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HTTP request pipeline suitable for use across multiple go-routines

Package autorest implements an HTTP request pipeline suitable for use across multiple go-routines and provides the shared routines relied on by AutoRest (see https://github.com/Azure/autorest/) generated Go code.

The package breaks sending and responding to HTTP requests into three phases: Preparing, Sending, and Responding.

Each phase relies on decorators to modify and / or manage processing. Decorators may first modify and then pass the data along, pass the data first and then modify the result, or wrap themselves around passing the data (such as a logger might do). Decorators run in the order provided.

Preparers and Responders may be shared and re-used (assuming the underlying decorators support sharing and re-use). Performant use is obtained by creating one or more Preparers and Responders shared among multiple go-routines, and a single Sender shared among multiple sending go-routines, all bound together by means of input / output channels.

Decorators hold their passed state within a closure (such as the path components in the example above). Be careful to share Preparers and Responders only in a context where such held state applies. For example, it may not make sense to share a Preparer that applies a query string from a fixed set of values. Similarly, sharing a Responder that reads the response body into a passed struct (e.g., ByUnmarshallingJson) is likely incorrect.

Lastly, the Swagger specification (https://swagger.io) that drives AutoRest (https://github.com/Azure/autorest/) precisely defines two date forms: date and date-time. The github.com/Azure/go-autorest/autorest/date package provides time.Time derivations to ensure correct parsing and formatting.

Errors raised by autorest objects and methods will conform to the autorest.Error interface.

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