Software Packages in "bullseye", Alaosasto metapackages

android-sdk (28.0.2+3)
Software development kit for Android platform
android-sdk-build-tools (29.0.3+3)
Tools for building Android applications
android-sdk-platform-tools (28.0.2+3)
Tools for interacting with an Android platform
astro-all (3.0)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Astro
astro-catalogs (3.0)
Astronomy catalogs
astro-datareduction (3.0)
Data reduction pipelines for astronomy
astro-development (3.0)
C/C++ development packages for astronomy
astro-education (3.0)
Educational astronomy applications
astro-frameworks (3.0)
Astronomical data analysis frameworks
astro-gdl (3.0)
IDL/GDL packages for astronomy
astro-iraf (3.0)
IRAF packages
astro-java (3.0)
Java packages for astronomy
astro-publication (3.0)
Packages for the publication and presentation of astronomical data
astro-python3 (3.0)
Python 3 packages for astronomy
astro-radioastronomy (3.0)
Radio Astronomy Software
astro-simulation (3.0)
Simulation packages for astronomy
astro-tcltk (3.0)
Tcl/Tk packages for astronomy
astro-telescopecontrol (3.0)
Telescope control and data processing
astro-tools (3.0)
Astronomy tools and utilities
astro-viewers (3.0)
Interactive astronomical data viewers
astro-virtual-observatory (3.0)
Tools and viewers for the Virtual Observatory
bilibop (0.6.3)
run Debian GNU/Linux from external media - metapackage
casacore-data (1.2)
Data for Common Astronomy Software Applications core library
cinnamon-core (4.8.3)
Cinnamon desktop environment - essential components
cinnamon-desktop-environment (4.8.3)
Cinnamon desktop environment - full desktop with extra components
claws-mail-extra-plugins (3.17.8-1)
Extra plugins collection for Claws Mail
claws-mail-plugins (3.17.8-1)
Installs plugins for the Claws Mail mailer
debichem-analytical-biochemistry (0.0.11)
DebiChem Analytical BioChemistry
debichem-cheminformatics (0.0.11)
DebiChem Cheminformatics
debichem-crystallography (0.0.11)
DebiChem crystallography
debichem-development (0.0.11)
DebiChem C/C++/Fortran Development
debichem-input-generation-output-processing (0.0.11)
DebiChem input preparation and output processing
debichem-molecular-abinitio (0.0.11)
DebiChem Molecular Ab Initio Calculations
debichem-molecular-dynamics (0.0.11)
DebiChem Molecular Dynamics
debichem-molecular-modelling (0.0.11)
DebiChem 3D Molecular Modelling and Visualization
debichem-periodic-abinitio (0.0.11)
DebiChem Periodic Ab Initio Calculations
debichem-semiempirical (0.0.11)
DebiChem Semi Empirical
debichem-view-edit-2d (0.0.11)
DebiChem chemical formular/structure editors
debichem-visualisation (0.0.11)
DebiChem 3D Viewers
doc-rfc (20201128-1) [non-free]
RFC documents metapackage
education-desktop-cinnamon (2.11.37)
Debian Edu Cinnamon desktop applications
education-desktop-lxqt (2.11.37)
Debian Edu LXQt desktop applications
education-desktop-mate (2.11.37)
Debian Edu MATE desktop applications
education-highschool (2.11.37)
Debian Edu applications for high school level
education-ltsp-server (2.11.37)
Debian Edu LTSP server packages
education-networked-common (2.11.37)
Debian Edu common packages for networked systems
education-preschool (2.11.37)
Debian Edu applications for pre school level
education-primaryschool (2.11.37)
Debian Edu applications for primary school level
education-roaming-workstation (2.11.37)
Debian Edu roaming workstation packages
education-secondaryschool (2.11.37)
Debian Edu applications for secondary school level
education-video (2.11.37)
Debian Edu video applications
electronics-all (0.3)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Electronics
electronics-analog (0.3)
Debian packages for analog design
electronics-asic-dev (0.3)
Debian ASIC development packages
electronics-cad-gui (0.3)
Debian packages for CAD tools with GUI
electronics-digital (0.3)
Debian packages for digital design
electronics-doc (0.3)
Debian packages containing documentation for electronics
electronics-dsp-dev (0.3)
Debian packages for filter coefficient calculation etc
electronics-fpga-dev (0.3)
Debian FPGA development packages
electronics-gadgets (0.3)
Debian packages for interacting with gadgets
electronics-measurements (0.3)
Packages for electronic measurements
electronics-microcontrollers (0.3)
Debian packages for dealing with microcontrollers
electronics-pcb (0.3)
Debian packages for PCB development
electronics-radio-dev (0.3)
Packages for design of circuits at radio frequencies
electronics-simulation (0.3)
Debian packages for simulation of electronic circuits
fbx-all (2)
FreedomBox package
fcitx5-chinese-addons (5.0.4-1+deb11u1)
Chinese-related addon for fcitx5 (metapackage)
firmware-linux (20210315-3) [non-free]
Binary firmware for various drivers in the Linux kernel (metapackage)
firmware-linux-nonfree (20210315-3) [non-free]
Binary firmware for various drivers in the Linux kernel (metapackage)
fonts-indic (2:1.4)
Meta package to install all Indian language fonts
forensics-all (3.30)
Debian Forensics Environment - essential components (metapackage)
forensics-all-gui (3.30)
Debian Forensics Environment - GUI components (metapackage)
forensics-extra (2.29)
Forensics Environment - extra console components (metapackage)
forensics-extra-gui (2.29)
Forensics Environment - extra GUI components (metapackage)
forensics-full (2.29)
Full forensics station (metapackage)
forensics-samples-all (1.1.4-2)
Set of files to help learn/test forensics tools and techniques (metapackage)
games-adventure (4)
Debian's adventure games
games-all (4)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Games
games-arcade (4)
Debian's arcade games
games-board (4)
Debian's board games
games-c++-dev (4)
development of games in C/C++/D
games-card (4)
Debian's card games
games-chess (4)
Debian's chess games
games-console (4)
Debian's console games
games-content-dev (4)
development of game content
games-education (4)
Debian's educational games
games-emulator (4)
Debian's emulators for games
games-finest (4)
Debian's finest games
games-fps (4)
Debian's first-person shooter games
games-java-dev (4)
development of games in Java
games-minesweeper (4)
Debian's minesweeper games
games-mud (4)
Debian's multi-user-dungeon games
games-perl-dev (4)
development of games in Perl
games-platform (4)
Debian's platform games
games-programming (4)
Debian's programming games
games-puzzle (4)
Debian's puzzle games
games-python3-dev (4)
development of games in Python 3
games-racing (4)
Debian's racing games
games-rogue (4)
Debian's roguelike games
games-rpg (4)
Debian's roleplaying games
games-shootemup (4)
Debian's shoot 'em up games
games-simulation (4)
Debian's simulation games
games-sport (4)
Debian's sport games
games-strategy (4)
Debian's strategy games
games-tasks (4)
Debian Games tasks for tasksel
games-tetris (4)
Debian's tetris-like games
games-toys (4)
Debian's toy games
games-typing (4)
Debian's typing games
gis-all (0.0.20)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Gis
gis-devel (0.0.20)
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development
gnome (1:3.38+3)
Full GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components
gnome-core (1:3.38+3)
GNOME Desktop Environment -- essential components
gnome-games (1:3.38+3)
Pelejä Gnome-työpöytäympäristöön
hamradio-all (0.7)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Hamradio
hamradio-antenna (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Antenna Packages
hamradio-datamodes (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Data Modes Packages
hamradio-digitalvoice (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Digital Voice Packages
hamradio-logging (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Logging Packages
hamradio-morse (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Morse/CW Packages
hamradio-nonamateur (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Non-Amateur Modes Packages
hamradio-packetmodes (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Packet Mode Packages
hamradio-rigcontrol (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Rig Control Packages
hamradio-satellite (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Satellite Operation Packages
hamradio-sdr (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Software Defined Radio Packages
hamradio-tools (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Tools Packages
hamradio-training (0.7)
Debian Hamradio Training Packages
hashcat-nvidia (20210201) [contrib]
Installs hashcat and its dependencies for users with NVIDIA GPU
init (1.60)
metapackage ensuring an init system is installed
intel-mkl (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL)
intel-mkl-cluster (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) (Cluster)
intel-mkl-full (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel® MKL) (Full)
junior-art (1.29)
Juniori-Debian: Taide
junior-education (1.29)
Debian Jr. education applications
junior-games-adventure (1.29)
Debian Jr. Adventure Games
junior-games-arcade (1.29)
Debian Jr. arcade games
junior-games-card (1.29)
Debian-korttipelejä lapsille
junior-games-gl (1.29)
Debian Jr. 3D Games (hardware acceleration required)
junior-games-net (1.29)
Debian Jr. Network Games
junior-games-puzzle (1.29)
Debian Jr. Puzzle games
junior-games-sim (1.29)
Debian Jr. Simulation Games
junior-games-text (1.29)
Debian Jr. Tekstipelit
junior-internet (1.29)
Debian Jr. Internet tools
junior-math (1.29)
Debian Jr. educational math
junior-programming (1.29)
Debian Jr. programming
junior-sound (1.29)
Debian Jr. sound
junior-system (1.29)
Debian Jr. System tools
junior-toys (1.29)
Debian Jr. desktop toys
junior-typing (1.29)
Debian Jr. typing
junior-video (1.29)
Debian Jr. Video
junior-writing (1.29)
Debian Jr. writing
jupyter (4.7.1-1)
Interactive computing environment (metapackage)
kde-baseapps (4:20.12.0+5.111)
base applications from the official KDE release (metapackage)
kde-full (5:111)
complete KDE Software Compilation for end users
kde-plasma-desktop (5:111)
KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications
kde-standard (5:111)
KDE Plasma Desktop and standard set of applications
kde-telepathy (
metapackage for installing all the KDE Telepathy components
kde-telepathy-minimal (
metapackage for installing the basic KDE Telepathy components
kdeaccessibility (4:20.12.0+5.111)
accessibility packages from the official KDE release
kdeadmin (4:20.12.0+5.111)
system administration tools from the official KDE release
kdeedu (4:20.12.0+5.111)
educational applications from the official KDE release
kdegames (4:20.12.0+5.111)
games from the official KDE release
kdegraphics (4:20.12.0+5.111)
graphics applications from the official KDE release
kdemultimedia (4:20.12.0+5.111)
multimedia applications from the official KDE release
kdenetwork (4:20.12.0+5.111)
networking applications from the official KDE release
kdepim (4:20.08.3+5.111)
Personal Information Management apps from the official KDE release
kdesdk (4:20.12.0+5.111)
Ohjelmistokehityspaketti (SDK) KDE:n virallisesta julkaisusta
kdetoys (4:20.12.0+5.111)
desktop toys from the official KDE release
kdeutils (4:20.12.0+5.111)
general-purpose utilities from the official KDE release
kdewebdev (4:20.12.0+5.111)
web development apps from the official KDE release
kicad-libraries (5.1.9+dfsg1-1+deb11u1)
Virtual package providing common used libraries by kicad
lava (2020.12-5)
Linaro Automated Validation Architecture metapackage
libavcodec-extra (7:4.3.4-0+deb11u1)
FFmpeg library with extra codecs (metapackage)
libavfilter-extra (7:4.3.4-0+deb11u1)
FFmpeg library with extra filters (metapackage)
libblis3 (0.8.0-1)
BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework (32bit,meta)
libblis64-3 (0.8.0-1)
BLAS-like Library Instantiation Software Framework (64bit,meta)
libgdal-grass (3.2.2-1+b1)
GRASS extension for the GDAL library
libmkl-meta-cluster (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Metapackage for Intel-MKL: Shared Object for Cluster
libmkl-meta-computational (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Metapackage of intel-MKL: Shared Objects for Computaional Layer
libmkl-meta-interface (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Metapackage of intel-MKL: Shared Objects of Interface Layer
libmkl-meta-threading (2020.4.304-2) [non-free]
Metapackage of intel-MKL: Shared Objects of Threading Layer
libopenblas0 (0.3.13+ds-3)
Optimized BLAS (linear algebra) library (meta)
libopenblas64-0 (0.3.13+ds-3)
Optimized BLAS (linear algebra) library (shared lib, 64bit, meta)
libopenblas64-dev (0.3.13+ds-3)
Optimized BLAS (linear algebra) library (dev, 64bit, meta)
libpbseq (5.3.4+dfsg-3)
library for analyzing PacBio sequencing data
librem5-tweaks (3)
Default configuration settings for the Librem-5
libreoffice (1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3)
office productivity suite (metapackage)
libreoffice-l10n-in (1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3)
office productivity suite -- Indic language packages
libreoffice-l10n-za (1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3)
office productivity suite -- South African language packages
libreoffice-nogui (1:7.0.4-4+deb11u3)
office productivity suite (metapackage, no GUI)
live-manual (2:20151217.1)
Live Systems Documentation (metapackage)
näennäispaketti, jonka toteuttaa live-manual-pdf, live-manual-html, live-manual-epub, live-manual-odf, live-manual-txt
live-task-base (11.0.3)
Live base environment support
live-task-cinnamon (11.0.3)
Live environment support for Cinnamon
live-task-extra (11.0.3)
Live extra environment support
live-task-gnome (11.0.3)
Live environment support for GNOME
live-task-kde (11.0.3)
Live environment support for KDE
live-task-localisation (11.0.3)
Live environment localisation support
live-task-localisation-desktop (11.0.3)
Live graphical desktop environment localisation support
live-task-lxde (11.0.3)
Live environment support for Lxde
live-task-lxqt (11.0.3)
Live environment support for LXQt
live-task-mate (11.0.3)
Live environment support for Mate
live-task-recommended (11.0.3)
Live recommended environment support
live-task-standard (11.0.3)
Live environment for standard system utilities
live-task-xfce (11.0.3)
Live environment support for Xfce
lsp-plugins (1.1.29-1)
LSP (Linux Studio Plugins) audio-plugins (metapackage)
lxde (11)
metapackage for LXDE
lxde-core (11)
metapackage for the LXDE core
lxqt (30)
Metapackage for LXQt
lxqt-core (30)
Metapackage for the LXQt core
med-all (3.7)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Med
med-bio (3.7)
Debian Med bioinformatics packages
med-bio-dev (3.7)
Debian Med packages for development of bioinformatics applications
med-cloud (3.7)
Debian Med bioinformatics applications usable in cloud computing
med-data (3.7)
Debian Med drug databases
med-dental (3.7)
Debian Med packages related to dental practice
med-epi (3.7)
Debian Med epidemiology related packages
med-his (3.7)
Debian Med suggestions for Hospital Information Systems
med-imaging (3.7)
Debian Med image processing and visualization packages
med-imaging-dev (3.7)
Debian Med image processing and visualization packages development
med-laboratory (3.7)
Debian Med suggestions for medical laboratories
med-oncology (3.7)
Debian Med packages for oncology
med-pharmacy (3.7)
Debian Med packages for pharmaceutical research
med-physics (3.7)
Debian Med packages for medical physicists
med-practice (3.7)
Debian Med -paketit terveydenhuollon toimipisteen hallinnointiin
med-psychology (3.7)
Debian Med packages for psychology
med-research (3.7)
Debian Med packages for medical research
med-statistics (3.7)
Debian Med statistics
med-tools (3.7)
Debian Med several tools
med-typesetting (3.7)
Debian Med support for typesetting and publishing
mobile-tweaks-common (3)
Default configuration settings common to Linux mobiles
multimedia-all (0.10)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Multimedia
multimedia-ambisonics (0.10)
Packages for working with ambisonics (3D surround sound)
multimedia-animation (0.10)
Packages for creating animations
multimedia-audio-plugins (0.10)
Audio processing plugins, synths and virtual instruments
multimedia-audio-utilities (0.10)
packages for manipulating & cataloging music and audio
multimedia-broadcasting (0.10)
Packages for broadcasting media publicly or in the home
multimedia-csound (0.10)
Packages for working with Csound
multimedia-devel (0.10)
Extra packages for developers and package compiling
multimedia-djing (0.10)
Packages for Disc Jockeys
multimedia-drums (0.10)
Packages for drums & beats
multimedia-firewire (0.10)
Packages for your firewire audiocard / interface
multimedia-graphics (0.10)
Packages for making and editing artwork
multimedia-guitar (0.10)
Packages for playing with your (virtual) guitar gear
multimedia-jack (0.10)
JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) and ALSA related packages
multimedia-ladi (0.10)
LADI, Linuxaudio session management, packages
multimedia-looping (0.10)
Packages for looping music and audio
multimedia-midi (0.10)
MIDI related packages
multimedia-mixing (0.10)
Packages for mixing and mastering your music
multimedia-musiciantools (0.10)
Packages for musicians
multimedia-photography (0.10)
Packages for working with digital photography
multimedia-players (0.10)
Packages which makes your multimedia tools complete
multimedia-puredata (0.10)
Packages for working with Pure Data
multimedia-recording (0.10)
Packages for audio recording
multimedia-samplers (0.10)
Software samplers
multimedia-soundsynthesis (0.10)
Packages for sound synthesis
multimedia-supercollider (0.10)
Packages for working with SuperCollider
multimedia-video (0.10)
Video packages
mupen64plus-audio-all (2.5+6)
plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator, audio plugins
mupen64plus-input-all (2.5+6)
plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator, input plugins
mupen64plus-rsp-all (2.5+6)
plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator, rsp plugins
mupen64plus-video-all (2.5+6)
plugin-based Nintendo 64 emulator, video plugins
nut (2.7.4-13)
network UPS tools - metapackage
packaging-dev (0.8+nmu1)
convenient tools to develop packages
pbsuite (15.8.24+dfsg-7)
software for Pacific Biosciences sequencing data
phosh-core (5)
GNOME/Phosh mobile Environment -- essential components
phosh-full (5)
GNOME/Phosh mobile Environment, with extra components
phosh-games (5)
games for the GNOME/Phosh mobile environment
phosh-phone (5)
GNOME/Phosh mobile Environment -- phone components
phosh-tablet (5)
GNOME/Phosh mobile Environment -- tablet components
pinephone-tweaks (3)
Default configuration settings for the PinePhone
pinetab-tweaks (3)
Default configuration settings for the PineTab
powerpc-utils (1.3.8-3)
utilities for maintenance of PowerPC platforms (metapackage)
progress-linux-base-system (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Base System
progress-linux-container (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Container Metapackage
progress-linux-container-server (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Container Server
progress-linux-desktop (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Desktop Metapackage
progress-linux-gnome-desktop (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - GNOME Desktop
progress-linux-host (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Host Metapackage
progress-linux-maintainers (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Maintainers Metapackage
progress-linux-server (20210101-2)
Progress Linux - Server Metapackage
ros-base (1.16)
Python Robot OS base metapackage
ros-base-dev (1.16)
Robot OS base development metapackage
ros-base-lisp-dev (1.16)
Lisp Robot OS base development metapackage
ros-base-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS base development metapackage
ros-core (1.16)
Robot OS core metapackage
ros-core-dev (1.16)
Robot OS core development metapackage
ros-core-lisp-dev (1.16)
Lisp Robot OS core development metapackage
ros-core-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS core development metapackage
ros-core-rosbuild-dev (1.16)
Robot OS rosbuild core development metapackage
ros-desktop (1.16)
Robot OS desktop metapackage
ros-desktop-dev (1.16)
Robot OS desktop development metapackage
ros-desktop-full (1.16)
Robot OS desktop-full metapackage
ros-desktop-full-dev (1.16)
Robot OS desktop-full development metapackage
ros-desktop-full-lisp-dev (1.16)
LISP Robot OS desktop-full development metapackage
ros-desktop-full-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS desktop-full development metapackage
ros-desktop-lisp-dev (1.16)
LISP Robot OS desktop development metapackage
ros-desktop-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS desktop development metapackage
ros-perception (1.16)
Python Robot OS perception metapackage
ros-perception-dev (1.16)
Robot OS perception development metapackage
ros-perception-lisp-dev (1.16)
LISP Robot OS perception development metapackage
ros-perception-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS perception development metapackage
ros-robot (1.16)
Python Robot OS robot metapackage
ros-robot-dev (1.16)
Robot OS robot development metapackage
ros-robot-lisp-dev (1.16)
LISP Robot OS robot development metapackage
ros-robot-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS robot development metapackage
ros-simulators (1.16)
Python Robot OS simulators metapackage
ros-simulators-dev (1.16)
Robot OS simulators development metapackage
ros-simulators-lisp-dev (1.16)
LISP Robot OS simulators development metapackage
ros-simulators-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS simulators development metapackage
ros-viz (1.16)
Python Robot OS viz metapackage
ros-viz-dev (1.16)
Robot OS viz development metapackage
ros-viz-python-dev (1.16)
Python Robot OS viz development metapackage
sc3-plugins (3.9.1~repack-4)
Community collection of UGen plugins for SuperCollider
science-all (1.14.2)
Default selection of tasks for Debian Science
science-biology (1.14.2)
Debian Science Biology packages
science-chemistry (1.14.2)
Debian Science Chemistry packages
science-dataacquisition (1.14.2)
Debian Science data acquisition packages
science-datamanagement (1.14.2)
Debian Science Data Management packages
science-distributedcomputing (1.14.2)
Debian Science Distributed Computing packages
science-economics (1.14.2)
Debian Science Economics packages
science-electrophysiology (1.14.2)
Debian Science packages for Electrophysiology
science-engineering (1.14.2)
Debian Science Engineering packages
science-financial (1.14.2)
Debian Science financial engineering and computational finance
science-geography (1.14.2)
Debian Science Geography packages
science-geometry (1.14.2)
Debian Science geometry packages
science-imageanalysis (1.14.2)
Debian Science image analysis packages
science-imageanalysis-dev (1.14.2)
Debian Science development of image analysis applications
science-linguistics (1.14.2)
Debian Science Linguistics packages
science-logic (1.14.2)
Debian Science Logic packages
science-mathematics (1.14.2)
Debian Science Mathematics packages
science-meteorology (1.14.2)
Debian Science Meteorology packages
science-numericalcomputation (1.14.2)
Debian Science Numerical Computation packages
science-physics (1.14.2)
Debian Science Physics packages
science-presentation (1.14.2)
Debian Science generic tools for presentations
science-psychophysics (1.14.2)
Debian Science packages for Psychophysics
science-robotics (1.14.2)
Debian Robotics packages
science-simulations (1.14.2)
Debian Science Simulation packages
science-statistics (1.14.2)
Debian Science Statistics packages
science-typesetting (1.14.2)
Debian Science typesetting packages
science-viewing (1.14.2)
Debian Science data visualisation packages
science-workflow (1.14.2)
workflow management systems useful for scientific research
spl (2.0.3-9) [contrib]
Solaris Porting Layer user-space utilities for Linux (dummy)
spl-dkms (2.0.3-9) [contrib]
Solaris Porting Layer kernel modules for Linux (dummy)
sucrose (0.118-2)
Sugar Learning Platform - Sucrose
thunderbird-l10n-all (1:91.13.0-1~deb11u1)
All language packages for Thunderbird (meta)
ubuntu-packaging-guide (1.0.2)
Ubuntu Packaging Guide - metapackage