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Пакет: libeclipse-jdt-compiler-apt-java (1.4.300+eclipse4.26-2)

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Eclipse Java Compiler Apt

Eclipse JDT Core is the Java infrastructure of the Eclipse Java IDE. It includes:

 * An incremental Java compiler. Implemented as an Eclipse builder, it is based
   on technology evolved from VisualAge for Java compiler. In particular, it
   allows one to run and debug code which still contains unresolved errors.
 * A Java Model that provides API for navigating the Java element tree.
   The Java element tree defines a Java centric view of a project. It surfaces
   elements like package fragments, compilation units, binary classes, types,
   methods, fields.
 * A Java Document Model providing API for manipulating a structured Java
   source document.
 * Code assist and code select support.
 * An indexed based search infrastructure that is used for searching, code
   assist, type hierarchy computation, and refactoring. The Java search engine
   can accurately find precise matches either in sources or binaries.
 * Evaluation support either in a scrapbook page or a debugger context.
 * Source code formatter

This package contains the org.eclipse.jdt.compiler.apt bundle.

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