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Paket: spectacle (0.25-1)

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RPM Spec file generator and management tool

Spectacle is a tool for managing and creating RPM spec files. It includes the tool to generate spec files from metadata file in YAML format, and tools to convert spec files or spec-builder's ini files to YAML format.

For spectacle managed packages, all generic packaging information will be stored in the YAML file, and it also allows maintaining customizations in the spec file directly with special enclosure tags.

The following tools are installed:

 * specify
   the tool to generate or to update spec file, based on YAML
 * ini2spectacle
   the tool to convert spec-builder .ini to YAML and new spec file
 * spec2spectacle
   the tool to convert original spec to YAML and new spec file

Märken: Systemadministration: Pakethantering, Implemented in: Python, Role: Program

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