Software Packages in "experimental", Subsection doc

autogen-doc (1:5.19.96-3)
automated text file generator - documentation
basix-doc (0.6.0-1exp1)
Finite Element Basis Function Definition Runtime Library (docs)
bind9-doc (1:9.19.6-2)
Documentation for BIND 9
binutils-doc (
Documentation for the GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities
clang-15-examples (1:15~++20220309105819+8bef17ed59aa-1~exp1)
Clang examples
clang-16-doc (1:16.0.0~+rc1-1~exp1)
C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation
clang-16-examples (1:16.0.0~+rc1-1~exp1 [amd64, arm64, i386, ppc64, ppc64el, s390x], 1:16~++20221111053703+a77a02aa5794-1~exp1 [sparc64, x32], 1:16~++20220928062542+48b8dee773f3-1~exp1 [armel])
Clang examples
clang-17-doc (1:17~++20230128060150+75153adeda1a-1~exp1)
C, C++ and Objective-C compiler - Documentation
clang-17-examples (1:17~++20230128060150+75153adeda1a-1~exp1)
Clang examples
dbus-1-doc (1.15.2-1)
simple interprocess messaging system (documentation)
dcmtk-doc (3.6.8~git20221024.b8950f9-1)
OFFIS DICOM toolkit documentation
debusine-doc (0.1.0)
Documentation for debusine
default-jdk-doc (2:1.21-74+exp1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x, sparc64, x32], 2:1.17-74+exp1 [ia64])
Standard Java or Java compatible Development Kit (documentation)
dolfinx-doc (1:0.6.0-1exp1)
Documentation and demo programs for DOLFIN
dpdk-doc (22.11.1-1)
Data Plane Development Kit (documentation)
dvdisaster-doc (0.79.6-5)
data loss/scratch/aging protection for CD/DVD media (documentation)
fasta3-doc (36.3.8i.14-Nov-2020-2~0exp0simde)
user guide for FASTA tools
gap-doc (4.12.2-1)
GAP computer algebra system, documentation
gazebo-doc (11.10.2+dfsg-1)
Open Source Robotics Simulator - Documentation
ghc-doc (9.2.5-1~exp2)
Documentation for the Glasgow Haskell Compilation system
gm2-13-doc (13-20230127-1)
Documentation for the GNU Modula-2 compiler (gm2)
gnustep-base-doc (1.29.0-1)
Documentation for the GNUstep Base Library
gnustep-gui-doc (0.30.0-1)
Documentation for the GNUstep GUI Library
haproxy-doc (2.7.2-1)
fast and reliable load balancing reverse proxy (HTML documentation)
imagemagick-6-doc (8:
document files of ImageMagick
imagemagick-doc (8:
document files of ImageMagick -- dummy package
virtual package provided by imagemagick-6-doc
info (7.0.2-1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, hppa, i386, ia64, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x, sparc64, x32], 7.0.1-2 [m68k, sh4])
Standalone GNU Info documentation browser
install-info (7.0.2-1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, hppa, i386, ia64, mips64el, mipsel, ppc64, ppc64el, riscv64, s390x, sparc64, x32], 7.0.1-2 [m68k, sh4])
Manage installed documentation in info format
jpeg-xl-doc (0.8.0~git20230125.a67e970-1)
JPEG XL Image Coding System - "JXL" (documentation)
libaom-doc (3.6.0~rc2-1~exp1)
AV1 Video Codec Library -- Documentation
libboost-doc ( libraries documentation placeholder (default version)
libcaf-doc (0.18.6-1)
Implementation of the Actor Model in C++, development files
libcamera-doc (0.0.4-1)
complex camera support library (documentation)
libcdk5-doc (5.0.20190303-1)
C-based curses widget library (examples and demos)
libcolt-free-java-doc (1.2.0+dfsg-8~exp1)
scalable scientific and technical computing in Java (doc)
libcubew-doc (4.7-1)
CUBE high-performance writer library (documentation)
libcupti-doc (11.7.101~11.7.1-1) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA Profiler Tools Interface documentation
libdeal.ii-doc (9.4.1-1~exp1)
Differential Equations Analysis Library - html doc. and examples
libflatpak-doc (1.15.1-1)
Application deployment framework for desktop apps (documentation)
libgccjit-13-doc (13-20230127-1)
GCC just-in-time compilation (documentation)
libgimp-3.0-doc (2.99.14-2)
Developers' Documentation for the GIMP library
libglib2.0-doc (2.75.2-1)
Documentation files for the GLib library
libhdf5-doc (1.12.2+repack-1~exp1)
HDF5 - Documentation
libixion-doc (0.18.0-3)
general purpose formula parser & interpreter library -- documentation
libjson-simple-doc (3.1.1-1~exp2)
documentation for libjson-simple-java
liblensfun-doc (0.3.95-5)
Lens Correction library - Documentation
libmdds-doc (2.1.0-2)
Multi Dimension Data structure library -- documentation
libmediastreamer-doc (1:5.2.0+dfsg-1)
Voice and video streaming engine for telephony (documentation)
libmongocxx-doc (3.7.0-1)
MongoDB C++ client library - documentation
libnfft3-doc (3.4.0~rc2-1)
documentation for the NFFT library
libomp-15-doc (1:15~++20220309105819+8bef17ed59aa-1~exp1)
LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation
libomp-16-doc (1:16.0.0~+rc1-1~exp1)
LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation
libomp-17-doc (1:17~++20230128060150+75153adeda1a-1~exp1)
LLVM OpenMP runtime - Documentation
libopm-grid-doc (2022.10+ds-2)
DUNE grid implementations for reservoir simulation -- documentation
libopm-material-doc (2022.10+ds-2)
Material properties framework for porous media -- documentation
libopm-models-doc (2022.10+ds-2)
C++ simulation framework for porous media flow -- documentation
liborcus-doc (0.18.0-1)
library for processing spreadsheet documents - documentation
libortp-doc (1:5.2.0-1)
oRTP API documentation
libqwt-doc (6.2.0-1)
Qt widgets library for technical applications (documentation)
libraw-doc (0.21.1-1)
raw image decoder library (documentation)
libreoffice-dev-doc (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- SDK documentation
libreoffice-help-ca (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Catalan help
libreoffice-help-cs (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Czech help
libreoffice-help-da (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Danish help
libreoffice-help-de (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- German help
libreoffice-help-dz (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Dzongkha help
libreoffice-help-el (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Greek help
libreoffice-help-en-gb (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- English_british help
libreoffice-help-en-us (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- English_american help
libreoffice-help-es (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Spanish help
libreoffice-help-et (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Estonian help
libreoffice-help-eu (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Basque help
libreoffice-help-fi (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Finnish help
libreoffice-help-fr (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- French help
libreoffice-help-gl (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Galician help
libreoffice-help-hi (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Hindi help
libreoffice-help-hu (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Hungarian help
libreoffice-help-id (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Indonesian help
libreoffice-help-it (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Italian help
libreoffice-help-ja (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Japanese help
libreoffice-help-km (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Khmer help
libreoffice-help-ko (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Korean help
libreoffice-help-nl (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Dutch help
libreoffice-help-om (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Oromo help
libreoffice-help-pl (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Polish help
libreoffice-help-pt (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Portuguese help
libreoffice-help-pt-br (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Portuguese_brazilian help
libreoffice-help-ru (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Russian help
libreoffice-help-sk (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Slovak help
libreoffice-help-sl (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Slovenian help
libreoffice-help-sv (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Swedish help
libreoffice-help-tr (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Turkish help
libreoffice-help-vi (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Vietnamese help
libreoffice-help-zh-cn (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Chinese_simplified help
libreoffice-help-zh-tw (4:7.5.0~rc3-1)
office productivity suite -- Chinese_traditional help
libsdl2-doc (2.27~git20230103+dfsg-1)
Reference manual for libsdl2
libsdl3-doc (3~git20230103+dfsg-1)
Reference manual for SDL 3
libsimple-http-java-doc (6.0.1-1)
Documentation for libsimple-http-java
libstdc++-13-doc (13-20230127-1)
GNU Standard C++ Library v3 (documentation files)
libunicap-doc (0.9.12+repack20150328.0.git2c600ae-4exp1)
unified interface to video capture devices - documentation
libwebkit2gtk-4.0-doc (2.39.7-1)
Web content engine library for GTK - documentation
libxsimd-doc (10.0.0-1)
Documentation for xsimd
libzipios++-doc (2.2.6-1)
transitional package
libzipios-doc (2.2.6-1)
small C++ library for reading zip files (documents)
llvm-16-doc (1:16.0.0~+rc1-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation
llvm-16-examples (1:16.0.0~+rc1-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples
llvm-17-doc (1:17~++20230128060150+75153adeda1a-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, documentation
llvm-17-examples (1:17~++20230128060150+75153adeda1a-1~exp1)
Modular compiler and toolchain technologies, examples
mediagoblin-doc (0.9.0~dfsg-1~exp4)
web application for publishing all kinds of media - documentation
monodoc-gudev-manual (3.0.0-1)
compiled XML documentation for gudev-sharp
mpich-doc (4.1.1a1+really.4.1~rc3-1)
Documentation for MPICH
mu-editor-doc (1.1.0~alpha2+dfsg1-1)
simple editor for beginner Python programmers (documentation)
munin-doc (2.999.16-1)
network-wide graphing framework (documentation)
netcdf-doc (1:4.9.1~rc2-1~exp1)
Documentation for NetCDF
nvidia-cuda-toolkit-doc (11.7.1-1) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA and OpenCL documentation
octave-doc (8.0.90-1)
documentation of the GNU Octave language
phosh-osk-stub-doc (0.24.0-1)
API documentation for Phosh's OSK stub
php-finder-facade-doc (2.0.0-1)
convenience wrapper for Symfony's Finder component - documentation
povray-doc (1:3.8.0~beta.2-1)
Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer) documentation
puredata-doc (0.53.1+ds-2+exp1)
realtime computer music and graphics system - documentation
pysdl2-doc (0.9.13+dfsg-1)
Python bindings to the SDL2 C-library - documentation
python-django-doc (3:4.2~alpha1-1)
High-level Python web development framework (documentation)
python-gphoto2-doc (2.0.0-1)
Python interface to libgphoto2 (common documentation)
python-graphene-doc (3.2.1-1)
GraphQL Framework for Python (Documentation)
python-graphql-core-doc (3.2.3-1)
GraphQL implementation for Python (Documentation)
python-pythran-doc (0.12.1+ds-1exp4)
ahead of time compiler for Python (Documentation)
python-ufl-doc (2023.1.1.post0-1exp1)
documentation and demos for UFL
python-ufl-legacy-doc (1:2022.2.0-3)
documentation and demos for legacy UFL
python3-emperor-doc (1.0.3+ds-7exp1)
visualizing high-throughput microbial community data (coc)
rep-doc (0.92.7-1)
documentation for the lisp command interpreter
sahara-doc (1:17.0.0~rc1-2)
OpenStack data processing cluster as a service - doc
sasview-doc (5.0.5-2)
Small Angle Scattering Analysis (documentation)
scribus-ng-doc (1.5.5+dfsg-1+transition) [non-free]
Open Source Desktop Page Layout - documentation - 1.5.x branch
tcl-doc (8.7.0+0~exp2)
Tool Command Language (default version) - manual pages
tcl8.7-doc (8.7.0~a5+dfsg-3)
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v8.7 - manual pages
tcl9.0-doc (9.0.0~a3+dfsg-2)
Tcl (the Tool Command Language) v9.0 - manual pages
theano-doc (1.1.2+dfsg-3)
CPU/GPU math expression compiler for Python (docs)
tk-doc (8.7.0+0~exp2)
Toolkit for Tcl and X11 (default version) - manual pages
tk8.7-doc (8.7.0~a5-2)
Tk toolkit for Tcl and X11 v8.7 - manual pages
trilinos-doc (13.4.1-1~exp1)
object-oriented framework for large-scale problems - documentation
upower-doc (1.90.0-2)
abstraction for power management - documentation
yosys-doc (0.23-7~exp1)
Documentation for Yosys