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Pakiet: cloudsql-proxy (1.17.0-5~bpo10+1)

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connect securely to a 2nd generation Cloud SQL DB

The Cloud SQL Proxy allows a user with the appropriate permissions to connect to a Second Generation Google Cloud SQL database without having to deal with IP whitelisting or SSL certificates manually. It works by opening unix/tcp sockets on the local machine and proxying connections to the associated Cloud SQL instances when the sockets are used.

Optional functionality can be enabled (--fuse) with access to `/dev/fuse` as well as the `fusermount` binary.

By default, the proxy will authenticate under the default service account of the Compute Engine VM it is running on. Therefore, the VM must have at least the sqlservice.admin API scope ("") and the associated project must have the SQL Admin API enabled. The default service account must also have at least WRITER/EDITOR privileges to any projects of target SQL instances.

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