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Exact hits

Package sup

Other hits

Package sup-dbgsym

Package sup-mail

Package super

Package super-dbgsym

Package supercat

Package supercat-dbgsym

Package supercollider

Package supercollider-common

Package supercollider-dev

Package supercollider-emacs

Package supercollider-gedit

Package supercollider-ide

Package supercollider-ide-dbgsym

Package supercollider-language

Package supercollider-language-dbgsym

Package supercollider-server

Package supercollider-server-dbgsym

Package supercollider-supernova

Package supercollider-supernova-dbgsym

Package supercollider-vim

Package superiotool

Package superkb

Package superkb-dbgsym

Package supermin

Package supermin-dbgsym

Package supertransball2

Package supertransball2-data

Package supertransball2-dbgsym

Package supertux

Package supertux-data

Package supertux-dbgsym

Package supertuxkart

Package supertuxkart-data

Package supertuxkart-dbg

Package supertuxkart-dbgsym

Package supervisor

Package supervisor-doc

Package supybot

Package supysonic