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Pakiet: eclipse-cdt-autotools (8.6.0-2)

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Autotools support for Eclipse CDT

The Autotools suite of plugins adds to the CDT a support for building and maintaining C/C++ projects that use Autotools. With this additional support, a vast repository of C/C++ code can be checked out, built, and maintained under the CDT rather easily without having to resort to the command line.

In conjunction with the CDT, the plugin can do the following:

 * Build a C/C++ project that uses a configure script or an autogen
   script or a Makefile.cvs script
 * Create a simple C or C++ hello world Autotools project via a template
 * Allow configuration parameters to be set via a gui and to rebuild when
   configuration parameters are changed
 * Colorized editing of configuration files such as,,, and with full hover help for autoconf/automake
 * Allow specification of multiple build configurations for a single project
 * Run autotools such as autoconf, automake, or aclocal directly using a gui
 * Includes hover help for autoconf and automake macros in the editors

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