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Markdown processor in Go geared for the IETF (Go library)

Write RFCs using markdown. Mmark (written in Go) provides an advanced markdown dialect that processes a single file to produce internet-drafts in XML format. Internet-drafts written in mmark can produce XML2RFC v2 and XML2RFC v3 output.

Mmark is a fork of blackfriday which is a Markdown processor implemented in Go. It supports a number of extensions, inspired by Leanpub, kramdown and Asciidoc, that allows for large documents to be written. It is specifically designed to write Internet Drafts (I-Ds) and RFCs for the IETF. With mmark you can create a single file that serves as input into the XML2RFC processor.

It can currently output HTML5, XML2RFC v2 and XML2RFC v3 XML. Other output engines could be added.

This package provides the mmark Go library for development.

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