of remote databases
skyview-java (3.4.2+repack-2)
Image generation from a range of remote databases (Java package)
solr-jetty (3.6.2+dfsg-20+deb10u2)
Enterprise search server based on Lucene3 - Jetty integration
solr-tomcat (3.6.2+dfsg-20+deb10u2)
Enterprise search server based on Lucene3 - Tomcat integration
starlink-array-java (0.2+2016.05.03-1)
N-dimensional array manipulation and I/O in Java
starlink-cdf-java (1.0+2018.11.28+dfsg-1)
CDF table support for Starjava
starlink-connect-java (0.1+2016.05.03-2)
Abstract classes for persistent connections to remote services
starlink-datanode-java (1.0+2017.07.31-2)
Classes for hierarchical browsing of data structures
starlink-dpac-java (1.0+2018.03.22-1)
Java classes to process GAIA data
starlink-fits-java (0.1+2017.11.10-1)
Classes for general FITS handling
starlink-pal-java (1.0.1+2016.08.11-1)
Starlink Positional Astronomy Library (Java version)
starlink-registry-java (1.2+2016.05.03-1)
Starlink IVOA registry access
starlink-table-java (3.3.2-1)
Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library
starlink-task-java (0.2+2018.07.16-2)
Java framework for invoking user-level tasks
starlink-topcat-java (4.6.2-1)
Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables (Java library)
starlink-ttools-java (3.1.5-1)
Starlink Tables Infrastructure Library Tool Set (Java library)
starlink-util-java (1.0+2019.01.04-1)
Miscellaneous utilities for the Starjava classes
starlink-vo-java (0.2+2018.10.25-3)
Virtual Observatory access classes
starlink-votable-java (2.0+2018.10.31-2)
Classes for VOTable input and output
substance (7.3+dfsg3-4)
cross-platform look & feel for Swing applications
substance-flamingo (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Substance Flamingo plugin
substance-swingx (7.3+dfsg3-4)
Swingx componennts for substance L&F
sweethome3d (6.1.2+dfsg-2)
Застосунок 2D-дизайну інтер’єру з 3D-переглядом
sweethome3d-furniture-editor (1.24-2)
Sweet Home 3D Furniture Library Editor
sweethome3d-textures-editor (1.6-2)
Sweet Home 3D Textures Library Editor
tcode (0.1.20080918-3)
create a Java file from an associated LaTex file
testng (6.9.12-4)
testing framework for Java
tomcat9 (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine
tomcat9-admin (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- admin web applications
tomcat9-common (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- common files
tomcat9-examples (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- example web applications
tomcat9-user (9.0.31-1~deb10u12) [security]
Apache Tomcat 9 - Servlet and JSP engine -- tools to create user instances
uima-examples (2.10.2-3)
Examples of UIMA components
uima-utils (2.10.2-3)
UIMA tools
velocity (1.7-5+deb10u1)
Java-based template engine for web application
visualvm (1.4.2-2)
All-in-One Java Troubleshooting Tool
voms-clients-java (3.3.0-3)
Virtual Organization Membership Service Java clients
xmlbeans (3.0.2-1)
Java library for accessing XML by binding it to Java types - tools
yui-compressor (2.4.8-2)
JavaScript/CSS minifier
yydebug (1.1.0-11)
support library for the Java-based parser generator jay
zemberek-java-demo (2.1.1-8.2)
Zemberek demo application
zookeeper (3.4.13-2+deb10u1) [security]
High-performance coordination service for distributed applications
zookeeperd (3.4.13-2+deb10u1) [security]
Init control scripts for zookeeper