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Pakiet: dh-buildinfo (0.11+nmu2)

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Debhelper addon to track package versions used to build a package

This script is designed to be run at build-time, and registers in a file the list of packages declared as build-time dependencies, as well as build-essential packages, together with their versions, as installed in the build machine.

This will hopefully help to track packages (auto-)built with package versions which are known to be buggy, and, more generally, to find out whether a package needs to be rebuilt because of a significant change in a package it has a build-time dependency on.

Znaczniki: Rozwój oprogramowania: Debian, Testowanie i kontrola jakości, Zaimplementowane w: implemented-in::perl, interface::commandline, Rola: Program, Zakres: Narzędzie, Zestaw oprogramowania: suite::debian, works-with::software:source

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