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[ Källkod: ixo-usb-jtag  ]

Paket: ixo-usb-jtag (0.0.1-2)

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Altera Bus Blaster emulation using Cypress FX2 chip

This firmware allows a USB-capable microcontroller to act like an Altera USB-Blaster JTAG pod. Which in turn may allow you to use tools you'd normally use with the Altera USB-Blaster, including UrJTAG and openocd.

Supported hardware: The Cypress FX2 EZ-USB family, or an FTDI FT245 in combination with a CPLD. Builds are included for the hdmi2usb project's boards (Digilet Nexys, Nexys2, Atlys and Numato Opsis).

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