Пакети в „experimental“, Под-раздел javascript

ava (5.0.0+dfsg+~cs43.2.10-2)
Futuristic test runner 🚀
d3-dsv-tools (3.0.1+~3.0.0-3)
tools to process delimiter-separated values, such as CSV
libjs-sphinxdoc (5.1.1-1)
JavaScript support for Sphinx documentation
matrix-hydrogen (0.1.30~dfsg-2)
webapp IM client for the Matrix protocol
node-ajv (8.8.2~ds+~2.1.1-1)
another JSON Schema Validator
node-ajv-keywords (5.1.0-3)
Custom JSON-Schema keywords for Ajv validator
node-clipanion (2.6.2-1)
Type-safe CLI library with no runtime dependencies
node-css-loader (5.2.7+~cs14.0.9-1)
css loader module for webpack
node-d3-dsv (3.0.1+~3.0.0-3)
parser and formatter for delimiter-separated values, such as CSV
node-d3-hierarchy (3.1.2+~3.0.2-1)
Layout algorithms for visualizing hierarchical data
node-d3-time (2.1.1-2)
calculator for humanity’s peculiar conventions of time
node-del (7.0.0-3)
Delete files and folders
node-emittery (1.0.0-1)
Nodejs simple and modern async event emitter
node-fetch (3.2.10+repack1+~cs14.4.14-2)
light-weight module that brings window.fetch to node.js
node-less-loader (10.2.0+~2.0.5-1)
Less loader for webpack which compiles Less to CSS with webpack
node-map-obj (5.0.2-1)
Map object keys and values into a new objects
node-mediasoup (3.8.4~dfsg1-1)
Open Source, general purpose, WebRTC gateway - JavaScript library
node-parse-ms (3.0.0-1)
Parse milliseconds into an object
node-pretty-ms (8.0.0-1)
Convert milliseconds to a human readable string
node-readable-stream (4.1.0+~cs9.0.2-1)
stream compatibility library for Node.js and browser
node-schema-utils (4.0.0~ds-1)
Webpack Schema Validation Utilities
node-solid-jose (0.4.0+dfsg-1)
JSON Object Signing and Encryption for Node.js
node-trust-jwa (0.4.6-1~exp1)
JSON Web Algorithm for Node.js
node-typescript (4.7.4+ds1-1)
TypeScript is a language for application scale JavaScript development
zx (7.0.8+~cs6.7.23-1)
tool to launch modern Javascript scripts