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Erlang/OTP various tools

The Tools application contains a number of stand-alone tools, which are useful when developing Erlang programs.

 cover - A coverage analysis tool for Erlang.
 cprof - A profiling tool that shows how many times each function
   is called. Uses a kind of local call trace breakpoints containing
   counters to achieve very low runtime performance degradation.
 eprof - A time profiling tool; measures how time is used in Erlang
   programs. Predecessor of fprof (see below).
 fprof - Another Erlang profiler; measures how time is used in Erlang
   programs. Uses trace to file to minimize runtime performance
   impact, and displays time for calling and called functions.
 instrument - Utility functions for obtaining and analyzing resource
   usage in an instrumented Erlang runtime system.
 make - A make utility for Erlang similar to UNIX make.
 tags - A tool for generating Emacs TAGS files from Erlang source
 xref - A cross reference tool. Can be used to check dependencies
   between functions, modules, applications and releases.

Tagit: Software Development: Need an extra tag, Build Tool, Profiling, User Interface: interface::commandline, role::program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: use::browsing, works-with::software:running

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