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Paketti: asis-programs (2015-1 ja muut)

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Ada Semantic Interface Specification (ASIS) example programs

ASIS (Ada Semantic Interface Specification) lets you develop applications to walk through the sources of your Ada programs and examine the semantic constructs.

 * asistant is an interactive command-line tool to explore the ASIS parse tree
   of a program.
 * gnatcheck verifies the conformance of source text to coding conventions
 * gnatelim finds out unused subprograms and eliminates them.
 * gnatmetric calculates metrics such as code complexity.
 * gnatpp is a pretty-printer which reformats Ada source text according to
   a default or user-specified style guide.
 * gnatstub generates an empty but compilable body for a given specification.
 * gnattest creates AUnit test skeletons and harness for a project
   (gnattest requires the libaunit development package to be installed)

Tagit: Software Development: Examples, Ada Development, Implemented in: implemented-in::ada, interface::commandline, Role: Program, Scope: Utility

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