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You have searched for packages that names contain pypy in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 71 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package pypy

Other hits

Package pypy-appdirs

Package pypy-argon2

Package pypy-asn1crypto

Package pypy-atomicwrites

Package pypy-attr

Package pypy-backports.functools-lru-cache

Package pypy-bdist-nsi

Package pypy-bs4

Package pypy-confget

Package pypy-coverage

Package pypy-dbgsym

Package pypy-dev

Package pypy-doc

Package pypy-dulwich

Package pypy-enum34

Package pypy-fastimport

Package pypy-feature-check

Package pypy-flaky

Package pypy-funcsigs

Package pypy-genty

Package pypy-hypothesis

Package pypy-idna

Package pypy-ipaddress

Package pypy-iso8601

Package pypy-json-tricks

Package pypy-lib

Package pypy-lib-testsuite

Package pypy-libusb1

Package pypy-mmllib

Package pypy-more-itertools

Package pypy-mutagen

Package pypy-packaging

Package pypy-pathlib2

Package pypy-pkg-resources

Package pypy-pluggy

Package pypy-pretend

Package pypy-purl

Package pypy-py

Package pypy-pyaes

Package pypy-pyasn1

Package pypy-pymediainfo

Package pypy-pyparsing

Package pypy-pytest

Package pypy-rawkit

Package pypy-rply

Package pypy-scandir

Package pypy-schema

Package pypy-setuptools

Package pypy-setuptools-scm

Package pypy-simplejson

Package pypy-six

Package pypy-soupsieve

Package pypy-sqlparse

Package pypy-stem

Package pypy-tk

Package pypy-tk-dbgsym

Package pypy-unidecode

Package pypy-wand

Package pypy-zmq

Package pypy-zodbpickle

Package pypy3

Package pypy3-dbgsym

Package pypy3-dev

Package pypy3-doc

Package pypy3-lib

Package pypy3-lib-testsuite

Package pypy3-tk

Package pypy3-tk-dbgsym

Package pypy3-venv

Package python3-doxypypy