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Paketti: libbobcat-dev (4.08.06-1)

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headers and documentation for the Bobcat library

Headers and documentation of classes defined in the Bobcat library.

The Bobcat library contains a variety of C++ classes and templates, some of them based on well-known Design Patterns. The library offers classes handling, e.g.,

   Child Processes, Forks, Pipes and Redirection
   Command-to-Function associations
   Command-line arguments
   Command-line editing using streams
   Configuration Files
   Decryption and Encryption
   Extended String Operations
   Integers of unlimited size
   File-descriptor based streams (e.g. handle sockets using streams)
   Mail headers and mail filtering (milters)
   Message Digests
   Pattern matching
   Processes, Signals, Threads
   Shared Memory
   Single (Direct) Key Input
   Syslog- and other kinds of messages
   Temporary files
   Universal Type Conversions (Templates)

The libbobcat-dev package contains the static library as well as header files and manual pages of the Bobcat classes and templates.

Tagit: Software Development: Kirjastot, Role: Development Library

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