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Пакет: golang-github-gorilla-handlers-dev (1.1-2)

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collection of useful handlers for Go's net/http package

Package handlers is a collection of handlers (aka "HTTP middleware") for use with Go's net/http package (or any framework supporting http.Handler), including:

 • LoggingHandler for logging HTTP requests in the Apache Common Log Format
 • CombinedLoggingHandler for logging HTTP requests in the Apache Combined Log
   Format (http://httpd.apache.org/docs/2.2/logs.html#combined) commonly used
   by both Apache and nginx.
 • CompressHandler for gzipping responses.
 • ContentTypeHandler for validating requests against a list of accepted
   content types.
 • MethodHandler for matching HTTP methods against handlers in a
 • ProxyHeaders for populating r.RemoteAddr and r.URL.Scheme based on the
   X-Forwarded-For, X-Real-IP, X-Forwarded-Proto and RFC7239 Forwarded headers
   when running a Go server behind a HTTP reverse proxy.
 • CanonicalHost for re-directing to the preferred host when handling multiple
   domains (i.e. multiple CNAME aliases).

Other handlers are documented on the Gorilla website (http://www.gorillatoolkit.org/pkg/handlers).

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