Пакети в „stretch-backports“, Под-раздел utils

anbox (0.0~git20181014-1~bpo9+1) [contrib]
Android in a box
apkinfo (0.3.11-1~bpo9+1)
Simple CLI script to display info about an APK file.
aptly (1.3.0-5~bpo9+1 [amd64, s390x], 1.1.1-2~bpo9+1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, ppc64el])
Swiss army knife for Debian repository management - main package
aptly-api (1.3.0-5~bpo9+1)
Swiss army knife for Debian repository management - API
backblaze-b2 (1.3.8-1~bpo9+1)
Command Line Tool for Backblaze B2
bacula-console-qt (9.4.2-1~bpo9+1)
network backup service - Bacula Administration Tool
bacula-tray-monitor (9.4.2-1~bpo9+1)
network backup service - Bacula Tray Monitor
blhc (0.09-0.1~bpo9+1)
build log hardening check
brotli (1.0.5-2~bpo9+1)
lossless compression algorithm and format (command line utility)
btrfs-heatmap (8-1~bpo9+1)
Visualize the layout of data on your btrfs filesystem
caja (1.20.3-1~bpo9+1)
file manager for the MATE desktop
caja-actions (1.8.3-4~bpo9+1)
Caja extension to create custom actions
caja-actions-common (1.8.3-4~bpo9+1)
Caja extension to create custom actions (common files)
caja-common (1.20.3-1~bpo9+1)
file manager for the MATE desktop (common files)
caja-rename (18.7.28~bzr25-1~bpo9+1)
Batch renaming extension for Caja
cbm (0.2-1~bpo9+1)
display in real time the network traffic speed
chiark-backup (6.0.2~bpo9+1)
backup system for small systems and networks
chiark-rwbuffer (6.0.2~bpo9+1)
readbuffer/writebuffer: prevents tape drive seesawing, etc.
chiark-utils-bin (6.0.2~bpo9+1)
chiark system administration utilities
copyq (3.7.3-1~bpo9+1)
Advanced clipboard manager with editing and scripting features
copyq-plugins (3.7.3-1~bpo9+1)
Plugins for CopyQ
cowbuilder (0.88~bpo9+1)
pbuilder running on cowdancer
cowdancer (0.88~bpo9+1)
Copy-on-write directory tree utility
detox (1.3.0-2~bpo9+1)
replace problematic characters in filenames
di-netboot-assistant (0.60~bpo9+1)
Debian-Installer netboot assistant
dirmngr (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - network certificate management service
dislocker (0.7.1-3~bpo9+1)
read/write encrypted BitLocker volumes
duplicity (
encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup
dvtm (0.15+40.g311a8c0-1~bpo9+1)
Tiling window management for the console
firejail (
sandbox to restrict the application environment
firejail-profiles (
profiles for the firejail application sandbox
fzf (0.17.5-2~bpo9+1)
general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder
git-annex (7.20190129-2~bpo9+1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x], 7.20181211-2~bpo9+1 [mips], 6.20180913-1~bpo9+1 [mipsel])
manage files with git, without checking their contents into git
gmime-bin (3.2.1-1~bpo9+1)
MIME message parser and creator library - runtime binaries
gnupg (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - a free PGP replacement
gnupg-utils (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - utility programs
goaccess (1:1.2-3~bpo9+1)
log analyzer and interactive viewer for the Apache Webserver
gpg (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU Privacy Guard -- minimalist public key operations
gpg-agent (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - cryptographic agent
gpg-wks-client (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service client
gpg-wks-server (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - Web Key Service server
gpgconf (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - core configuration utilities
gpgsm (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - S/MIME version
gpgv (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool
gpgv-static (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
minimal signature verification tool (static build)
gpgv-win32 (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - signature verification tool (win32 build)
gplaycli (3.25+ds-1~bpo9+1)
Google Play downloader command line interface
gpsprune (19.2-1~bpo9+1)
visualize, edit, convert and prune GPS data
grep (3.3-1~bpo9+1)
GNU grep, egrep and fgrep
grr-client-templates ( [non-free]
incident response framework - pre-built client templates
grr-client-templates-installer (
incident response framework - installer for client templates
grr-server (
incident response framework - server
grub-customizer (5.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
GUI to configure GRUB2 and BURG
gwenhywfar-tools (4.20.0-1~bpo9+1)
helper applications for Gwenhywfar library
hashrat (1.8.11+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
hashing tool supporting several hashes and recursivity
hpijs-ppds (3.18.12+dfsg0-2~bpo9+1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - HPIJS PPD files
hplip (3.18.12+dfsg0-2~bpo9+1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP)
hplip-data (3.18.12+dfsg0-2~bpo9+1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - data files
hplip-gui (3.18.12+dfsg0-2~bpo9+1)
HP Linux Printing and Imaging - GUI utilities (Qt-based)
ifuse (1.1.3-0.1~bpo9+1)
FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices
installation-birthday (11~bpo9+1)
Receive a message on system installation anniversary
intel-mkl-linktool (2019.1.144-3~bpo9+1) [non-free]
Intel(R) Math Kernel Library (Intel(R) MKL) Link Tool v4.7
iucode-tool (2.3.1-1~bpo9+1) [contrib]
Intel processor microcode tool
jdupes (1.12-1~bpo9+1)
identify and delete or link duplicate files
jmapviewer (2.9+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
Java OpenStreetMap Tile Viewer
josm (0.0.svn14760+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
Editor for OpenStreetMap
katarakt (0.2-2~bpo9+1)
simple PDF viewer with two layouts
keepassxc (2.3.4+dfsg.1-1~bpo9+1)
Cross Platform Password Manager
kernel-wedge (2.99~bpo9+1)
udeb package builder for Debian-Installer
libimobiledevice-utils (1.2.1~git20180302.3a37a4e-1~bpo9+1)
Library for communicating with iPhone and iPod Touch devices
lqa (20180227.0-1~bpo9+1)
lava qa tool
mat2 (0.7.0-1~bpo9+1)
Metadata anonymisation toolkit v2
mate-dock-applet (0.88-1~bpo9+1)
MATE Panel dock applet
miller (5.4.0-1~bpo9+1)
name-indexed data processing tool
mozo (1.20.2-1~bpo9+1)
easy MATE menu editing tool
nitrokey-app (1.2.0-1~bpo9+1)
Application to manage the Nitrokey
nixnote2 (2.0.2-2~bpo9+2)
Open Source Evernote client
nvidia-cuda-mps (418.152.00-1~bpo9+1) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA Multi Process Service (MPS)
nvidia-legacy-304xx-smi (304.137-5~bpo9+1) [non-free]
NVIDIA System Management Interface (304xx legacy version)
nvidia-legacy-340xx-smi (340.107-2~bpo9+1) [non-free]
NVIDIA System Management Interface (340xx legacy version)
nvidia-legacy-390xx-smi (390.138-1~deb10u1~bpo9+1) [non-free]
NVIDIA System Management Interface (390xx legacy version)
nvidia-modprobe (418.56-1~bpo9+1) [contrib]
utility to load NVIDIA kernel modules and create device nodes
nvidia-persistenced (418.56-1~bpo9+1) [contrib]
daemon to maintain persistent software state in the NVIDIA driver
nvidia-smi (418.152.00-1~bpo9+1) [non-free]
NVIDIA System Management Interface
oar-common (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler common package
oar-node (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler node package
oar-server (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler server package
oar-server-mysql (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler MySQL server backend package
oar-server-pgsql (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler PostgreSQL server backend package
oar-user (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler user package
oar-user-mysql (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler MySQL user backend package
oar-user-pgsql (2.5.8-1~bpo9+1)
OAR batch scheduler PostgreSQL user backend package
osm2pgsql (0.96.0+ds-1~bpo9+1)
OpenStreetMap data to PostgreSQL converter
osmcoastline (2.2.4-1~bpo9+1)
Extract coastline data from OpenStreetMap planet file
osmctools (0.9-1~bpo9+1)
Some tools to manipulate OpenStreetMap files
osmium-tool (1.10.0-1~bpo9+1)
Command line tool for working with OpenStreetMap data
osmosis (0.47-1~bpo9+1)
Command line OpenStreetMap data processor
passwordsafe (1.05+dfsg-2~bpo9+1)
Simple & Secure Password Management
passwordsafe-common (1.05+dfsg-2~bpo9+1)
architecture independent files for Password Safe
peframe (5.0.1+git20170303.0.e482def+dfsg-1~bpo9+1)
open source tool to perform static analysis on PE malware
printer-driver-postscript-hp (3.18.12+dfsg0-2~bpo9+1)
HP Printers PostScript Descriptions
puredata-utils (0.49.0-3~bpo9+1)
realtime computer music and graphics system - utility programs
pyosmium (2.15.1-1~bpo9+1)
Osmium library bindings for Python - utilities
python3-gpapi (0.4.3-1~bpo9+1)
Unofficial python API for Google Play
python3-pyaxmlparser (0.3.11-1~bpo9+1)
Simple python library to parse Android XML files
qcontrol (0.5.6-4~bpo9+1)
hardware control for QNAP Turbo Station devices
qemubuilder (0.88~bpo9+1)
pbuilder using QEMU as backend
qtpass (1.2.3-2~bpo9+1)
GUI for password manager pass
remote-logon-config-agent (0.10-1~bpo9+1)
Retrieve host and session information from remote broker servers
reprepro (5.3.0-1~bpo9+1)
Debian package repository producer
scdaemon (2.2.12-1+deb10u1~bpo9+1)
GNU privacy guard - smart card support
seafile-cli (6.2.9-1~bpo9+1)
Client CLI for the Seafile Client
snapper (0.8.2-1~bpo9+1)
Linux filesystem snapshot management tool
sqsh (
commandline SQL client for MS SQL and Sybase servers
stetl (1.2+ds-1~bpo9+1)
Streaming ETL - Commandline utility
syncthing (0.14.37+ds1-1~bpo9+1)
decentralized file synchronization
syncthing-discosrv (0.14.37+ds1-1~bpo9+1)
decentralized file synchronization - discovery server
syncthing-relaysrv (0.14.37+ds1-1~bpo9+1)
decentralized file synchronization - relay server
tasksh (1.2.0-1~bpo9+1)
shell command that wraps Taskwarrior commands
taskwarrior (2.5.1+dfsg-5~bpo9+1)
feature-rich console based todo list manager
tlp (1.1-2~bpo9+1)
Save battery power on laptops
tlp-rdw (1.1-2~bpo9+1)
Radio device wizard
volatility (2.6.1-1~bpo9+1)
advanced memory forensics framework
volatility-tools (2.6.1-1~bpo9+1)
generate profiles to Volatility Framework
winpr-utils (2.0.0~git20190204.1.2693389a+dfsg1-1~bpo9+1)
Windows Portable Runtime library command line utilities
winregfs (0.7-1~bpo9+1)
Windows registry FUSE filesystem
xapian-tools (1.4.11-1~bpo9+1)
Basic tools for Xapian search engine library
xml-security-c-utils (2.0.2-3~bpo9+1)
C++ library for XML Digital Signatures (utilities)
yadm (1.12.0-2~bpo9+1)
Yet Another Dotfiles Manager
yara (3.8.1-2~bpo9+1)
Pattern matching swiss knife for malware researchers
yubikey-manager (2.1.0-1~bpo9+1)
Python library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey
zstd (1.3.8+dfsg-3~bpo9+1)
fast lossless compression algorithm -- CLI tool