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Paketti: libjide-oss-java (3.7.6+dfsg-2)

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extensible Swing component library for Java

JIDE Common Layer is a general component library built on top of Swing. It provides a foundation to build complex Java desktop applications by extending existing Swing classes to add more advanced features.

JIDE Common Layer features over 30 components and utilities including:

  * SearchableBar
  * FolderChooser
  * Searchable JList, JTree, JComboBox and JTable
  * RangeSlider
  * Popup
  * JideSplitButton - a combination of a button and a popup menu
  * CheckBoxList and CheckBoxTree - use check boxes inside JLists and JTrees
  * IconFactory - simplify the usage of icons across the whole application
  * Systeminfo - retrieve information about the current system
  * AutoResizingTextArea
  * AutoCompletion and IntelliHints
  * Calculator component

Tagit: Software Development: Java Development, Kirjastot, Implemented in: Java, Role: role::devel-lib, role::shared-lib

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