Software Packages in "buster", Alaosasto fonts

aglfn (1.7-3)
Adobe Glyph List For New Fonts
birdfont (2.25.0-3)
font editor that lets you create outline vector graphics and export fonts
cm-super (0.3.4-14)
TeX font package (full version) with CM (EC) in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 enc
cm-super-minimal (0.3.4-14)
TeX font package (minimal version) with CM/EC in Type1 in T1, T2*, TS1, X2 enc
cm-super-x11 (0.3.4-14)
Make the cm-super fonts available to X11
culmus (0.132-1)
TrueType and Type1 Hebrew Fonts for X11
culmus-fancy (0.0.20051018-4)
Type1 Fancy Hebrew Fonts for X11
dvi2ps-fontdata-a2n (1.0.1-3)
Font data to convert pTeX's dvi file to jTeX's dvi file
dvi2ps-fontdata-ja (1.0.1-3)
Font data for dvi2ps-j and dvi2dvi
dvi2ps-fontdata-n2a (1.0.1-3)
Font data to convert jTeX dvi file to pTeX dvi file
dvi2ps-fontdata-ptexfake (1.0.1-3)
Fake pTeX TFM files
dvi2ps-fontdata-rsp (1.0.1-3)
RICOH SP10 -tulostimen kirjasintiedot
dvi2ps-fontdata-tbank (1.0.1-3)
Kirjasintiedot Typebank-kirjasimelle
dvi2ps-fontdata-three (1.0.1-3)
Font data of Adobe Japanese fonts (futomin, futogo, jun101)
emacs-intl-fonts (1.2.1-10)
fonts to allow multilingual PostScript printing from Emacs
eot2ttf (0.01-5)
utility to convert Embedded OpenType fonts to TrueType
fontconfig (2.13.1-2)
generic font configuration library - support binaries
fontconfig-config (2.13.1-2)
generic font configuration library - configuration
fontcustom (2.0.0+ds4-5)
custom icon webfonts from the comfort of the command line
fontforge (1:20170731~dfsg-1+deb10u1) [security]
font editor
fontforge-common (1:20170731~dfsg-1+deb10u1) [security]
font editor (common files)
fontforge-extras (0.3-4)
Additional data and utilities for FontForge
fontforge-nox (1:20170731~dfsg-1+deb10u1) [security]
font editor - non-X version
fonts-3270 (2.0.0-1)
monospaced font based on IBM 3270 terminals
fonts-adf-accanthis (0.20110505-3)
Accanthis font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-baskervald (0.20110505-3)
Baskervald font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-berenis (0.20110505-3)
Berenis font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-gillius (0.20110505-3)
Gillius font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-ikarius (0.20110505-3)
Ikarius font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-irianis (0.20110505-3)
Irianis font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-libris (0.20110505-3)
Libris font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-mekanus (0.20110505-3)
Mekanus font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-oldania (0.20110505-3)
Oldania font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-romande (0.20110505-3)
Romande font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-switzera (0.20110505-3)
Switzera font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-tribun (0.20110505-3)
Tribun font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-universalis (0.20110505-3)
Universalis font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-adf-verana (0.20110505-3)
Verana font of the Arkandis Digital Foundry
fonts-aksharyogini2 (1.0-1)
aksharyogini2 devanagari normal style font
fonts-alee (13.3)
free Hangul TrueType fonts
fonts-alegreya-sans (2.008-1)
Humanist Sans Serif family, part of Alegreya fonts
fonts-allerta (2.01+dfsg1-1)
Signage font
fonts-ancient-scripts (2.60-1)
Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts
fonts-aoyagi-kouzan-t (20160404-4)
Brush-style Japanese font
fonts-aoyagi-soseki (20070207-16)
Brush-style Japanese font, Aoyagi-Soseki
fonts-arabeyes (2.1-6)
Arabeyes GPL TrueType Arabic fonts
fonts-arkpandora (2.04-1)
Replacement fonts for Microsoft's Arial, Times, and Verdana fonts
fonts-arphic-bkai00mp (2.10-18)
"AR PL KaitiM Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-bsmi00lp (2.10-17)
"AR PL Mingti2L Big5" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-gbsn00lp (2.11-15)
"AR PL SungtiL GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-gkai00mp (2.11-15)
"AR PL KaitiM GB" Chinese TrueType font by Arphic Technology
fonts-arphic-ukai (0.2.20080216.2-4)
"AR PL UKai" Chinese Unicode TrueType font collection Kaiti style
fonts-arphic-uming (0.2.20080216.2-10)
"AR PL UMing" Chinese Unicode TrueType font collection Mingti style
fonts-atarismall (2.2-4)
Very small 4 x 8 font
fonts-averia-gwf (1.00-3)
Avería GWF font family
fonts-averia-sans-gwf (1.00-2)
Avería Sans GWF font family
fonts-averia-serif-gwf (1.00-2)
Avería Serif GWF font family
fonts-b612 (1.003+git20180121-1)
legible font designed to be used on aircraft cockpit screens
fonts-babelstone-han (11.0.2-1)
BabelStone Fonts for Han
fonts-babelstone-modern (6.002-1)
BabelStone latin modern font
fonts-baekmuk (2.2-13)
Baekmuk series Korean fonts
fonts-bebas-neue (3.0-1)
Flat, rounded style font designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa
fonts-beng (2:1.2)
Metapackage to install Bengali and Assamese fonts
fonts-beng-extra (1.0-6)
TrueType fonts for Bengali language
fonts-beteckna (0.5-2)
geometric Futura-like sans-serif TrueType font
fonts-blankenburg (0.1-2)
Modern blackletter font
fonts-bpg-georgian (2012-4)
BPG Georgian fonts
fonts-breip (1:0.5.1-1)
informal handwriting font
fonts-cabin (1.5-2)
humanist sans serif font
fonts-cabinsketch (1.02-2)
playful sister of the Cabin font family
fonts-cantarell (0.111-2)
sans serif font family designed for on-screen readability
fonts-cardo (1.04-3)
font for scholarly use in classical and medieval languages
fonts-century-catalogue (001.001-6)
century-style font revival
fonts-circos-symbols (0.69.6+dfsg-2)
plotter for visualizing data - standard fonts
fonts-cmu (0.7.0-3)
sets the computer modern unicode fonts
fonts-cns11643-kai (103.1+20181001-1)
Chinese TrueType font, TW-Kai
fonts-cns11643-pixmaps (103.1+20181001-1)
Chinese TrueType font, PNG 24x24 pixmaps
fonts-cns11643-sung (103.1+20181001-1)
Chinese TrueType font, TW-Sung
fonts-comfortaa (3.001-2)
stylish, modern true type font
fonts-comic-neue (2.4-2)
less horrible remake of Comic Sans
fonts-courier-prime (0+git20190115-2)
redesign of the Courier font
fonts-croscore (20181227-1)
width-compatible fonts for improved on-screen readability
fonts-crosextra-caladea (20130214-2)
Serif font metric-compatible with the Cambria font
fonts-crosextra-carlito (20130920-1)
Sans-serif font metric-compatible with Calibri font
fonts-cwtex-fs (1.0-3)
TrueType Font from cwTeX - FangSong
fonts-cwtex-heib (1.0-3)
TrueType Font from cwTeX - HeiBold
fonts-cwtex-kai (1.0-3)
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Kai
fonts-cwtex-ming (1.0-3)
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Ming
fonts-cwtex-yen (1.0-3)
TrueType Font from cwTeX - Yen
fonts-dancingscript (1.2-1)
lively casual script with bouncing letters and size changes
fonts-dclfonts (7.3.3-1)
GFD-DENNOU Club Library (DCL) - font files
fonts-ddc-uchen (1.0-1)
ddc Dzongkha Development Commission free OpenType Tibetan font
fonts-dejavu (2.37-1)
metapackage to pull in fonts-dejavu-core and fonts-dejavu-extra
fonts-dejavu-core (2.37-1)
Vera font family derivate with additional characters
fonts-dejavu-extra (2.37-1)
Vera font family derivate with additional characters (extra variants)
fonts-dejima-mincho (227-15)
antique-looking Japanese TrueType Mincho font
fonts-deva (2:1.2)
Meta package to install all Devanagari fonts
fonts-deva-extra (3.0-4)
Free fonts for Devanagari script
fonts-dkg-handwriting (0.16-2)
font that imitates Daniel Kahn Gillmor's handwriting
fonts-dosis (1.7-2)
very simple, rounded, sans serif font family
fonts-droid-fallback (1:6.0.1r16-1.1)
handheld device font with extensive style and language support (fallback)
fonts-dseg (0.44-1)
Original 7-segment and 14-segment fonts
fonts-dustin (20030517-13)
various TrueType fonts from
fonts-dzongkha (0.3-8)
TrueType fonts for Dzongkha language
fonts-ebgaramond (0.016-1)
EB Garamond OpenType fonts
fonts-ebgaramond-extra (0.016-1)
EB Garamond Initials and TrueType fonts
fonts-ecolier-court (1.00-5)
cursive roman font with small descenders
fonts-ecolier-lignes-court (1.00-6)
cursive roman font (with réglure Seyès and small descenders)
fonts-eeyek (1.0-4)
Eeyek TrueType font for Meetei Mayek script
fonts-elusive-icons (2.0.0-4)
iconic font and CSS framework
fonts-essays1743 (2.100-3)
Essays 1743 TrueType font
fonts-eurofurence (4.0-1)
family of geometric rounded sans serif fonts
fonts-evertype-conakry (0.002+source-3)
smart Graphite font for N'Ko
fonts-f500 (1.0-8)
Wipeout 3 -kirjasin
fonts-fantasque-sans (1.7.2~alpha.3~dfsg-1)
monospaced font variant for programmers
fonts-fanwood (1.1-5)
font similar to the Fairfield font
fonts-farsiweb (0.4.dfsg-12)
free TrueType fonts for Persian language
fonts-firacode (1.206+dfsg1-4)
Monospaced font with programming ligatures
fonts-font-awesome (5.0.10+really4.7.0~dfsg-1)
iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
fonts-fork-awesome (1.1.5+ds1-2)
fork of the iconic font and CSS toolkit
fonts-freefarsi (1.0.0~beta1-7)
FreeFarsi TrueType Persian fonts
fonts-freefont-otf (20120503-9)
Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono OpenType fonts
fonts-freefont-ttf (20120503-9)
Freefont Serif, Sans and Mono Truetype fonts
fonts-gamaliel (0.1-1)
black letter face
fonts-gargi (2.0-4)
OpenType Devanagari font
fonts-georgewilliams (20031023-2)
Free unicode TrueType fonts by George Williams
fonts-gfs-artemisia (1.1-5)
greek font (Times Greek-like)
fonts-gfs-baskerville (1.1-5)
ancient Greek font revival
fonts-gfs-bodoni-classic (1.1-5)
smart greek typeface revival
fonts-gfs-complutum (1.1-6)
ancient Greek font revival from the University of Alcalá, Spain
fonts-gfs-didot (1.1-6)
greek font family (Didot revival)
fonts-gfs-didot-classic (1.1-5)
greek font family (Classic Didot revival)
fonts-gfs-gazis (1.1-5)
ancient Greek font (Byzantine cursive hand style)
fonts-gfs-neohellenic (1.1-6)
modern Greek font family with matching Latin
fonts-gfs-olga (1.1-5)
ancient Greek oblique font revival (companion to GFS Didot)
fonts-gfs-porson (1.1-6)
Greek font (Porson revival)
fonts-gfs-solomos (1.1-5)
ancient Greek oblique font
fonts-gfs-theokritos (1.1-5)
decorative Greek font
fonts-glasstty (0-2)
VT220 terminal font
fonts-gnutypewriter (1.0-1)
Multilingual font imitating a real typewriter
fonts-go (0~20170330-1)
high-quality WGL4 TrueType fonts for Go project
fonts-goudybookletter (2010.07.03-4)
Old style roman font
fonts-gubbi (1.3-3)
Gubbi free font for Kannada script
fonts-gujr (2:1.3)
Meta package to install all Gujarati fonts
fonts-gujr-extra (1.0-7)
Free fonts for Gujarati script
fonts-guru (2:1.2)
Meta package to install all Punjabi fonts
fonts-guru-extra (2.0-4)
Free fonts for Punjabi language
fonts-hack (3.003-2)
Typeface designed for source code
fonts-hack-otf (3.003-2)
Hack OpenType fonts (transitional package for fonts-hack)
fonts-hack-ttf (3.003-2)
Hack TrueType fonts (transitional package for fonts-hack)
fonts-hack-web (3.003-2)
Hack web fonts (transitional package for fonts-hack)
fonts-hanazono (20170904-2)
Japanese TrueType mincho font by KAGE system and FontForge
fonts-horai-umefont (670-3)
Japanese TrueType font, Ume-font
fonts-hosny-amiri (0.111-2)
Arabic Naskh style typographically oriented font
fonts-hosny-thabit (0.02-2)
fixed width OpenType Arabic fonts
fonts-humor-sans (1.0-3)
Font that looks like handwritten text
fonts-ibm-plex (1.2.3-2) [contrib]
extensive typeface family designed by IBM
fonts-inconsolata (001.010-5)
monospace font for pretty code listings and for the terminal
fonts-ipaexfont (00401-1)
Japanese OpenType font, all IPAex Fonts
fonts-ipaexfont-gothic (00401-1)
Japanese OpenType font, IPAex Gothic Font
fonts-ipaexfont-mincho (00401-1)
Japanese OpenType font, IPAex Mincho Font
fonts-ipafont (00303-18)
Japanese OpenType font set, all IPA Fonts
fonts-ipafont-gothic (00303-18)
Japanese OpenType font set, IPA Gothic and IPA P Gothic Fonts
fonts-ipafont-mincho (00303-18)
Japanese OpenType font set, IPA Mincho and IPA P Mincho Fonts
fonts-ipafont-nonfree-jisx0208 (1:00103-7) [non-free]
Japanese TrueType font, IPAfont (JISX0208)
fonts-ipafont-nonfree-uigothic (00203-26) [non-free]
Japanese TrueType font, IPAfont UI Gothic
fonts-ipamj-mincho (005.01-2)
Japanese OpenType font, IPAmj Mincho Font
fonts-isabella (1.202-1)
Isabella free TrueType font
fonts-johnsmith-induni (20101012-7)
OTF fonts with exhaustive set of Roman characters
fonts-jsmath (0.090709+0-3)
TeX fonts to display jsMath pages
fonts-junction (20110525.18de841-1)
humanist sans-serif typeface
fonts-junicode (1.001-2)
Unicode font for medievalists (Latin, IPA and Runic)
fonts-jura (5.103-1)
monospaced, sans-serif font
fonts-kacst (2.01+mry-14)
KACST free TrueType Arabic fonts
fonts-kacst-one (5.0+svn11846-9)
TrueType font designed for Arabic language
fonts-kalapi (1.0-3)
Kalapi Gujarati Unicode font
fonts-kanjistrokeorders (4.002~dfsg-1)
font to view stroke order diagrams for Kanji, Kana and etc
fonts-karla (20160111-1)
Grotesque Sans Serif Latin typeface
fonts-karmilla (016+git20181118-2)
Grotesque Sans Serif Latin typeface, extended
fonts-kaushanscript (1.02-2)
script font that feels like writing quickly with an inked brush
fonts-khmeros (5.0-7)
KhmerOS Unicode fonts for the Khmer language of Cambodia
fonts-kiloji (1:2.1.0-23)
Japanese Truetype font like longhand made by "kilo"
fonts-klaudia-berenika (2011-09-03-1)
font family based on Celtic inscriptions
fonts-knda (2:1.2)
Meta package for Kannada fonts
fonts-komatuna (20101113-14)
modified Konatu and M+ fonts, Komatuna
fonts-konatu (20121218-8)
TrueType Font originally for BeOS
fonts-kouzan-mouhitsu (20170411-2)
Brush-style Japanese font, Kouzan-Mouhitsu
fonts-kristi (20100000-2)
casual cursive script typeface with a "felt-tip pen" feel
fonts-lao (0.0.20060226-9)
TrueType font for Lao language
fonts-larabie-deco (1:20011216-5) [non-free]
Decorative fonts from
fonts-larabie-straight (1:20011216-5) [non-free]
Straight fonts from
fonts-larabie-uncommon (1:20011216-5) [non-free]
Special decorative fonts from
fonts-lato (2.0-2)
sans-serif typeface family font
fonts-ldco (1.0.0.part3-1)
set of Hebrew fonts by Louis Davis & Co.
fonts-league-spartan (0.2+sursly-1)
Bold, modern, geometric sans-serif font
fonts-leckerli-one (20110000-1)
Leckerli One font
fonts-levien-museum (001.002-4)
metal Centaur fonts revival family
fonts-levien-typoscript (000.001-4)
classic ATF Typo Script revival font
fonts-lexi-gulim (20090423-3)
Lexi Gulim Korean font
fonts-lexi-saebom (20100129-3)
Lexi Saebom Korean font
fonts-lg-aboriginal (1.0-6)
unicode fonts for North-American Aboriginal languages
fonts-liberation (1:1.07.4-9)
Fonts with the same metrics as Times, Arial and Courier
fonts-liberation2 (2.00.5-1)
Fonts with the same metrics as Times, Arial and Courier (v2)
fonts-lindenhill (1.2-5)
Regular and italic serif font
fonts-linex (2.2-7)
Fonts suitable for education and institutional use
fonts-linuxlibertine (5.3.0-4)
Linux Libertine family of fonts
fonts-lklug-sinhala (0.6-3)
Unicode Sinhala font by Lanka Linux User Group
fonts-lmodern (2.004.5-6)
OpenType fonts based on Computer Modern
fonts-lobster (2.0-2)
bold condensed script with many ligatures and alternates
fonts-lobstertwo (2.0-2)
updated and improved family version of the Lobster font
fonts-lohit-beng-assamese (2.91.5-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Assamese Language
fonts-lohit-beng-bengali (2.91.5-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Bengali Language
fonts-lohit-deva (2.95.4-3)
Lohit TrueType font for Devanagari script
fonts-lohit-deva-marathi (2.94.2-2)
Lohit TrueType font for Marathi
fonts-lohit-deva-nepali (2.94.2-2)
Lohit TrueType font for Nepali
fonts-lohit-gujr (2.92.4-3)
Lohit TrueType font for Gujarati Language
fonts-lohit-guru (2.91.2-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Punjabi Language
fonts-lohit-knda (2.5.4-2)
Lohit TrueType font for Kannada Language
fonts-lohit-mlym (2.92.2-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Malayalam Language
fonts-lohit-orya (2.91.2-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Oriya Language
fonts-lohit-taml (2.91.3-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Tamil Language
fonts-lohit-taml-classical (2.5.4-1)
Lohit Tamil TrueType fonts for Tamil script
fonts-lohit-telu (2.5.5-1)
Lohit TrueType font for Telugu Language
fonts-lyx (2.3.2-1)
TrueType versions of some TeX fonts used by LyX
fonts-maitreya (7.0.7-1)
Astrological font for Maitreya
fonts-manchufont (2.007.svn0068-5)
Smart OpenType font for Manchu script
fonts-materialdesignicons-webfont (1.4.57-1)
font containing Material Design Icons
fonts-mathjax (2.7.4+dfsg-1)
JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML (fonts)
fonts-mathjax-extras (2.7.4+dfsg-1)
JavaScript display engine for LaTeX and MathML (extra fonts)
fonts-meera-taml (1.1-2)
free font for Tamil
fonts-migmix (20150712-2)
High quality Japanese font based on M+ fonts and IPA fonts
fonts-mikachan (9.1-11) [non-free]
handwritten Japanese Truetype font
fonts-misaki (20190203a-1)
Japanese Gothic and Mincho font from "Misaki" bitmap font
fonts-mlym (2:1.2)
Meta package to install all Malayalam fonts
fonts-mmcedar (20101113a-5)
MMCedar - combined Motoya L Cedar and M+fonts
fonts-moe-standard-kai (20120530-2) [non-free]
Chinese TrueType font, standard Kaiti (non-free)
fonts-moe-standard-song (20120530-2) [non-free]
Chinese TrueType font, standard Song (non-free)
fonts-mona (1:2.90-1)
Japanese TrueType font for 2ch ASCII art
fonts-monapo (20170722-2)
Japanese TrueType font, Monapo
fonts-monlam (1.0-1)
Monlam font is a popular Tibetan font created by Lobsang Monlam
fonts-monofur (1.0-1)
terminal font with rounded shapes
fonts-monoid (0.61-2)
open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness (normal tracking)
fonts-monoid-halfloose (0.61-2)
open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness (half loose tracking)
fonts-monoid-halftight (0.61-2)
open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness (half tight tracking)
fonts-monoid-loose (0.61-2)
open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness (loose tracking)
fonts-monoid-tight (0.61-2)
open source coding font with bitmap-like sharpness (tight tracking)
fonts-mononoki (1.2-1) [contrib]
font for programming and code review
fonts-motoya-l-cedar (1.01-4)
Japanese Truetype font, Motoya L Cedar
fonts-motoya-l-maruberi (1.01-4)
Japanese Truetype font, Motoya L Maruberi
fonts-mph-2b-damase (001.000.dfsg.2+ds1-6)
font with character ranges from Unicode 4.1
fonts-mplus (063-2)
M+ sans serif fonts with different weights
fonts-nafees (1.2-5)
nafees free OpenType Urdu fonts
fonts-nakula (1.0-3)
Free Unicode compliant Devanagari font
fonts-nanum (20180306-1)
Nanum Korean fonts
fonts-nanum-coding (2.5-1)
Nanum Coding fixed width Korean TrueType font
fonts-nanum-eco (1.000-6)
Nanum Eco Korean font
fonts-nanum-extra (20180306-1)
Additional Nanum Korean fonts
fonts-naver-d2coding (1.3.2-1)
D2Coding fixed-width Korean font
fonts-navilu (1.2-2)
Handwriting font for Kannada
fonts-noto (20181227-1)
metapackage to pull in all Noto fonts
fonts-noto-cjk (1:20170601+repack1-3+deb10u1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (CJK regular and bold)
fonts-noto-cjk-extra (1:20170601+repack1-3+deb10u1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (CJK all weight)
fonts-noto-color-emoji (0~20180810-1)
color emoji font from Google
fonts-noto-core (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (core)
fonts-noto-extra (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (extra)
fonts-noto-hinted (20181227-1)
obsolete metapackage to pull in a subset of Noto fonts
fonts-noto-mono (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" monospaced font family with large Unicode coverage
fonts-noto-ui-core (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (UI core)
fonts-noto-ui-extra (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (UI extra)
fonts-noto-unhinted (20181227-1)
"No Tofu" font families with large Unicode coverage (unhinted)
fonts-ocr-a (1.0-9)
ANSI font readable by the computers of the 1960s
fonts-ocr-b (0.2~dfsg1-5)
machine-readable typeface as used in passports
fonts-oflb-asana-math (000.907-6)
extended smart Unicode Math font
fonts-oflb-euterpe (1.1-5)
unicode musical font
fonts-okolaks (0.6.0-1)
decorative, sans serif font
fonts-oldstandard (2.2really-3)
smart font with wide range of Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters
fonts-open-sans (1.11-1)
humanist sans serif typeface by Steve Matteson
fonts-opendin (1.0-2)
Open DIN font
fonts-opendyslexic (20160623-2)
font designed to increase readability for readers with dyslexia
fonts-opensymbol (2:102.10+LibO6.1.5-3+deb10u12) [security]
OpenSymbol TrueType font
fonts-oradano-mincho-gsrr (0.2018-1)
Retro style (Meiji period) Japanese font
fonts-orya (2:1.2)
Meta package to install all Oriya fonts
fonts-orya-extra (2.0-5)
Free fonts for Oriya script
fonts-oxygen (4:5.4.3-3)
Oxygen font family
fonts-pagul (1.0-7)
Free TrueType font for the Sourashtra language
fonts-paktype (0.0svn20121225-2)
PakType free OpenType Urdu fonts
fonts-paratype (20181108-2)
ParaType font collection for the languages of Russia
fonts-pecita (5.4-1)
OpenType hand-written font whose letters are connected
fonts-play (1.002+20111215.1+ds2-1)
minimalistic sans serif typeface
fonts-powerline (2.7-2)
prompt and statusline utility (symbols font)
fonts-prociono (2.3-5)
font similar to the one used for the Debian logo
fonts-quattrocento (1.1-2)
classic, elegant, sober and strong Roman typeface
fonts-quicksand (0.2016-2)
sans-serif font with round attributes
fonts-radisnoir (0.9b-3)
font inspired by Bayer Universal and Bauhaus
fonts-ricty-diminished (4.1.1-1)
font based on Inconsolata and Circle M+ 1m for programming
fonts-rit-sundar (2.0.0+20170909-1)
ornamental font for Malayalam script
fonts-roadgeek (3.1-2)
Set of fonts replicating various road sign typefaces
fonts-roboto (2:0~20170802-3)
metapackage to pull in Roboto fonts
fonts-roboto-fontface (0.5.0-2)
largely geometric, friendly and open curves font
fonts-roboto-hinted (2:0~20170802-3)
Google's signature family of fonts (transitional package)
fonts-roboto-slab (1.100263+20170512-1)
Google's signature family of fonts (slab)
fonts-roboto-unhinted (2:0~20170802-3)
Google's signature family of fonts (unhinted)
fonts-rufscript (010-5)
handwriting-based font for Latin characters
fonts-sahadeva (1.0-4)
Free Unicode compliant Devanagari font
fonts-sambhota-tsugring (1.0-1)
sambhota tsugring free OpenType Tibetan font
fonts-sambhota-yigchung (1.2-2)
sambhota yigchung free OpenType Tibetan font
fonts-samyak (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType fonts for Indian languages
fonts-samyak-deva (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType font for Devanagari script
fonts-samyak-gujr (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType font for Gujarati language
fonts-samyak-mlym (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType font for Malayalam language
fonts-samyak-orya (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType font for Oriya language
fonts-samyak-taml (1.2.2-4)
Samyak TrueType font for Tamil language
fonts-sarai (1.0-2)
truetype font for devanagari script
fonts-sawarabi-gothic (20161015-3)
gothic font for Japanese
fonts-sawarabi-mincho (20190115-1)
Japanese mincho font - Sawarabi Mincho font
fonts-senamirmir-washra (4.1-10)
collection of unicode fonts for the Ethiopic script
fonts-seto (6.20-6)
handwriting Japanese font including JIS X 0213 kanji
fonts-sil-abyssinica (1.500-1)
smart Unicode font for Ethiopian and Erythrean scripts (Amharic et al.)
fonts-sil-alkalami (1.100-1)
Font for Arabic-based writing systems in the Kano region
fonts-sil-andika (5.000-3)
extended smart Unicode Latin/Greek font family for literacy
fonts-sil-andika-compact (5.000-2)
Smart Unicode Latin/Greek fonts for literacy (tight spacing version)
fonts-sil-andikanewbasic (5.500-3)
smart Unicode Latin font family for literacy (more faces, limited charset)
fonts-sil-annapurna (1.203-1)
smart font for languages using Devanagari script
fonts-sil-awami-nastaliq (1.101-2)
Smart Unicode font for the Nastaliq script
fonts-sil-charis (5.000-3)
smart Unicode font family for Roman or Cyrillic-based writing systems
fonts-sil-charis-compact (5.000-1)
smart Unicode fonts for Latin and Cyrillic scripts (tight spacing version)
fonts-sil-dai-banna (2.200-1)
smart Unicode font for Dai Banna (Xishuangbanna Dai)
fonts-sil-doulos (5.000-4)
smart Unicode font for Latin and Cyrillic scripts
fonts-sil-doulos-compact (5.000-1)
smart Unicode font for Latin and Cyrillic scripts (tight spacing version)
fonts-sil-ezra (2.51-8)
smart Unicode font for Hebrew
fonts-sil-galatia (2.1-5)
font family for Latin-1 and Greek (polytonic support)
fonts-sil-gentium (20081126:1.03-2)
extended Unicode Latin font ("a typeface for the nations")
fonts-sil-gentium-basic (1.102-1)
smart Unicode font families (Basic and Book Basic) based on Gentium
fonts-sil-gentiumplus (5.000-2)
extended smart font family for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic
fonts-sil-gentiumplus-compact (5.000-2)
Smart Unicode fonts for Latin, Greek and Cyrillic (tight spacing version)
fonts-sil-harmattan (1.001-1)
Arabic script font for West African languages
fonts-sil-lateef (1.001-1)
OpenType Arabic font for Sindhi and other languages of South Asia
fonts-sil-mondulkiri (7.100-1)
Mondulkiri OpenType font family for Khmer script
fonts-sil-mondulkiri-extra (5.300-1)
Mondulkiri OpenType font family for Khmer script - additional fonts
fonts-sil-nuosusil (2.1.1-8)
Unicode font for Yi (a script used in southwestern China)
fonts-sil-padauk (3.003-1)
Burmese Unicode 6 truetype font with OT and Graphite support
fonts-sil-scheherazade (2.100-2)
smart Unicode font for Arabic
fonts-sil-sophia-nubian (1.000-6)
smart Unicode font family for Nubian languages using Coptic
fonts-sil-tagmukay (2.000-2)
Tifinagh Unicode TrueType font with OT and Graphite support
fonts-sil-taiheritagepro (2.600-1)
typeface reflecting the traditional hand-written style of the Tai Viet script
fonts-sil-zaghawa-beria (1.000-3)
font for Zaghawa Beria (script used in western Sudan and eastern Chad)
fonts-sipa-arundina (0.2.2-2)
Thai DejaVu-compatible fonts
fonts-smc (1:7.0)
Metapackage for various TrueType fonts for Malayalam Language
fonts-smc-anjalioldlipi (7.1.1-1)
AnjaliOldLipi malayalam font
fonts-smc-chilanka (1.3.1-1)
Chilanka malayalam font
fonts-smc-dyuthi (3.0.1-1)
Dyuthi malayalam font
fonts-smc-karumbi (1.1.1-1)
Karumbi malayalam font
fonts-smc-keraleeyam (3.0.1-1)
Keraleeyam malayalam font
fonts-smc-manjari (1.710-1)
Manjari malayalam font
fonts-smc-meera (7.0.1-1)
Meera malayalam font
fonts-smc-rachana (7.0.1-1)
Rachana malayalam font
fonts-smc-raghumalayalamsans (2.1.2-1)
RaghuMalayalamSans malayalam font
fonts-smc-suruma (3.2.2-1)
Suruma malayalam font
fonts-smc-uroob (2.0.1-1)
Uroob malayalam font
fonts-stix (1.1.1-4)
Scientific and Technical Information eXchange fonts
fonts-symbola (2.60-1)
symbolic font providing emoji characters from Unicode 9.0
fonts-takao (00303.01-2)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Fonts
fonts-takao-gothic (00303.01-2)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Gothic Fonts
fonts-takao-mincho (00303.01-2)
Japanese TrueType font set, Takao Mincho Fonts
fonts-taml (2:1.3)
Meta package to install all Tamil fonts
fonts-taml-tamu (1.0-3)
TAMu family of non Unicode fonts for Tamil script
fonts-taml-tscu (1.0-2)
TSCu family of non Unicode fonts for Tamil script
fonts-telu (2:1.2)
Meta package to install all Telugu fonts
fonts-telu-extra (2.0-4)
Free fonts for Telugu script
fonts-teluguvijayam (1.0-2)
TrueType fonts for Telugu script (te)
fonts-texgyre (20180621-3)
OpenType fonts based on URW Fonts
fonts-thai-tlwg (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai fonts maintained by TLWG (metapackage)
fonts-thai-tlwg-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai OpenType fonts maintained by TLWG (metapackage)
fonts-thai-tlwg-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TrueType fonts maintained by TLWG (metapackage)
fonts-thai-tlwg-web (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai web fonts maintained by TLWG
fonts-tibetan-machine (1.901b-5)
font for Tibetan, Dzongkha and Ladakhi (OpenType Unicode)
fonts-tiresias (0.1-5)
Fonts for the visually impaired
fonts-tlwg-garuda (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Garuda font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-garuda-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Garuda OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-garuda-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Garuda TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-kinnari (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Kinnari font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-kinnari-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Kinnari OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-kinnari-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Kinnari TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-laksaman (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Laksaman font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-laksaman-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Laksaman OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-laksaman-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Laksaman TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-loma (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Loma font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-loma-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Loma OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-loma-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Loma TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-mono (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgMono font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-mono-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgMono OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-mono-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgMono TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-norasi (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Norasi font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-norasi-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Norasi OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-norasi-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Norasi TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-purisa (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Purisa font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-purisa-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Purisa OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-purisa-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Purisa TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-sawasdee (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Sawasdee font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-sawasdee-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Sawasdee OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-sawasdee-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Sawasdee TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-typewriter (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypewriter font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-typewriter-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypewriter OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-typewriter-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypewriter TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-typist (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypist font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-typist-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypist OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-typist-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypist TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-typo (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypo font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-typo-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypo OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-typo-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai TlwgTypo TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-umpush (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Umpush font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-umpush-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Umpush OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-umpush-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Umpush TrueType font
fonts-tlwg-waree (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Waree font (dependency package)
fonts-tlwg-waree-otf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Waree OpenType font
fonts-tlwg-waree-ttf (1:0.7.1-1)
Thai Waree TrueType font
fonts-tomsontalks (1.1-8)
comic lettering font
fonts-triod-postnaja (20130809-2)
Latin+Cyrillic font based on Old Church Slavonic service books
fonts-tuffy (20120614-2)
The Tuffy Truetype Font Family
fonts-ubuntu (0.83-4) [non-free]
sans-serif font set from Ubuntu
fonts-ubuntu-console (0.83-4) [non-free]
console version of the Ubuntu Mono font
fonts-ubuntu-title (1:0.3-2)
font used to create the Ubuntu logo (2004‒2010)
fonts-ukij-uyghur (20110217-3)
fonts for Uyghur language
fonts-umeplus (20180604-1)
Japanese TrueType gothic fonts, based on Umefont and M+Font
fonts-umeplus-cl (20180604-1)
Japanese TrueType font, based on Ume Gothic Classic and M+ fonts
fonts-unfonts-core (1:1.0.2-080608-16)
Un series Korean TrueType fonts
fonts-unfonts-extra (1:1.0.2-080608+dfsg-9)
Un series Korean TrueType fonts (extra)
fonts-unikurdweb (1.0-5)
Unikurd Web free Kurdish font
fonts-uralic (0.0.20040829-6)
Truetype fonts for Cyrillic-based Uralic languages
fonts-urw-base35 (20170801.1-2)
font set metric-compatible with the 35 PostScript Level 2 Base Fonts
fonts-vlgothic (20141206-5)
japanilainen TrueType-kirjasin Vine Linuxilta
fonts-vollkorn (4.105-1)
serif body text type
fonts-wine (4.0-2)
Windows API implementation - fonts
fonts-woowa-bm (20171009-1)
Baedal-Minjok decorative Korean font
fonts-woowa-hanna (1.000-2)
Baedal-Minjok Hanna Korean font
fonts-wqy-microhei (0.2.0-beta-3)
Sans-serif style CJK font derived from Droid
fonts-wqy-zenhei (0.9.45-7)
"WenQuanYi Zen Hei" A Hei-Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese font
fonts-yanone-kaffeesatz (0.20151005-2)
Font in four weights, reminiscent of 1920s coffee house typography
fonts-yozvox-yozfont (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-antique (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (antique kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-cute (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (cute kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-edu (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (educational cana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-new-kana (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (new kana)
fonts-yozvox-yozfont-standard-kana (14.04-1)
Japanese proportional Handwriting OpenType font (standard kana)
fonts-yrsa-rasa (1.002-2)
Open-source, libre fonts for Latin + Gujarati
fonttools (3.35.1-1)
Converts OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML (Executables)
fonty-rg (0.7-1)
Linux console fonts in various encodings
googlefontdirectory-tools (20120309.1-1.1)
various tools for generating, analysing and manipulating font files
gsfonts (1:8.11+urwcyr1.0.7~pre44-4.4)
Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
gsfonts-other (6.0-4) [non-free]
Additional fonts for the ghostscript interpreter
gsfonts-x11 (0.26)
Make Ghostscript fonts available to X11
hershey-fonts-data (0.1-1)
Hershey vector fonts collection
jsmath-fonts (1.3-3.1)
raster fonts for jsMath
latex-cjk-chinese-arphic-bkai00mp (1.23)
AR PL KaitiM Big5 fonts for CJK
latex-cjk-japanese-wadalab (0.20050817-17)
type1 and tfm DNP Japanese fonts for latex-cjk
latex-fonts-sipa-arundina (0.2.2-2)
Thai DejaVu-compatible fonts for LaTeX
libgraphite2-utils (1.3.13-7)
Font rendering engine for Complex Scripts -- utilities
lmodern (2.004.5-6)
scalable PostScript and OpenType fonts based on Computer Modern
psautohint (1.9.1-1)
standalone version of the AFDKO autohinter
psf-unifont (1:11.0.03-1)
PSF (console) version of GNU Unifont with APL support
python-nototools (0~20170925-1)
font support tools from the Noto Fonts project
sfnt2woff-zopfli (1.1.0-2)
Create WOFF files with Zopfli compression
sortsmill-tools (0.4-2)
tools for designers of digital fonts
t1-cyrillic (4.17)
A basic set of free PostScript fonts
t1-oldslavic (4.17)
OldSlavic -- a Cyrillic Type1 font with medieval design
t1-teams (4.17)
Teams -- a PostScript font covering ASCII and basic Cyrillic
t1-xfree86-nonfree (4.2.1-5) [non-free]
non-free Postscript Type 1 fonts from XFree86
tex-gyre (20180621-3)
scalable PostScript and OpenType fonts based on URW Fonts
texlive-fonts-extra (2018.20190227-2)
TeX Live: Additional fonts
texlive-fonts-recommended (2018.20190227-2)
TeX Live: Recommended fonts
toilet-fonts (0.3-1.2)
collection of TOIlet fonts
ttf-adf-accanthis (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-accanthis
ttf-adf-baskervald (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-baskervald
ttf-adf-berenis (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-berenis
ttf-adf-gillius (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-gillius
ttf-adf-ikarius (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-ikarius
ttf-adf-irianis (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-irianis
ttf-adf-libris (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-libris
ttf-adf-mekanus (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-mekanus
ttf-adf-oldania (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-oldania
ttf-adf-romande (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-romande
ttf-adf-switzera (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-switzera
ttf-adf-tribun (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-tribun
ttf-adf-universalis (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-universalis
ttf-adf-verana (0.20110505-3)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-adf-verana
ttf-aenigma (0.0.20080510.dfsg-2)
465 free TrueType fonts by Brian Kent
ttf-ancient-fonts (2.60-1)
Unicode Fonts for Ancient Scripts (transitional package)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-ancient-scripts
ttf-ancient-fonts-symbola (2.60-1)
symbolic font providing emoji chars from Unicode 9.0 (transit. pkg)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-symbola
ttf-anonymous-pro (1.002-1)
fixed width sans serif font designed for coders
ttf-bitstream-vera (1.10-8)
The Bitstream Vera family of free TrueType fonts
ttf-dejavu (2.37-1)
transitional dummy package
ttf-dejavu-core (2.37-1)
transitional dummy package
ttf-dejavu-extra (2.37-1)
transitional dummy package
ttf-denemo (2.2.0-1)
music notation symbol fonts for denemo
ttf-engadget (1.001-1-2)
Modern font from John Stracke
ttf-essays1743 (2.100-3)
transitional dummy package
ttf-femkeklaver (1.0-2)
transitional dummy package for fonts-femkeklaver
ttf-freefarsi (1.0.0~beta1-7)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-freefarsi
ttf-georgewilliams (20031023-2)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-georgewilliams
ttf-goudybookletter (2010.07.03-4)
transitional dummy package
ttf-isabella (1.202-1)
transitional dummy package
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-isabella
ttf-jsmath (0.090709+0-3)
transition dummy package.
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa fonts-jsmath
ttf-mscorefonts-installer (3.7) [contrib]
Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts
ttf-sjfonts (2.0.2-1.1)
Some Juicy Fonts handwriting fonts
ttf-staypuft (0.04-7)
Free TrueType font
ttf-summersby (1.007-9)
Free TrueType typeface font
ttf-tagbanwa (1.007)
font for the Tagbanwa script
ttf-unifont (1:11.0.03-1)
TrueType version of GNU Unifont
ttf-xfree86-nonfree (4.2.1-5) [non-free]
non-free TrueType fonts from XFree86
ttf-xfree86-nonfree-syriac (4.2.1-5) [non-free]
non-free syriac OpenType fonts from XFree86
ttfautohint (1.8.2-1)
Automatic font hinter
tv-fonts (1.1-9)
X11 fonts for TV applications
unifont (1:11.0.03-1)
font with a glyph for each visible Unicode Plane 0 character
woff-tools (0:2009.10.04-2+b1)
tools to convert between OpenType and WOFF formats
xfonts-100dpi (1:1.0.4+nmu1)
100 dpi fonts for X
xfonts-100dpi-transcoded (1:1.0.4+nmu1)
100 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
xfonts-75dpi (1:1.0.4+nmu1)
75 dpi fonts for X
xfonts-75dpi-transcoded (1:1.0.4+nmu1)
75 dpi fonts for X (transcoded from ISO 10646-1)
xfonts-a12k12 (1-12)
12-dot Kanji & ASCII fonts for X
xfonts-ayu (1:1.7a-7)
Gothic 18/20 dot Japanese and ISO-8859-1 X11 bitmap fonts
xfonts-baekmuk (2.2-8)
Baekmuk bitmap Korean fonts for X
xfonts-base (1:1.0.5)
standard fonts for X
xfonts-biznet-100dpi (3.0.0-26)
100 dpi BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X servers
xfonts-biznet-75dpi (3.0.0-26)
75 dpi BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X servers
xfonts-biznet-base (3.0.0-26)
Standard BIZNET ISO-8859-2 fonts for X servers
xfonts-bolkhov-75dpi (1.1.20001007-8)
75 dpi Unicode Cyrillic fonts for X (Cyr-RFX collection)
xfonts-bolkhov-cp1251-75dpi (1.1.20001007-8)
Kyrillisiä 75dpi X-fontteja CP1251-koodattuna (Cyr-RFX-kokoelma)
xfonts-bolkhov-cp1251-misc (1.1.20001007-8)
Vakiolevyisiä kyrillisiä (CP1251) X-kirjasimia (Cyr-RFX)
xfonts-bolkhov-isocyr-75dpi (1.1.20001007-8)
75dpi ISO-8859-5-koodattuja kyrillisiä fontteja X:ään (Cyr-RFX-kokoelma)
xfonts-bolkhov-isocyr-misc (1.1.20001007-8)
Character-cell ISO-8859-5 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cyr-RFX collection)
xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r-75dpi (1.1.20001007-8)
Cyr-RFX: KOI8-R-merkistön kyrillisiä X-kirjasimia (75dpi)
xfonts-bolkhov-koi8r-misc (1.1.20001007-8)
Character-cell KOI8-R encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cyr-RFX collection)
xfonts-bolkhov-koi8u-75dpi (1.1.20001007-8)
Kyrillisiä 75dpi X-fontteja KOI8-U-koodattuna (Cyr-RFX-kokoelma)
xfonts-bolkhov-koi8u-misc (1.1.20001007-8)
KOI8-U-merkistön kyrillisiä X-kirjasimia (Cyr-RFX-kokoelma)
xfonts-bolkhov-misc (1.1.20001007-8)
Character-cell Unicode Cyrillic fonts for X (Cyr-RFX collection)
xfonts-cronyx-100dpi (2.3.8-9)
100 dpi Unicode Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-75dpi (2.3.8-9)
75 dpi Unicode Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-100dpi (2.3.8-9)
100 dpi CP1251 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-75dpi (2.3.8-9)
75 dpi CP1251 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-cp1251-misc (2.3.8-9)
Character-cell CP1251 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-100dpi (2.3.8-9)
100 dpi ISO 8859-5 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-75dpi (2.3.8-9)
75 dpi ISO 8859-5 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-isocyr-misc (2.3.8-9)
Character-cell ISO-8859-5 encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-100dpi (2.3.8-9)
100 dpi KOI8-R encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-75dpi (2.3.8-9)
75 dpi KOI8-R encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8r-misc (2.3.8-9)
Character-cell KOI8-R encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-100dpi (2.3.8-9)
100 dpi KOI8-U encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-75dpi (2.3.8-9)
75 dpi KOI8-U encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-koi8u-misc (2.3.8-9)
Character-cell KOI8-U encoded Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cronyx-misc (2.3.8-9)
Character-cell Unicode Cyrillic fonts for X (Cronyx collection)
xfonts-cyrillic (1:1.0.4)
Cyrillic fonts for X
xfonts-efont-unicode (0.4.2-11)
/efont/ Unicode fonts for X which cover various scripts
xfonts-efont-unicode-ib (0.4.2-11)
/efont/ Unicode fonts for X (italic and bold)
xfonts-encodings (1:1.0.4-2)
Encodings for X.Org fonts
xfonts-intl-arabic (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - Arabic
xfonts-intl-asian (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - (south-east) Asian
xfonts-intl-chinese (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - Chinese
xfonts-intl-chinese-big (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - large Chinese
xfonts-intl-european (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - European
xfonts-intl-japanese (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - Japanese
xfonts-intl-japanese-big (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - large Japanese
xfonts-intl-phonetic (1.2.1-10)
international fonts for X - International Phonetic Alphabet
xfonts-jisx0213 (0+20040511-7)
JIS X 0213 Japanese Kanji bitmap fonts for X
xfonts-jmk (3.0-22)
Jim Knoble's character-cell fonts for X
xfonts-kaname (1.1-13)
Kaname Cho 12dot japanin KANJI- ja Latin1-fontit X11:een
xfonts-kapl (4.22.1-10)
APL fonts for A+ development
xfonts-kappa20 (1:0.396-6)
X11 Kappa 20dot Fonts (ISO-8859-1..4/9/10/13..16, Japanese) with bold
xfonts-libdockapp (1:0.7.2-1)
Window Maker Dock App support (fonts)
xfonts-marumoji (0.2-11)
Pyöristetyt fontit (marumoji-fontit) X:lle
xfonts-mona (2.90-8)
Proportional X fonts for 2ch ASCII art
xfonts-mplus (1:2.2.4-5)
M+ bitmap 10/12 dot Latin/Japanese fonts for X11
xfonts-naga10 (1.1-18) [non-free]
10x10 dot Japanese and ISO-8859-1 naga10 fonts
xfonts-nexus (0.0.2-17)
Nexus font for X
xfonts-scalable (1:1.0.3-1.1)
scalable fonts for X
xfonts-shinonome (1:0.9.11-6)
Various 12,14,16 dot Japanese Kanji, iso8859-1 fonts for X11
xfonts-terminus (4.40-2)
Fixed-width fonts for fast reading
xfonts-terminus-dos (4.40-2)
Fixed-width fonts for DOS encodings
xfonts-terminus-oblique (4.40-2)
Oblique version of the Terminus font
xfonts-thai (1:1.2.7-3)
Collection of Thai fonts for X (metapackage)
xfonts-thai-etl (1:1.2.7-3)
Thai etl fonts for X
xfonts-thai-manop (1:1.2.7-3)
Manop Wongsaisuwan's bitmap fonts for X
xfonts-thai-nectec (1:1.2.7-3)
Thai fixed fonts for X from Nectec
xfonts-thai-poonlap (1:1.2.7-3)
Poonlap Veerathanabutr's bitmap fonts for X
xfonts-thai-vor (1:1.2.7-3)
Voradesh Yenbut's bitmap fonts for X
xfonts-tipa (2:1.3-20)
X11 PostScript Type 1 font for the Phonetic Alphabet
xfonts-unifont (1:11.0.03-1)
PCF (bitmap) version of GNU Unifont
xfonts-wqy (1.0.0~rc1-6)
WenQuanYi Bitmap Song CJK font for X
xfonts-x3270-misc (3.6ga4-3)
Font files for the x3270(1) IBM 3270 emulator
xgridfit (2.3-3)
program for gridfitting, or "hinting," TrueType fonts