Software Packages in "experimental", Subsection golang

cel-server (0.7.3+ds-3) [debports]
Common Expression Language conformance test server
enterprise-certificate-proxy-signer (0.3.2-1)
signer for Google Proxies for Enterprise Certificates (program)
golang-etcd-server-dev (3.4.30-2)
highly-available key value store -- source
golang-gir-generator (3.0.0-1~exp)
generate library binding code which support gir for golang.
golang-gir-gio-2.0-dev (3.0.0-1~exp)
Go bindings
golang-gir-glib-2.0-dev (3.0.0-1~exp)
Go bindings
golang-gir-gobject-2.0-dev (3.0.0-1~exp)
Go bindings
golang-gir-gudev-1.0-dev (3.0.0-1~exp)
Go bindings
golang-github-cli-browser-dev (1.0.0-1)
helpers to open URLs, files, or readers in a web browser
golang-github-containerd-btrfs-dev (2.0.0-1)
Btrfs bindings for Go
golang-github-containerd-go-cni-dev (1.1.9-1)
generic CNI library to provide APIs for CNI plugin interactions
golang-github-containerd-go-runc-dev (1.1.0-1)
runc bindings for Go
golang-github-containerd-imgcrypt-dev (1.1.11-1)
OCI Image Encryption Package (library)
golang-github-containerd-nri-dev (0.6.1-1)
Node Resource Interface (library)
golang-github-containerd-typeurl-dev (2.1.1-1)
Go package for managing marshaled types to protobuf.Any
golang-github-containers-buildah-dev (1.35.3+ds1-1)
tool to facilitate building OCI images
golang-github-containers-common (0.58.2+ds1-2)
Common files for repositories
golang-github-containers-common-dev (0.58.2+ds1-2)
Common files for repositories (library)
golang-github-containers-image (5.30.0-1)
Configuration files and manpages for repositories
golang-github-containers-image-dev (5.30.0-1)
golang library to work with containers' images
golang-github-containers-storage-dev (1.53.0+ds1-1)
Go library for handling how containers are stored on disk
golang-github-coreos-bbolt-dev (1.3.10-1)
low-level key/value database for Go, especially CoreOS's etcd
golang-github-deckarep-golang-set-dev (2.6.0-1)
simple set type for the Go language
golang-github-docker-notary-dev (0.7.0+git20240416.9d2b3b3+ds1-1)
library for running and interacting with trusted collections
golang-github-golang-geo-dev (0.0~git20170112.0.f819552-1)
S2 geometry library in Go
golang-github-google-cel-go-dev (0.18.2+ds-2)
Common Expression Language (go runtime)
golang-github-google-cel-spec-dev (0.5.1-1)
Common Expression Language (specification)
golang-github-google-certificate-transparency-dev (1.2.1-1)
Framework for monitoring and auditing SSL certificates
golang-github-google-s2a-go-dev (0.1.7-2)
Secure Session Agent Client Libraries (library)
golang-github-googleapis-enterprise-certificate-proxy-dev (0.3.2-1)
Google Proxies for Enterprise Certificates (library)
golang-github-googleapis-gnostic-dev (0.2.0-6)
compiler for OpenAPI specification - library
golang-github-grpc-ecosystem-go-grpc-prometheus-dev (1.2.0+git20191002.6af20e3-4)
Prometheus monitoring for gRPC Go servers
golang-github-kotakanbe-go-cpe-dictionary-dev (0.0~git20181107.61280e8-1)
tool to build a local copy of the CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) (source)
golang-github-kubernetes-cri-api-dev (0.25.3-1)
Container Runtime Interface (CRI)
golang-github-kurin-blazer-dev (0.5.3-2)
Go library for Backblaze's B2
golang-github-mitchellh-hashstructure-dev (2.0.2-1)
generate hash values for arbitrary values in Golang
golang-github-ostreedev-ostree-go-dev (0.0+git20210805.719684c64e4f-1)
Golang bindings for httt://
golang-github-urfave-cli-v2-dev (2.25.7-1)
package for building command line apps in Go (version 2)
golang-golang-x-debug-dev (0.0~git20160621.0.fb50892-1)
debugging tools
golang-google-genproto-dev (0.0~git20210726.e7812ac-3)
Generated Go packages for common protocol buffer types
golang-google-grpc-dev (1.64.0-1)
implementation of gRPC in Go
golang-opentelemetry-otel-dev (1.19.0-0)
OpenTelemetry Go API and SDK
golang-opentelemetry-proto-dev (0.19.0-1)
OpenTelemetry Go API and SDK - proto
golang-thrift-dev (0.20.0-1)
Go language support for Thrift
imgcrypt (1.1.11-1)
OCI Image Encryption Package (program)
protoc-gen-go-grpc (1.64.0-1)
gRPC plugin for protobuf compiler