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Paket: golang-github-vishvananda-netlink-dev (1.0.0-1)

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netlink library for go

The netlink package provides a simple netlink library for go. Netlink is the interface a user-space program in Linux uses to communicate with the kernel. It can be used to add and remove interfaces, set ip addresses and routes, and configure ipsec. Netlink communication requires elevated privileges, so in most cases this code needs to be run as root. Since low-level netlink messages are inscrutable at best, the library attempts to provide an API that is loosely modeled on the CLI provied by iproute2. Actions like ip link add will be accomplished via a similarly named function like AddLink(). This library began its life as a fork of the netlink functionality in docker/libcontainer but was heavily rewritten to improve testability, performance, and to add new functionality like ipsec xfrm handling.

This package contains the source.

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