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Balík: geany-plugin-scope (1.29+dfsg-1)

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graphical GDB front-end for Geany

Scope is a graphical GDB front-end with the normal functions you would expect (stepping, breakpoints, etc.), and a few notable features:

 * The comminication between Scope and gdb is asynchronous.
 * You can enter any gdb command, at any time.
 * All gdb I/O (along with some other messages) is displayed in a
   terminal-like "Debug Console". Whenever you find the GUI lacking,
   simply switch to that console and work directly with gdb.
 * 7-bit/Locale/UTF-8 support for values.

Geany is a small and lightweight integrated development environment using the GTK+ toolkit.

Značky: Sada nástrojov používateľského rozhrania: GTK

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